Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles

Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles

James Charles where are you? We have to play Minecraft Hi sister Team Sister Fister is back in business Team Sister Fister is back And we’re gonna win this time Are we? I’m taking over the Minecraft universe I can tell First it was the beauty world now it’s Minecraft then it’s the entire world *CLAP CLAP CLAP* You’re gonna have to help me get my very first kill in Hunger Games Minecraft today Umm okay i feel like let’s just jump right in then Shall we? Let’s just jump into it, yeah no Okay, do you want to do, lets do OG or we can do either Minecraft Mondays now or OG It’s up to you Wai wai wait I feel like i have to tell peop- the bros Cause the bros might not know that James Charle’s is an EPIC Minecraft gamer You have to carry me here cause like i’m terrible Okay okay Cause we already played on the Minecraft Mondays but it didn’t y’know, it could have gone better Oh hey, well y- heeeh Maybe if you didn’t die within the first 3 seconds every time (OOPS) WHAAT (You’ve never played tuber simulator?) Okay, i feel like, we should like Okay, so for those of you guys who don’t know. Felix and i played on this fun tournament called Minecraft Mondays a few weeks ago together Team Sister Fister. Shoutout And ended up winning in the end (epic gamer moment) But it was a charity win We uh didn’t up winning Nononono ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) We have to be honest, we didn’t play our best Let’s just say that UH UH NO we don’t have to be (laughs) Oh okay, so we are going to run Umm, where are you? WHERE ARE YOU JAMES? Okay, i see you, we’re directly across You’re gonna run *interrupts* I DON’T SEE You’re gonna run to your left towards the barn Oh i see you Okay? Just run (my left?) towards the barn

100 Replies to “Minecraft Hunger Games w/ James Charles

  1. 𝘐 genuinely enjoyed this
    7:13 TNT BITCH
    19:38 james didnt win😔😔

    my favorite parts goodnight

  2. Honestly I really want them to play again, they are really entertaining together. It's like a little boy (James) playing video games with their Dad (Felix) it's really funny. James is just trying to teach him how to play and he's frantically running around confused

  3. PewDewPie: James Charles isn't a good person..
    Pewdewpie (thinking) Lets play a game of hunger games to see if he is..

  4. Tbh James would be better in the gaming community, he could do beauty in spare time but he would have a lot more success here, and it wouldn't be such a have as much impact in his personal life

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