My sister is obsessed with diet [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.08.05]

My sister is obsessed with diet [Hello Counselor/ENG, THA/2019.08.05]

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  1. It would be nice if i could be on a diet like that too…I'm so fat yet i can't get through a diet for a week.

  2. I followed a diet when I was 14 weighs 58 kg and now I'm 16 weighs 50 kg and I hope I don't get kilograms because being fat isn't easy in this society!😢

  3. They really need a professional but it wont help because korea is all about looking skinny no matter if it effects them in a unhealthy way .. Sadly.

  4. Our body is designed to store fat to overcome lack of food in the environment. So eating little calories or not eating at all will initially may make u look like u are loosing weight but after some time ur body will be triggered to store more fat when ever possible. Counting calories is bullshit. All calories are not the same. Even when the amount of calories in 2 bananas and snack bar are the same they are metabolized very differently in the body. Best way is to do ur own research and figure out ur body metabolism and work accordingly. Usually intermittent fasting with keto or palio diet works best . But avoiding fats (not the fried food fats or of snacks) and Risteicting the food choice may cause deficiency of some vitamins and minerals and throw ur body of natural balance and may even cause u to gain weight. For beginners look up related information from impact theory health and mindvalley. They are soo good. And then make ur lifestyle changes not diet changes.Lost 3 kg in a month without restrictions and exercise because I have scoliosis.

  5. She 100% has an eating disorder and has exercise anorexia. I don't know her BMI or how below average weight for her height and genetics she is but it seems like she could be diagnosed with anorexia. She has all the symptoms: believes she's bigger than she is, obsession with counting calories and restricting food intake to very small and unsustainable amounts, has the mentality that she HAS to diet and lose weight, life revolves around dieting and exercising and over exercises (does it multiple times a day for more than an hour). She isn't happy and feels miserable but can't stop. She needs professional help before it gets to the point where he r body basically stops functioning. Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate among mental illnesses and are the hardest to treat. She REALLY needs professional help..

  6. Omg i was once like her. I only think of calories and stuff, ate small portions of everything and workout for hours. My menstruation had stopped and I feel exhausted everyday, my parents were worried and so do I. So yeaaaah now, i just dont care anymore WUHAHAHAHAAHHAHAH I stopped working out for 4 months now and eat whatever and whenever I want to :>

  7. She should focus more on increasing the percentage of muscle mass in her body and reducing the amount of body fat. Intensely dieting and exercising every time you gain 1-2kgs isn't a healthy cycle. Also can they stop mentioning that she's dieting for guys?? Like??

  8. People really need to watch their mouth too. I've never thought much about my weight before but after my uncle keep saying "why are you so fat now?" "you should lose weight" everytime he saw me, i started to starving myself in order to lose weight. My self esteem drop really low and i began to feel self conscious, i keep thinking that other people see me as an ugly fat girl and i started to drifted apart from my family

  9. For everyone worrying about professionals, apparently the show does have those that go to work after the show is finished filming

  10. I felt like screaming at the screen that she has an eating disorder
    Are they not allowed to say things like that on the programme just in case?

  11. I who want to lose weight so badly watching this while eating 3 pieces of pizza and 4 pieces of cheese stick 💔😂

  12. (170m = 53kg – 71kg = "green zone")

    170m = ….

    170m = 53kg: She's like on a thin rope between the "green zone" and the "red zone" after the numbers

    170m = 47kg: She's definitely in the "red zone" (after the numbers)

    170m = ….

    BUT JUST TO BE CLEAR: As you know, numbers don't really define anything. Nevertheless the ratio of your body is more important ("the body to the height".

    ("bulky=shape-like=to see abs=and co.")

    THE PROBLEM: By doing sport (or by certain healthy eating), you can also avoid to look like really "bulky/shape-like". Nevertheless you can gain muscles and lose fat (ofc with a healthy feeding). However by a ratio of 170m/54kg people will mostly be like; "That's underweight. He/she is thin,….(after the numbers, yes and no)" and that's the sad/bad part about those kind of body-type-ratio…..either way ("bulky; not bulky") they tend to look "thin".

    And the same goes to someone who is (e.g.) 170m/90kg. But not necessarily
    like "fat, overweight" but more like "Ok, he/she must have alot of muscles" which is also kind of sad, not because they said 'He/she looks really strong'…….but (whether this kind of ratio or the other one) the psyche, you know………………you can even see, that effected her.

    Whether you are (e.g.) 170m and weight 54kg, 62kg, 76kg or 100kg (just whatever) that doesn't define the "health of your body"

    And about her: I mean it's great that she's exercising. However her eating habit/diet (not because she eats sweet potato and co. or just a tiny bit (BUT which is also important), all those lacking of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and co………well…….

    But I'm glad that she did a body-check.

    ASK ME ANYTHING if you have questions

  13. One thing I hated was that they kept bringing up men. She doesn’t give a shit about men y’all she has an eating disorder. Jesus.

  14. fk ppl who comment on other ppls weight and appearance lol, they don’t realise how much impact it has on their life

  15. Not this topic again🤦
    They won't expect the fact the person has an eating disorder. Like I know Korea and how their body images work but someone needs to wake them up.

  16. why have to find man to have fun? why dieting and exercising for man? why they asked like its our job to please man hm

  17. 🤔 im 80kg/168cm and these chicks be stressing about 50kg man I haven't seen that weight in years. The way my taste buds are set up I cant deny tasty food. But they need professional support on here because dieting to the extreme is always treated as a joke on this show

  18. I am on a diet right now and it is really funny… When I want to eat something, I try to fit it in my diet. If I can't, I take 2 or 3 bite and force my sister to eat it 😂😂😂 I don't go crazy though. It is like when I crave fries but cant fit the whole box in my diet. I would eat half of it or less and give the rest to my sister.

  19. She needs a diet expert. Eating low Calorie desen't mean losing weight.
    She needs a weight lifting traing and cadio training together.

  20. Watched an HBO show on obese people. Yo-yo dieting kills your metabolism forever. 2000 calories that used to maintain your weight will make you gain weight after you screw up your metabolism.

  21. Korean food has so many good side dishes (banchan) that are low calorie. Plus, the soups as well. Just limit the rice intake.

  22. Unfortunately, she and her sister have big faces. Any weight gain even small shows up in their face. Haha, I have that same affliction.

  23. This reminds me of a personal experience. I went to visit my family in another country. When my grandma who hadn’t seen me for 9 years saw me, the first thing she did was say how fat I was as she stared at me with disgust. My weight was constantly a topic of conversation because my family was just being shady. I’m 25, and for most of my life I have always been skinny. I knew I had gained weight, but I never realized how much until that day. Ever since then it has been engrained in me how fat I am and I almost fell into an obsessive cycle of extreme dieting too. Thankfully I have a loving family and friends and I am taking steps to lose weight in a healthier way. She should really seek help and find a more sustainable method. Realistically speaking, can she really live out the rest of her life only eating 4 things on the menu?

  24. A lot of people lost their self esteem because of things others said to them. I think we should spend more time teaching our kids to not take personal everything they hear outside and to be become mentally stronger and build their own identity instead of relying on the media and what others think.

  25. I feel this girl so much. I have had anorexia twice- the first time when I was 11-12 the second time last year. I never went to treatment- it were just my parents who helped me . One thing I can say – even if u go to treatment and gain weight – your mind will never change. I may look healthy now nd others say that I am in great shape but I myself hate my weight- i wanna vut my fat off . I got into anorexia because my dad‘s family always commented about my chubby figure when I was a child. With it came bullying I recieved ever since kindergarden up till now. What I wanna say is. Her goal weight is 52 kg – as soon as she reaches that weight her goal weight will be 48 and so on. You can tell people like her or me that we are slim as much as you want to – it won‘t work out. We won‘t believe u because what we see is different from what you see. Also- be vareful of ur words when u want to help- I know people want to be nice but people suffering from an eating disorder will completly shut down and turn into themselfes if u are to harsh with your words and stuff. About the hairloss- I had it too . Whenever I would watch youtube on my tablet I would have to wipe my fallen out hair off the screen every 2-5 minutes

  26. the younger sister is so annoying… the facial expressions she makes when the older sister is talking triggers me

  27. If they add a professional it would be great but i think people go to this show to know that they will not get professional response but discuss it with normal people, it can also be helpful to get alot of opinion ,if they wanted advise from a professional they could go to one.

  28. If she changed her diet properly and ate healthy and did the right amount of exercise, she'd be the weight she wanted by now. 5 years later!!!!

  29. If you have time, it'll be nice if you stopped to read this comment for a moment. I merely want to raise awareness.

    I empathise with her so much. Just like her, all it took was that one thoughtless comment for me to spiral down into anorexia. It was a joke, but till this date I don't know why it affected me so deeply. All I knew is that I wanted to prove to the person that I wasn't "fat". While people think it's all about dieting and losing weight, it's really not just about that. It's a deeper, underlying mental issue that requires therapy. Hair loss, amenorrhea, feeling weak, I've been through the exact same thing. Of course I knew it was bad, but the voice in my head was stronger. 

    The recovery process is even worse. The pain of seeing your weight increase and yourself not being in control, it's so easy to rebound and go back to controlling the diet. For me, this process took years (almost coming to a decade now), and even now, I still have body image issues, but I've learned to let my negative thoughts pass by. So even after she fixes her diet and gains back her weight, that's only solving the symptoms and not the root cause.

    Anorexia is such a strange thing. People usually think that anorexics don't enjoy eating because they always "starve" themselves, but often times, food is their biggest love. They're obsessed with it. It's like a love-hate relationship full of toxicity.

    To people suffering from eating disorders, it's a tough journey to recovery, but YOU can get there. Somedays your self-worth hits an all-time low, but please don't listen to your negative thoughts! You are NOT your thoughts, you are only the observer of it; don't be trapped by them. I've spent my years lying about my eating disorder, but once I talked to someone I trusted, it becomes easier to accept it. Yes, there are times I regretted sharing with some of my "closest" friends, but don't stop sharing about your experience. Eating disorders, or mental illness in general, shouldn't be something that is to be ashamed of!

    To people who don't understand what eating disorders are, just know that even the simplest jokes can have a profound impact on someone. Be kind with your words and exercise less judgement on others. The world would be a happier place.

  30. 그거 병이에요 병이라구요!!!!!!!! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 한국사람들 다이어트강박증에 대해 되게 가볍게 여기시는데 이건 우율중의 한 카테고리이며 정신과상담이 필요해요…. 폭식증 거식증은 사람을 피말려 죽이는 무서운 병이에요 안녕하세요에 나오는 고민자 상담자분들중에
    특히 여성분들 중에 본인의 몸을 학대하고 살을빼는거에 집착하셔서 일상생활 못하시는 분들 너무 많이 나와요…. 상담 한번이라도 받아주세요 마음의 병은 제때 고치지 못하면 정말 큰일나요 저런분들 보면 괜히 눈물나여,,,

  31. It seems that she is not satisfied with her appearance, especially her looks. That's why she went diet but I think it didn't help at all.

  32. Please get some professional expert for these kind of topics cause not every female works out or diet their butts off just to impress Male. Sometime it's just for their own satisfaction and sometime there really is a problem.

  33. Seriously she needs help. It's so much more than just dieting, she has eating disorder and she is not even happy, meaning she is prone to mental illness. She doesn't even love herself. How could these people not think that this is a problem simply because she's 'abiding' with the beauty standards Korea has? I was once like her and it took me years, with lots of help, for me to accept that health means more than weight. She needs help immediately

  34. i am a lot like this girl… i wish i can be confident in my body someday and not obsess over my weight all the time. i wish the same for this girl

  35. I really needed to watch this, I’m also suffering with what I believe is another ED.
    I’m overweight, but I’ve been so obsessed with it, that I find myself starving myself. Most days I do not eat all day, and I may eat dinner. Sometimes I don’t.
    Most days I have less than 1000 calories.

  36. She looks like shes about to collapse she is depressed and suffers from a phobia of gaining weight and has an addiction to this there's alot of trauma she needs to get treated for in theraphy also she needs to eat especially if shes working out man i feel so bad for her wish i can hug her.

  37. You can hear through her voice that her body needs to be fed more. You can just listen to her and kinda know somethings off. She is thin but she isn’t happy..

    People in the comments are saying there needs to be professionals on this show. Keep in mind that Korea is way more conservative and may or may not have a different way to handle things? (Please correct me if I’m wrong). I did hear that they have professionals after the shooting is over for some help though.

  38. not even a professional but from just reading the title i knew what it was…
    i hope they do get one bet how many of their guessed going home being worse

  39. She's underweight for her height. Also, i noticed her voice is hoarse, does she force her vomit out? like what models do.

  40. Guess what, I'm 53kg and 1,70 cm too. When someone says that I gained weight I have a really big smile on my face, and because of that I eat a lot but exercise too. I was crazy when she said that she wanted to be skinnier. Btw, I'm about to eat a pizza bye ;v

  41. I was like her before. I was 52kg (I'm 171cm) and went on an intense diet in high school for a year and boy did I regret it. I went down to 44kg in less than a month. I lost weight, yes, but my body was messed up. My menstruation stopped and I couldn't exercise for more than 15min without feeling faint. My parents were worried. I didn't know why I wanted to lose weight, I just felt like I needed to.The old me weighed and compared myself everyday to 45-49kg idols. I guess that's how my mentality crashed. I thought I needed to be like that to look good (I know I was stupid :P). Nowww I weigh 52-53kg and I'm happy with it. I eat whatever I want and exercise became a hobby rather than a necessity. My body is now healthier than it's ever been and I'm proud of it 🙂

  42. SHE HAS AN EATING DISORDER. why is no one reacting seriously to this🤦🏽‍♀️. She’s not on a diet she literally has anorexia

  43. Y'all like to label things and blow things up, the show here isn't to stigmatise people and call them out for being bad or wrong in some way (unlike Western shows); it's here for emotional support and showing understanding rather than labelling people with different diseases

  44. I think we also need to take into consideration that Korea is a country with very unrealistic body expectations for woman not saying that other countries aren’t like this too but I’ve seen concerns where first they wanted the person to lose weight and once they did they wanted them to stop and gain

  45. in NO WAY am i invalidating her but i feel like she purges quite often judging from her cheeks. cheeks swell up from constant purging. poor girl i hope she recovers. (like i said, im not invalidating whatever eating disorder she has).

    ALL eating disorders are life threatening. please do not take it lightly. (Eating disorders DO NOT have an image. You can be at any weight and still suffer from anorexia. It’s the behaviour. The thoughts. The actions.)

    sending love her way🎈

  46. Dieting is not necessary if she’s already tall and thin.

    And also, I’m notice that whenever she said about her weight…that she has unbalanced metabolism because of not enough nutrient in her body and protein.

    PS: I’m not much knowledge about nutrition but I did learned some of it in organic chemistry class.

  47. The sister is literally in a good or almost perfect weight and size rn. She should just eat normally but still excercise sometimes. Cutting out protein like meat is a huge no. And rice?? thats literally a huge part of our life. I cant believe some people is so obessesed with looking good till they forget their own health smh

  48. Its seriously a long shot but I hope someone from KBS pays attention to this but, Hello Counselor needs to be canceled or start taking these issues SERIOUSLY depression/ mental issues exist! They are real things and some of these people that come on the show need actual help! Hello Counselor is very popular and I feel like if they start doing things the right way it can slowly help S.Korea as a whole to view depression/mental illness like it is and take it more seriously. Things must change over there. Jonghyun was told by a DOCTOR that his depression was just apart of his personality and ignored it! As a result he is now not with us… THINGS MUST CHANGE

  49. 이 비디오는 AB6IX에 관한 것임을 알고 있습니다. 그러나이 말은 진지하게 오래 걸리지 만 KBS의 누군가가 이것에주의를 기울이기를 바랍니다. 그러나 Hello Counselor를 취소하거나 이러한 문제를 해결하기 시작해야합니다! 그들은 실제적인 것들이며 쇼에 나오는 사람들 중 일부는 실제 도움이 필요합니다! 안녕하세요 카운슬러는 매우 인기가 많으며, 한국이 우울증 / 정신병과 같은 상황을보다 심각하게 받아 들일 수 있도록 천천히 한국을 도울 수있는 올바른 방법으로 일을 시작한다고 생각합니다. 거기에서 상황이 바뀌어야합니다. 종현은 의사 에 의해 그의 우울증이 그의 성격과는 거리가 있으며 그것을 무시했다고 들었습니다! 결과적으로 그는 지금 우리와 함께하지 않습니다 … 것들은 변경해야합니다

  50. And i have 165cm And 61 kg but my fat IS only on my face And butt something on my Belly And thanx to korean People i do think i need a diet becouse i never knew About how fat i am before i look on People from korea

  51. Right now I’m at 166 pounds and I need to drop to 130 because it’s a requirement for my height to be able to join the USMC. I workout for about 4 hours a day. I get that she’s not satisfied with how she looks because I’m the same way but it’s better to do it in a more balanced way. Such as eating the right amount of food and keep it balanced. I try not eat more than 3 meals a day. And honestly it’s working for me. I’m energized whenever I workout and I don’t need to take any supplements because I use my meals to do its job.

  52. Not at me laughing at how Korea literally promotes being skinny and suddenly surprised and concerned when someone is obsessed over it

  53. Let me just say this: as of right now I am in my pajamas, laying in my bed, while eating ice cream with caramel sauce & blondie chunks while watching this episode. And I’m more than likely much happier than this woman who’s on a diet right now.🍨😋🖥🛌 Living the dream!

  54. Shes literally me. Found nothing enjoyable anymore and just going to the gym and dieting. Not meeting friends and stay home all day .. going clubbing to get drunk with some friends just to escape life 😂

  55. Maybe all the international fans should write to/ petition the show for professional evaluation of these cases. Humor is great, but I've seen countless cases which are gravely concerning. Also, we don't get an update of the past cases, who knows whether things have gotten better or worse.

  56. everyone's commenting on how they wish they took this more seriously but lol this show isnt designed to do that. this show is designed for entertainment and everyone is aware of that. if the sister sent in her concern to this show hoping to get actual professional help, then that's on her, not the show. everyone knows how this show is designed, for the most part it's designed to be comedic, they literally have COMEDIANS as hosts for that reason, but even then i still see the hosts truly giving advice to the best they can when they do encounter serious ones.

  57. Anyone noticed that her voice is kind of shaky too? Idk if her diet lifestyle has affected the way she sounds, but if it does, its just so sad that she's been living like that to keep in shape. Indeed yes, the show needs professional help, but considering that its a variety show which is supposed to entertain people, not sure they'd use them and let them to be in the show. Imagine if they happens to be in the show and they just make everything sounds so serious and make people become even more anxious and wary about their condition. That's not the ideal of the variety show though. But I heard somewhere that they send these peeps in need to professional after the show. Hopefully they can get better!

  58. What she need to change not her weight but they way she stand, she look like a akward men . The way she talk, and her hair style. Please someone who know her tell her this .

    I'm so pissed when weight being a problem to look "cute" for the boy. Chubby/fat person also had their beautiful side. Not all of them are ugly. Some of it not ugly but lazy

  59. This show and just korean society in general is normalising this eating disorder behaviour into a diet. This is a serious matter.

  60. This show is really stupid. Do they not know that there are MANY girls around Korea that have trouble with their bodies…..please use real help for these people instead of comedians

  61. Girlie has an eating disorder and severe lack of nutrients that cause hair and teeth loss, not to mention it interrupts her period. She needs medical treatment, not a talking show.

  62. Dear Hello Counselor/KBS, I have a concern, most likely together with almost everyone in this comment section.

    My concern is as follows: in your show we just watched a young woman who shows all the signs of a full blown eating disorder. Her family worries, and with good reason. But it seems you brush the problem off with some nice, positive words.

    Mind you that positive talk alone is not proper treatment for an eating disorder.
    Anorexia nervosa is not a joke, it's a serious condition with a mortality rate of ~10%, which makes it more lethal than some types of cancer. Please do not embarrass yourself to the world, and reassure us that KBS has provided this family with real help after the show.

  63. Idk about anyone else but her voice sounds like she either is bulimic or she WAS her voice is very shaky and unstable and while there are people like that naturally she has really bad teeth. Looking at those aspects are concerning.

  64. As somebody who had Anorexia I can only say; it's very dangeroud what she's doing right now, but even so I never said ; don't eat this or that to other people, their life, their decisions.

  65. They need an specialist there or to stop taking cases that they can't not handle correctly. They keep asking if she diets to look good for guys or if she wants to be healthy and stuff but they dont understand how an eating disorder works. Painful to watch.

  66. She needs a professional and proper education on nutrition and exercise as well as mental health, she doesn't take into factor that she literally lacks muscle. She should just focus on getting stronger and gain muscle worry less about weight/ the number on the scale, these days it's not the best way to determine health especially if you are at the normal weight. On top of that, she definitely has disordered eating habits.

  67. Loved the girls at the beginning being so honest that for comebacks they starve themselves but is the worst diet for binge eating, i hope all idols could be this honest too

  68. men really dont have to be the reason for diet. i have no interest in romance but have to go to the hospital a lot bc of extreme dieting. why? because i dont feel valid unless i weigh a certain amount

  69. I kinda relate to her, I was also skinny in 7-8 grade and when I enter to highschool I was slowly growing up and gain weight which is normal and also I run into a neighborhood and said the same thing " oo you gain some weight, you look pretty". I didn't got into a extreme diet but I understand her it's hard to take as a compliment

  70. It’s far more a concern when people are saying this isn’t a concern.HELLO, THIS IS CLEARLY ANOREXIA. This dieting and chasing for ideal body culture in korea is really insane and it’s even more infuriating that they don’t realise the very fact that this culture is being far too normalised. It is mentally and physically unhealthy, and a tragedy for many women out there. I just hope that they’ll start loving their body a little more and magnify the goodness in them, the body they’re endowed with from their dear parents. Hope they’ll stop being solely focussed on any slight difference they have from what is being portrayed on social media and magazines.

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