MOOSE GOOSE NEST Setpiece Overview – Don’t Starve Together

MOOSE GOOSE NEST Setpiece Overview – Don’t Starve Together

How’s it going everybody, RazingHel here and
this video is a continuation of my series focusing on exploring and exploiting the various
set pieces you’re likely to encounter while playing Don’t Starve Together. Today we’ll taking a closer look at the Moose
Goose Nest set piece, this one is relatively unorthodox in that, for the majority of the
year, it cannot be examined and exhibits no clear signs of abnormality aside from it’s
semi-distinctive pattern on the world terrain. This set piece can best be described as fine
light-brown twigs arranged in a circular pattern on the ground. Most times you’ll encounter the aforementioned
odd circular scratchings near to a lone pond surrounded by a handful of berry bushes. During the Spring Season there is roughly
a 50% chance that any one of these set pieces, of which there are a maximum of nine per default
world, will spawn a Moose Goose egg along with it’s nest and a mother Moose Goose who
serves as a guardian, defending her posterity against any potential interlopers, including,
but not limited to, the player. Unlike in Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants, Moose
Goose will only spawn in close proximity to these nest set pieces and the high likelihood
of them being located near to lone ponds makes them easier to find in the world. I’ll generally scan my game map for singular
ponds with berry bushes when on the hunt for a Moose Goose during the Spring Season, this
is the easiest way to locate one without setting up your own marker system but be aware that
occasionally a Moose Goose nest will spawn without any nearby pond, it’s rare but possible. Some players may overlook the set piece during
the Autumn and decide to build a base nearby perhaps due to the concentration of berry
bushes in the area and the high availability of fish and frogs from the pond. I’d discourage this behavior due to how, during
the spring, you’ll likely be either forced out of your base by an overly protective Moose
Goose or be forced defeat it with very little preparation beforehand. In addition to the dangers it poses, especially
to newer players, it’s also impossible to build structures on the area with the Moose
Goose Nest set piece which may ultimatly restrict your base design. If you’re keen on finding a way to contain
the moose goose within the nesting area there are some strategies that utilize planting
trees in a ring around the nest as Moose Goose herself has a hitbox so large she cannot walk
in between them. Walls themselves will not work because they’re
one of the few structures that Moose Goose is aggressive towards and will readily attack
when encountered. The primary problems with planting trees around
the set piece is that either the trees burn down, which will cause the game to remove
them after some time in Don’t Starve Together due to world regrowth, or the game considers
the trees to be problematically close to the nesting ground and spawns the egg outside
your planted ring of trees. That said, with some tinkering, it might be
possible to create a somewhat interesting pen for the Moose Goose and her nestlings
if you still wish to make the set piece a part of your base. This concludes my tour of the Moose Goose
Nest set piece for Don’t Starve Together, it’s often overlooked because ordinarily it
can’t be examined by the player. It’s understated and subtle design allows
it to blend in quite well with the local terrain but, come Spring, players shouldn’t have too
hard a time finding them on the map due to their usual close proximity to lone ponds
in the world. Thank you very much for watching as always
and I hope to see you next time.

25 Replies to “MOOSE GOOSE NEST Setpiece Overview – Don’t Starve Together

  1. Hi, so i found this “setpiece” and i don’t know if it’s one, i went for silk and i found a lot of tier 3 spider nest and i walked near them, and most of them were spider queens, 9 of them, idk if this is a setpiece or anything else
    Anyone have seen anything like this?

  2. Hmmm, i wonder if I could just use on tentacles on each of the nests… then i could just stop by all of them in the spring time and pick up the drops 😛

  3. I'm drunk right now, but I like razinghel's voice. Hearing his monologue makes me interested and gives me a good night's sleep

  4. Oh so thats why there is brenches in circle next to swapm. Thank man I juststarted with Don't Starve (both together and shipwrecked) so your guides are really helpfull for me

  5. Thank you so much, last spring this woman killed my fences around my bunnymen farm. Now I can place end tables or trees to stop her!

  6. От души братан, я даже некоторого не знал, хотя много играл в эту игру.
    Достойно лайка и подписки.

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