My Overweight Friend Needs a Serious Wakeup Call

My Overweight Friend Needs a Serious Wakeup Call

– James and William say
their 11-year friendship is more of a brotherhood. But William says his bro
James needs a wake-up call. – [Vivica] William says
he worries about James being extremely overweight. He says James is constantly overeating, and will spend over $300
on food for himself a week. He say James needs a wake-up call. James says he knows he needs
to eat right and exercise more, but finds himself doing the exact opposite and nothing ever works. Will the number on the
scale continue to go up, or is James finally ready for a change? Hey William, what concerns you
the most about James’ health? – Well, for starters, just look at him. I mean, it breaks my
heart to see him this big. It breaks my heart to see my brother basically eating himself to death. – Well let’s get some perspective on this, What are you eating? Per day, give us an example
of your day of eating. You wake up, what goes on? – I’ll wake up. I’m a truck
driver so I get to work, and I drive to a truck stop
and then I’ll pick up like, a breakfast burrito there
and something for lunch, a couple sandwiches and
some chips and soda. – [Judge Mary] How much
of chips and soda? I mean, I get a little bag. Do you
get a little bag or a big bag? – Sometimes I get the big bags, you know. That way I can snack on it all day. – In our perspective,
when I, being 420 pounds when I would sit down and
eat, I would eat a lot. But in my mind, it was never a lot. When other people look at me they’re like, “Girl, you’re like really chowing down.” But in my mind, in my mind, the reality is I didn’t see it that much. So how much do you see him eating? – To the point where
it actually has made me a little nauseous, to me.
– [Woman] Oh, wow. – Well, give us an
example. You guys go out. – Let’s say like, UberEats for example. They’re making a fortune off of him. Because he’ll order not only McDonald’s, but he’ll order like, you
know, four or five hamburgers, plus four or five sodas, and maybe
– [Rosie] That’s one meal? – [William] That’s one meal. – It’s hamburgers, it’s sodas
and is it sweets as well? – Yeah – [Rosie] How many sweets? – Like usually about
four hot fudge sundaes. – [Rosie] Four hot fudge sundaes? How do you feel after eating that? – I don’t feel good, you know. And I don’t really notice
until after I already eat it, and I start feeling sick, and then I start thinking to
myself, “Why did I do that?” – So James, do you ever get a
rush when you’re eating too? Kind of like a rush of
excitement when you’re eating? – You know, yeah when talking
to my friends and stuff, because they ask me that
like, “How do you feel?” Like “Why do you eat like that?” And you know, sometimes it
makes me feel happy, you know. I like the way food
tastes, and when I eat it, I just keep eating it. Just the way I feel, I would say happy. – Do you crave food or think about food when it’s not in front of you? – Yeah, I do. Yeah. – How long has it been like that? – It’s been like that for
as long as I can remember, like, ever since I was a kid, growing up. – Did it get worse at some point? Because I know that you
were always a bigger kid, but it seems like it escalated
in the last few years. So what happened? – You know when I started, like college, and I started doing that,
my freshman year of college was great, and then my
sophomore year of college that’s when I started,
I guess I would say, I got depressed in school and
started eating a little more. – Depressed about what? – There was a lot of personal,
family stuff going on with my Mom and stuff, and I just started not doing well in school
and I started eating more, and that’s when things
started spiraling down.

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  1. I am so happy to see an episode where there is not any bickering, fighting, yelling, etc going on. Just a nice peaceful conversation going on. Much respect for the episode 🙂

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