Meet the Obese Kingsnake! How Will We Help it Lose Weight?

Meet the Obese Kingsnake! How Will We Help it Lose Weight?

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  1. I prefer the real time videos, even if the outcome isnt what anyone wanted, I feel more connected to the story when u let us know as its happening. As much as it sucks to be emotionally involved when one of them passes away, I still prefer the real time aspect of ur videos. Hope u continue to do it that way. Also, I absolutely luv ur channel! I always planned on getting a puppy in a few years but DEFINITELY getting a snake instead. Obviously going to do a ton of research before I'm qualified to own one, just wanted to thank u for ur super informative videos and showing us how much u respect and love each one u come in contact with. Wish I could say the same for all animal YouTube channels😬 Keep up the all the amazing work u do!😊💙🐍💙🐍💙🐍💙

  2. I still want that pied, guys!! Idk if Ethan stll has my number, but contact me when that little nood is ready to go!

  3. That clear fluid meant organ failure 🙁 poor dudes entire body shut down you tried and this is the sad part of rescuing animals

  4. Hey I just started watching reptile videos and yours are pretty fun to watch and I have Mountain Horned Dragon , and I don't have a home for it yet , I was looking for some items but i don't know what's the difference between Exo terra vivarium and or Terrarium? Please help I know little about reptiles but the girl at the store told me to get this one since they super clingy and good with beginners as they won't really run away from you and super passive!

  5. 10:54 lmao no offense i just gotta make this joke but how do you know what a "sausage" feels like?

    then again don't bash me with hate comments because of the joke because i mean no offense to goherping

  6. I, uh, never saw an obese snake. I never saw anything that is not a mammal being obese, honestly. This just opened my eyes to something I never needed to know, but something that would keep me awake at night if I tried to think about it.

  7. Noooooooo the albino 😭😭
    My normal ball python was also kinda chunky when I got her from someone near my neighborhood but was still young so I continued with once a week feeds but she was still chunky after some months so I went to every other week and she’s getting better 🙂

  8. I am new to your channel so I’m unsure about you’re processes for adoption. When the pie ball makes a full recovery, I would love to be considered if you decide to rehome him.

    I had a normal ball python many many years ago and I’ve been keen to add another to the family. The Pie ball is stunning, of course, but I am cautious to purchase a snake without being familiar with the breeder standards.

    I love the idea of adopting a snake from rescue as all of my other animals are rescued as well.

    Best of luck in all of your endeavors! I love what you’re doing and the transparency in which you do it. Keep up the good work.

  9. I think it's important to include the bad with the good. Not every rescue has a happy ending and people should be aware of that.

  10. Never seen an obese snake before. Poor guy. I hope he's getting better. Sorry about the albino python. :/ You did your best.

  11. Idk i am glad you did it because it just shows how things work out , sometimes your doing everything you can and things are inevitable, it's sad but I'm sure there have been many others that have had similar experiences and it's nice to know no matter how good you are at taking care of an animal sometimes the best care just doesn't work 🙁

  12. you were fine doing the video in real time. I can only speak for myself however I can tell that you truly wanted to help this animal and you should be commended for your efforts. I also could tell that you didnt know exactly what was wrong and I think doing a video like you had could have helped. someone who maybe had dealt with similar issues could have reached out to you. now I dont know if that happened or not but that's just how I looked at the situation.. I love what your doing young man and I look forward to seeing more stuff from you

  13. Young Man,

    You said you do not think you will keep this Ball Python. This is my favorite 'morph' of all of the species. Will you be selling him? I was never a snake person, not that I didn't like them but that I was scared of them. Surprisingly my 5 year old son at the time inspired me to get educated on snakes and actually purchase the first snake I have ever loved. Rascal my Ball Python is a normal and he is not my first 'pet' yet by far the best one I have ever cared for. I know they say Ball Pythons are easy to care for but I tried so hard to make his husbandry the best that it felt like it was not too easy. Now I feel like I understand him completely and he is living his best life. That is the amazing things about them is that there are general guidelines to care for them but they are all so unique. I love what you do and your passion for all of your reptiles. Keep creating content with your heart.

  14. Your videos are perfect the way they are Alex, don’t change anything. I’m seriously addicted to your channel and your dry sense of humour 👍

  15. With the albino ball python did you even try to bring it to a professional like a vet? I’m not saying you don’t know how to rehabilitate but why didn’t that ever come up in the conversation if you tried to save it?

  16. I appreciate the real-time videos. The albino didn't make it, but it's the reality of the situation. 🙁 It's sad, but it happens, and I think that it's important to show people that you need to ask for help BEFORE it gets this bad.

  17. Do you refer to a vet for your really extreme cases? In the case of the Kingsnake did you tell the girl what she was doing wrong? Pet owners like this infuriate me because they are obviously not taking their pets to a vet for annual visits not to mention doing no research before adopting the pet.

  18. Poor baby had an organ failure, they were far gone, and I hope they are in a better place now, without the pain of living

  19. That sounds like kidney failure/dehydration. Snakes release pure water instead of mixing in the uria. If you get another one, sub dermal hydration fluids or an IV along with the force feeding will keep it from dehydrating to death and you may have more success, but it is always hard when they are that far gone.

  20. I think it's good to show the sad endings. If uneducated owners see cases where snakes can't be helped because the owners waited too long they will be more likely to get help early if anything happens to their own snake

  21. ‘Only’ eat once a week!?? My king snake gets fed once a week and I’m trying to bulk her up!! What kind of research did that owner even do 😡😡 wtf

  22. "I can only get it to eat once a week" ohh no… ohhh noooo. This is why we research our pets long before we get them! That owner had no idea how to properly feed a snake! Thank goodness he ended up in the hands of someone experienced with caring for reptiles.

  23. I really think the real time is nice. It makes it way more clear that not anyone can do this and not every animal can be saved. Idk I feel like a lot of rehab videos make it feel like anyone can bring an animal back from the brink of death and that's just not possible

  24. That pied looks just like my pied Ivy. She is so sweet. Plus the very skinny albino one looked so lethargic 😭😭😭😭omg so fucking sad

  25. sounds and looks like the albino who died had a blockage
    when a body is trying to pass a blockage it will make excess mucus to help glide it out, also theres mucus from the irritation of being roughly rubbed by hardened feces, there will also be some liquid that'll get squeezed through the blockage from the built up pressure
    if an animal has a blockage will not eat
    a human friend f mine had this happen to her bc of uterin issues -she was eventually vomitting up poop NOT FUN
    hopefully this is helpful in the future

  26. I know this is a little late but if you had it for weeks there was plenty of time to take it to the vet I don’t know your medical background but an animal so thin needs medical examination it seems like it had a underlying condition that caused its appetite to decline . I ask that in the future if you get an animal in such a condition again you take it to a vet you can’t always trust the person who gave it to you to have had it properly examined or be telling you the whole story

  27. Chonker Snek!

    I had to try and be happy. But the lost of the albino is sad. The snake might have known it was close to passing. But it's still sad.

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