MY GO-TO HEALTHY BREAKFAST | Whole Food Plant Based, Vegetarian, Vegan | Neha Beauty

MY GO-TO HEALTHY BREAKFAST | Whole Food Plant Based, Vegetarian, Vegan | Neha Beauty

today I’m gonna share with you my top
favorite go-to for a super healthy high nutrient high-fiber breakfast welcome back to another video friends
I’m super excited to share something really awesome with you and it’s very
very simple if you saw my last video you know that I have started adopting more
plant food into my diet more Whole Foods plant-based not a hundred percent
perfect all the time but predominantly plant-based eating is what I am going
after right now and I want to share with you my number one straight up go-to easy
breakfast that I have every day I don’t know if you can guess what it is if you
follow me on instagram you probably can guess but, are you ready for it
here it is steel-cut oats! I love steel cut oats. this is the variety that I get from Trader Joe’s
it’s this kind of greenish canister and it is the steel-cut oats that actually
takes quite some time to cook and I’m going to go through the reasons why I
get this and not instant oats I don’t recommend rolled oats or instant oats or
any other kind of processed oats you really want to try to find
steel-cut oats sometimes they’re called old-fashioned and this one from Trader
Joe’s is actually organic and it looks really but the granules inside you can
see here they are really kind of chunky and chewy and nubby and they lead to
really chewy nubby delicious oatmeal I love making this on the stovetop it
does take quite some time to cook on the instructions it says four cups of water
to boil to 1 cup of the oatmeal and you want to bring it up to a boil about five
minutes and then lower the temperature and then let it just cook
and keep stirring it for about 30 minutes so it takes time I actually cook
mine in an instant pot I cook these in water to keep my calorie count nice and
low and then once it’s ready I will proportion that into little containers
for my leek and top it with fruit one of my favorite combinations to have is
apple and cinnamon it comes up so delicious it’s really really comforting
in the winter months and it’s just a staple it’s just a staple in our house
that we have at all times we have plenty of it in our cupboard ready to go now
you might be wondering why do I go for steel-cut oats instead of rolled oats or
instant oat or things like that the reason because the longer it takes you
to cook your oatmeal it’s also telling you how intact the original grain
basically is so if you look at something like rolled oats rolled oats have
previously been steamed so all they’re already like partially cooked and then
they are rolled and that’s why the flakes are kind of flattened and
squished and that contributes to them being able to be cooked a lot faster
when they’re in your house in your kitchen so they’re already precooked a
little bit and so that means that your stomach is doing less work there’s less
fiber and less material to kind of break down so the longer your cooking time of
your grains the longer they’re going to fuel you the longer it’s going to take
your body to digest them and they’re gonna give you awesome steady energy
throughout your day I definitely think if you are starting off new rolled oats
are not a bad option so try with that but eventually I would
say try some steel-cut oats as well and see if you can you know if you start on
rolled oats try and graduate up to steel cut oats I do not recommend instant
oatmeal at all they are the ones that come in like little flavoured packet
it’s like a paper pouch that you tear off the top put it in a cup and put hot
water or hot on it and mix it in I don’t recommend
those at all they tend to have a lot of added flavorings tons of added sugar
that you don’t want and I don’t know what else to kind of make it
shelf-stable I’m not sure if there’s preservatives and stuff like that in
there I would much rather take half an hour on a Sunday prepare outs the way
that I like and be sure that there aren’t extra oils or fats or butters
added into it making sure there’s no excess sugar or salt or additives or
flavorings artificial or otherwise that I didn’t choose to have in there so I
definitely would say if anything stay away from the instant oatmeal packets
and really read the ingredient label on the back so you can be sure of what
you’re actually getting because sometimes the ones that are advertised
is you know low sugar they might have other ingredients in there that you
don’t really want and really simple rule of thumb if you can’t really pronounce
it and you don’t actually know what it is in real terms you probably don’t want
it in your body that’s how I like to shop at the grocery store for myself so
my recommendation is start off with rolled oats and then move on up to feel
cut because this keeps me full for hours you guys and the amazing thing is
they’re so rich in fiber and so many great nutrients you can eat till you’re
really full so I will have this in a bowl I prepare it with water and then
during the weekdays I’ll put some in a bowl and put a little bit of water and
just a splash of like almond milk or soy milk whatever kind of milk you like heat
it up in the microwave and I add fruit to it
I have always have apples and cinnamon in there but you could do blueberries
I’ve thrown in frozen blueberries and raspberries before it comes up delicious
you could use pears you could throw in some raisins if you like you could throw
in a little cardamom powder you could do pumpkin spice you could do whatever
kinds of seasonings that you really enjoy I think a fun combination could be
like cinnamon and blueberry and maybe little lemon zest so you get kind of a
blueberry lemon muffin type of flavor there’s a million things you can do with
oatmeal it doesn’t have to be your basic plain-jane oatmeal and I don’t add any
extra sugar to mine I don’t mix brown sugar or butter
I don’t put maple syrup in there or anything you could put a little bit if
you want to but know that that is added sugar and that will increase your you
know total calories in there too versus your fiber so I like to keep it nice and
plain and if you’re not used to having not sweetened oatmeal go ahead and
sprinkle just a little bit but see if you can start tapering that down over
time so that you’re consuming less sugar and eventually you can probably get to
adding none at all like I don’t add anything at all and I simply sweeten it
with my fruit and that’s good enough for me that’s gonna be it for this video
guys thank you so much for watching I hope you guessed correctly what my
favorite go-to breakfast is but I have this pretty much every single day I do
have a little bit of right in the weekends I will share more of that with
you if you’re interested if you like this video give this a like comment and
subscribe and down in the comments I would love to know what is your current
favorite go to breakfast and if it’s oatmeal I really want to know what are
your favorite toppings on there because I love changing it up and having some
variety and trying new things thank you so much for watching this video you guys
I can’t wait to see you in the next one and have a beautiful day bye

6 Replies to “MY GO-TO HEALTHY BREAKFAST | Whole Food Plant Based, Vegetarian, Vegan | Neha Beauty

  1. I am so so so impressed by how dedicated and motivated you are with your posts 🙂 You and your content inspire me to live a better and more fulfilling life <3 THANK YOU and keep it going!

  2. I eat steel cut oats almost everyday. I add a brown spotted banana for sweetness, frozen berries, walnuts and flaxseed.

  3. Somehow YouTube recommended your channel to me, probably because I watch other Starch Solution people on here. I love steel cut and I buy the same one from Trader Joe’s. Plus, a few weeks ago I decided to throw an apple in while cooking then and wow!!! Apples and cinnamon oatmeal is amazing! Now I make it almost every day!!! Regular oatmeal is too lumpy for me. I like steel cut feel.

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