MMA Pre Fight Diet Plan? – Fred Mergen

MMA Pre Fight Diet Plan? – Fred Mergen

Hi I’m Fred Mergen from Mergen Mixed Martial
Arts and we’re going to be talking about an MMA pre fight diet plan. If you have any questions or comments or if
you want to leave a tip on what you’re using in your diet plan and worked for you, leave
it right below. When you have a pre fight diet plan, you really
want to stick to protein like chicken and greens; spinach, broccoli, green beans. You
really want to stay away from the carbs because the carbs are going to get you hyped up and
then you’re just going to crash. That’s basically what you want to stick to,
the one person I really like for a pre fight diet plan would be Mike Dolce. He is phenomenal
if you look below there is a link and you can just click on that and it will take you
right to his diets and books you can buy, but he is definitely the man to follow. Right
now in the UFC or MMA he is the man they go to for their pre diet and post diet. One other thing if you drink energy drinks;
do not drink them the day of the fight. It’ll raise your heart and as soon as you get into
the ring, the adrenaline, the anxiety, the nervousness, everything is going to build
into one and shoot your heart rate right through the roof and you can have some severe consequences
from that. Most fighters, I tell all my fighters to start
at least 3 weeks before and if you look to Mike Dolce’s diet he’s got “Three Weeks to
Shredded”. If you know guys who are wrestlers, wrestlers
will lose weight two days before and start cutting weight or get all the water weight
out or a week before. So again, that’s one of those things where
the fighter knows their body and they have their weight loss tricks and that’s how they
lose their weight. So everyone has a different way of saying
it. In my opinion you should start at least three weeks before. But everyone has their
different opinion and immediately after the fight, party. Have a slice of pizza you’ve
earned it. Win or lose you got into the ring, a lot of people say they want to get into
the ring but you got in and you fought you can have anything you want. Easy on the beer though.

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  1. How can u stay away from carbs prefight doesn't that give u energy? and energy drinks can give u a heart attack if u drank one before a fight?

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