Mockingjay Epilogue from The Hunger Games

Mockingjay Epilogue from The Hunger Games

they play in the meadow the dancing girl with the dark hair and blue eyes the boy with blond curls and gray eyes struggling to keep up with her on his tubby toddler legs it took 5 10 15 years for me to agree the pinna wanted them so badly when I first felt her stirring inside me I was consumed with a tear that fellas oldest life itself only the joy holding her in my arms to tame it carrying him was a little easier but not much the questions are just beginning the arena’s have been completely destroyed the memorials built there are no more Hunger Games but they teach about them at school and the girl knows we Patrol the world will know in a few years how can I tell them about the world without frightening them to death my children who take the words of this song for granted my children who don’t know their play on a graveyard Peter says it’ll be okay we have each other in the book to make them understand in a way that will make them braver but what I’ll do explained about my nightmares why they came I’ll tell them how I survived it I’ll tell them that on bad mornings it feels impossible to take pleasure anything because I’m afraid of the truth that’s when I make a list in my head if every actor goodness I’ve seen someone do it’s like a game repetitive even a little tension after more than twenty years but there are much worse games to play tis the only thing stronger than fear you

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  1. Amazing great job! I love the movies and jus saw catching fire yesterday if you could once you can get ahold of the catching fire clips to should defiantly do an epilogue on catching fire cause it was truly amazing:)

  2. I am going to say that I have read Mockingjay but is this the epilogue at the end of the book? I don't remember it. It's been a year so yeah…..thumbs up for the video!!

  3. That was amazing the end of the book is so sad but um not saying any spoilers I can't imagine what Katniss went through

  4. TO MANY FEELS I have been watching hunger games videos for about an hour now but this one is just..TO MANY TEARS

  5. This is the most perfect thing I've ever seen in my life.
    You are perfect.
    And what makes you more perfect is that your picture is of Daenerys. 
    Thank you for being perfect. 

  6. This is perfect :'( It's just amazing and made me remember all the memories, im crying so much right now :''( xx

  7. Okay um.. who ever dis liked this I am concerned this video is perfection and deserves no dis likes only likes 🙂

  8. Ugh… I WISH SUZANNE WOULD MAKE A FOURTH BOOK D: Something about her daughter experiencing the same thing as Katniss Just in a different point of a view and a different way than the original book Sigh Hell. I might just make my own version of the fourth book right now or the third one I dont really know but I know THEY NEED A FOURTH BOOK! So I can make it or Suzanne Collins can Im hoping for Suzanne because Im only 13 :p

  9. You have to bring it to hunger game production maybe they will thing thus short movie for end of they film. You have done great job for this

  10. I cried at the part when they started singing "There can be miracles when you believe!" #ThatEmotionalMomen   #TeamKatniss  

  11. I still have a question, did Peeta ever regained himself completely? Despite his PTS, did he ever regained his quirks?

  12. no comparto este criterio de elección de los personajes, la verdad es que no me parece para nada justo

  13. Sheesh…can't anyone just comment on a video these days without fighting and cussing like ignoramuses? Keeeerrist!

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