Monotrophic Diet – Monotrophic Diet Explained

Monotrophic Diet – Monotrophic Diet Explained

the mono diet also known as the mana
trophic diet has become one of the most heavily searched tides on the Internet
if you’ve heard of it you’ve probably read the claims that it can lead to
quick and simple weight loss but the claims are not based on scientific
evidence and there are sound reasons to avoid this risky program experts say
people who follow the mono diet eat only one type of food like bananas or
potatoes to try to lose weight there’s no scientific evidence supporting this
type of diet nutrition professionals warn it can lead to nutrient
deficiencies and that any pounds shed will include lost muscle when you follow
a mono diet you eat only one food for several days or even weeks there are
different variations of the mono diet there is a banana mono diet and nut mono
diet a potato mono diet and even a chocolate mono diet there are no
official or formal rules for how to follow this diet it’s open to
interpretation some people may decide to follow a mono
diet by sticking with one group of foods such as fruit vegetables or meats or
they may do monomials eating a single food for each meal but switching up what
that single food is most traditional weight-loss programs require you to
count calories balanced macronutrients follow a food plan and/or monitor
portion sizes with the mono diet shopping and meal planning is seemingly
simple because you only eat one food or a very limited number of foods as you
might imagine when you eat only one food your caloric intake plummets even if you
eat a high calorie food like chocolate you are likely to eat less of it and
consume less energy throughout the day you will probably experience quick water
loss and decreased bloating as a result and the loss of muscle mass may make you
feel thinner as well but these weight loss results are likely to be
short-lived even the offense of the diets say the
program helps to curb cravings anyone who has tried to avoid eating certain
foods knows you generally desire the foods you can’t have and there are other
serious drawbacks as well there are significant health consequences when you
don’t eat a variety of to provide your body with important
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