No hunger in the future (Star Trek)

No hunger in the future (Star Trek)

I know this is all very confusing to you, so
I’ll attempt to explain. You are on the starship USS Enterprise. American? No it’s a vessel of the United Federation
of Planets and Earth is a member. Talk. Give me a martini straight up with two olives. For the vitamins. I might just get like this place. Let’s see if the Braves are on.
How do you cut on this TV. TV? Yes, the ‘boob tube’. I believe he means television sir. That particular form of entertainment not
last much beyond the year 2040. What do you guys do? I mean, you don’t drink and you ain’t got no TV. It must be kind of boring. That’s what all this is about. A lot has change in the past 300 years.
People are no longer obsessed with the accumulation of things. We’ve eliminated hunger, want, the need for possessions. We grown out of our infancy. Here’s what I propose. You can’t stay on the Enterprise, but I have arranged for us
to rendezvous with the USS Charleston bound for earth. They will deliver you there. Then what will happen to us? There is no trace of my money, my office is gone. What will I do? How will I live? This is the 24th century. Material needs no longer exist. Then what’s the challenge? The challenge, Mr. Offenhouse, is to improve
yourself. To enrich yourself. Enjoy it.

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  1. There's one main reason as to why this happened the discovery of alien life. The fact is that because they discovered the existence of aliens it has allowed mankind to work together. As being divided by countries has now evolved into being divided by planet and species. At the moment we have not been exposed to the discovery alien life and so we don't live to this similar concept. Once we discover intelligent alien life its very likely we will give up our selfish ways and stand as one!

  2. Picard: "We've eliminated our need for things; material possessions". He says as he cruises around in a huge galaxy class star-ship filled with replicators that can create inexhaustible amounts material object. and his own private quarters filled with material possessions such as his flute, his model of the stargazer, a large collection of music, and various archaeological artifacts.

  3. I completely agree with you. And I'm one of the American minorities that's not stupid or brainwashed like the rest, majority are.

  4. I haven't really watched tv in years now. Everything will be in the cloud in the future. I am looking forward to the Holodeck. That will make my life complete.

  5. Who needs television when you've got streaming video? You can choose what you want to see, when you want to see it, and you don't even need commercials. Considering that six corporations own the majority of the television stations and only care to show you what their stockholders and CEOs want to show you, the choice is clear and simple. Plus, on the internet, you can make your own video series or vlog. YOU can be the star.

  6. Not to mention all the reality crap on TV, so who's going to bother watching….plus TV news media is nothing but "fear porn" anyhow.

  7. Same here, to me money, if it exists in the future, should only be a means to an end, when it becomes the end itself, along with power, something's really, really wrong.

  8. And that's why governments and militaries are a huge fetish for denying anything related to aliens, for they KNOW their time is numbered when the truth does come out, they are scared, and trying a shard as they can to keep the statue que, they'd rather see a world be destroyed, rather than lose control over it.

  9. Yes…..and who can afford the education now…..and many, many people with really impressive degrees and so on are stuck working in book stores and coffee houses because they can't get the job they worked so hard towards getting because businesses would rather pay some one in China or India a month what an American would earn a day or hour. EU might be in bad shape, but we're becoming the fall of Rome.

  10. Yea, but most of the time wealth causes the bad stuff…..all the wars, supression of knowledge, crimes, etc are all because of either money or power…..hell, 99% of our laws focus on money.

  11. What he meant was that people no longer struggle to survive and people no longer think they are better because they have more things than the next person. He has that stuff because he likes it.

  12. Or the holodeck, maybe. But I still say Roddenberry meant more than that. Take the situationists for example. They argued against modern consumer society and argued for a future society were people were no longer passive spectators/consumers but active participants in their own creativity/situations.

  13. This point came home recently as I was the last employee at the TV station where I worked for 18 years, laid off due to lack of advertising revenue. Our usual clients switched to the internet.

  14. the fact that some people get angry when they see this video says so much about our current society.

    Whats wrong with a society where shelter, food, healthcare, and clothing are available to everyone?

  15. "Yet so far as one could judge the people were contented and hopeful. There was no unemployment, and the price of living was still extremely low; you saw very few conspicuously destitute people, and no beggars except the gypsies. Above all there was a belief in the revolution and the future, a feeling of having suddenly emerged into an era of equality and freedom. Human beings were trying to behave as human beings and not as cogs in the capitalist machine." George Orwell – Homage to Catalonia.

  16. And to hear more about this wonderful future of no materialism, make sure to purchase the entire first season of Star Trek TNG for the low low price $134.99! And if you want to be preached to more about how wicked and wrong materialism and greed is, make sure you purchase all seven seasons!!!

  17. "Many of the normal motives of civilized life-snobbishness, money-grubbing, fear of the boss, etc.-had simply ceased to exist. The ordinary class-division of society had disappeared to an extent that is almost unthinkable in the money-tainted air of England…" George Orwell – Homage to Catalonia page 104. And that's what happens when you abolish the monetary system along with alienated labor.

  18. We need to do more than that. We need to re-organize society along egalitarian lines: "There were commercial dealings w other collectives on the basis of barter. The value of produce was agreed by general consent. Rarely was money the basis for intercourse. The collective was affiliated to the regional federation of collectives and was based on solidarity and mutual aid. Man's exploitation of his fellow man was abolished entirely." The CNT in the Spanish Revolution by Jose Peirats

  19. "I repeat: from the standpoint of social justice, money should be abolished, and libertarian communism is infinitely superior to capitalism…." Dr. Jose Maria Pueyo – The Anarchist Collectives: Workers' Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution 1936-1937 by Sam Dolgoff. How about that?

  20. Sure, but at what point will humanity due the right thing and move into a sustainable system? There's still a little time before it's too late. But with all the suffering that's going on, why wait? And yet it feels like when trying to bring vital change to the system the inertia we face seems so enormous that it discourages some and may in fact obscure actual gains, thus discouraging even more people.

  21. Say that happens, is society prepared to adjust to the new situation and what will emerge? I know it's a speculative question. We can't know until it arrives and I am sure society will adapt. Question is how smoothly & how quickly or slowly?

  22. "I repeat: from the standpoint of social justice, money should be abolished, and libertarian communism is infinitely superior to capitalism." Dr. Jose Maria Pueyo – The Anarchist Collectives by Sam Dolgoff. The doctor has spoken.

  23. Computer: replicate 10 captain Picards with tommy guns all pointed at each other, simultaneously firing… and throw in one fat kid – we have no need for material goods like fat kids.

  24. "MONEY" needn't be abolished — the ATTACHMENT and DESIRE for money are what must be abolished.

    How does this sound — instead of getting rid of money, let's get rid of the extremes of wealth and poverty?

    "Capitalism debunked: Indigenous peoples still live without the "incentive" of money, making shelters, providing for themselves."

    Have fun living in the jungle and eating rats XD

  26. Everything is temporal djgiga. Money will not last forever. At one time it did not exist, and at another time it will no longer be necessary. Money or the love of it is the source of all our problems today. We do things for money that we would otherwise never do. A civilized society does not need money. It is a poor substitute for compassion, and wisdom. A primitive mind cannot think outside the box that he has been indoctrinated in.

  27. TV will be around FOREVER! Far far past the future year of 2040.
    BTW, greetings to anyone seeing this in 2040 and beyond. 😉

  28. I have a question. If the Federation has no money or monetary banking system or economy, how does it trade with other alien societies that do? The Cardassians use leks and isiks. Klingons use darseks. Bajorans use litas. The Ferengi especially, among others, use gold-pressed latinum 
    Even the Federation seems to have something kind of monetary credits. 😉

  29. Gathering people who wants to be a part of building a network of stable, fully self sustaining and self sufficient communities (a.k.a. life-boats for the coming environmental collapse). Peaceful communities that are built upon foundation of : love, spirituality, mercy, generosity, tolerance, intelligent, and wisdom. If you are interested in becoming a part of this grass root efforts, I encourage your reply.

    This Community ARK Project is looking for peaceful, patience, humble, and kind-hearted people who are awaken and aware of the coming environmental collapse; who want to roll up their sleeves and participate in preparatory efforts. One cannot pull someone out of a raging river standing on a muddy slippery slope. In order to pull someone out of the river, one must stand on a firm solid foundation. A fully self-sufficient community is that solid foundation, upon which we stand in order to rescue other less fortunate who will be affected by the collapsing environment.  If we ourselves are struggling to survive as the environment collapse, how can we help others?  We need fully self-sufficient communities to shelter and nourish us in order for us to reach out and help others.

    We are attempting to gather people from all spectrum of professional background: engineers, scientists, architects, biologists, farmers, doctors, nurses, artists, etc. Both skilled and unskilled people. Those with knowledge will teach those who lack them. Those not in the know will listen and learn so they might in turn teach others in the community. We have spent 6 years researching technology that were designed to allow Mars colonies to thrive in a desolate environment. We are now planning on using those very same technology to prepare people for the coming environmental collapse. If you are interested in helping out, we could use the help to reach the ears of people who are awaken through social media.

    (Note: this is a gathering process and NOT a recruitment process. When one recruit, one is trying to convince others to join a cause; well, someone else can always come along and convince people to join a different cause. But when one gather, one is speaking to those of like mind who do not need convincing; in their hearts and in their thoughts, they recognize the catastrophe that lay ahead if our modern societies continue on their current path of promoting competition, strife, ignorance and scarcity. This Community ARK Project is lighting a beacon so that those with similar mind set will know that they are not alone in their thoughts and impulses, and that there are others like them out there who desire to come together to pool our effort in order to extract ourselves and place ourselves on a different path, one that promote cooperation, harmony, foresight, and a nurturing environment.)

  30. I remember the old comics I used to read as a kid. They always had that warning, "The story is fictional: no connection to any living or dead person. The incidents are the imagination of the writer" Mr Roddenberry forgot to ad the same warning in his "Star Trek: Next Generation" fictional stories.

  31. Solutions to 95% of mankinds problems (get rid of money):
    – The Ubuntu Contribution System (TUCS)- Michael Tellinger
    – The Venus Project (TVP) – Jacque Fresco
    – New Earth Nation (NEN) – Sacha Stone
    – The Free World Charter
    – The Mocica Project – mocica .org/en/Project
    – Paradism
    – The Valhalla Movement
    – A Freedom Economy –

  32. This is by far my favorite episode of Star Trek. It explains so many things and tells us how bad we are in real life. Also explains why they do not take more drastic measures as we usually see in Hollywood movies.

  33. I see a lot of the comments saying this kind of world wouldn't work.  The only reason it wouldn't is that we are selfish and obsessed with things.  I don't see that ever changing.  But let's don't pretend like our society really works either.

  34. Ok, for people confusing communism/fascism with the lack of ownership… The captain is not saying that "ownership" is "not allowed". You can drink the Martini and keep the glass forever if you like. All he is saying is that since this machine removes SCARCITY from the equation, there is no real need to spend time trying to accumulate wealth, that machine got you (and everyone else) covered – it's a different social model, a far better one.

    Clear distinction: Communism does not ALLOW you to own stuff, for Star Trek owning stuff is indifferent/naive/stupid/doesn't-make-sense. Not the same thing, not the same thing at all!

  35. With the internet at our disposal, everyone can strive to better themselves now. But most people don't. Human nature like that takes more than 400 years to change.

  36. Star Trek wants you to believe that socialism does wonders when in reality, look at what socialism has done to Somalia, Venezuela, Cuba, Cambodia, North Korea, the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries!

    The moron who created that Star Trek garbage was a socialist who demonised and framed laissez-faire capitalism as the Ferengi! It's obvious that he had no idea what a laissez-faire society would be like nor did he know what fiat money and what commodity money is!

  37. Data saying that television entertainment will not last much past the year 2040… well the entertainment will live on but the television broadcasting itself my die out in favor of internet-based streaming. (The Boob Tube is slowing transforming to the You Tube).

  38. I suspect those bums on welfare all their lives in our timeline would be holodicted bums in the TNG universe haha

  39. Picard is always the guys who says we're better then you, but have you ever noticed he never explains how. Like how the world came to be without desire for money.

  40. Like Americans traveling abroad, to a civilized place … XD
    Except they’d, of course, take and murder ALL the things. ^^

  41. "Oh, well, what do you guys do? I mean, you don't drink and you ain't got no tv." We all know what Riker does, lol. He goes to holodeck number 4 and puts it to the holo-whores.

  42. Resources and the means to control them are the root of Capitalism, Socialism, or Communism. If you take out the ability or need to control the resources. You take away the need for the existence of economic based governance. Every citizen with access to replicators and it's counterpart that recycles waste to be re-replicated into something else will greatly reduce the ability to control a resource. Unless you intend to hold a monopoly on replicators themselves or the energy that drives them.

  43. probably the worst episode in Star Trek with flawed dialogue and views that didn't survive even in the 1st season lol Because the more you think about it the more it doesn't work with The Federation, Humans, and all others. Their is a reason The Federation HATE the Borg

    even with a replicator wealth, power, possession, want, need, and EVERYTHING now still exists. The one thing is somewhat correct is TV but in reality we are slowing removing conventional TV with self-made entertainment like Youtube, user created, Netflixs, and more.

    A FUCKING BOOK is movie/TV show in written form, sitting and reading is just as time consuming and wasteful as watching a movie or TV show lol

    the only true socialism/communism is complete totalitarian control like The Borg, The Matrix, Skynet, SHODAN, The Parasites from Season 1.

  44. This communistic utopia is only viable with the tech level shown. Anything less would lead to the normal results of oppression, genocide, savagery, and collapse.

  45. This isn't communism. Not even close. It only takes a few elements of socialism among many other things. Religion is still practiced and people can carry weapons too

  46. sounds horrible, like a totalitarian dystopia where everybody must be conformist and comply with that the authorities say you can have, but you are not allowed to want stuff. I wouldn't want to live there.

  47. I got it in 7/1984.
    Consumers have the opportunity to be infinitely rich, and if they have the opportunity to be infinitely rich, then they won't care. Tremendous slack in U. S. economy and magnitudes more in third world countries. The banter from you guys (gen. neu.) id great!

  48. I like the idea of having a future like star trek. But the truth is some people are just greedy like that guy Picard was talking to. But the only way that future happened in star trek was because of catastrophic events that occurred in the 21 century and also the Vulcans they changed everything they helped man. I definitely believe this future is possible in real life but it will come at a great cost. I think if people get rid of currency and start to follow the Vulcan philosophy it can fix society and people. For example with currency gone and technology becoming more advanced problems like poverty and world hunger will disappear. And if people stop using fossul fuil and oil problems like global warming will no longer exist. I think space should become man's main focus because there is more out there then you can think.

    P.s I do think interstellar travel is very much possible because traveling and discovering life ( to boldly go where no man has gone before ) can reunite man and bring people together even aliens. I think that's the purpose of all life is for every living thing to become United.

  49. Both sides of the argument in this comments section are wrong.

    No, eliminating money will not bring about prosperity and abundance. What the Federation has that we don't isn't the elimination of money, but the technology and resources to provide for all of its citizens free of charge. Once we have the automation to create and provide every product and service needed for all citizens to have a comfortable life, then yes, we will not need money anymore. Eliminating money is not the cause of prosperity. It is the end result of it.

  50. Humans don't NEED possessions and never have. They ENJOY possessions and that will never change. That's exactly why Picard has Enterprise models in the ready room. He enjoys such possessions. Everything else is just a matter of quantity and taste.

  51. It's easy to consider yourself a saint with the moral high-ground in a paradise, where anything you've ever needed was just a replication away. With access to infinite free food and holodecks that allow you to simulate any conceivable setting, buying a diamond Rolex wouldn't seem that appealing. Take away the ease of life, and the desire to enrich your mind will fall out of favor in comparison to basic survival. Your natural instincts for survival will awaken. The accumulation of wealth would feel as natural as breathing, as both would be imperative to survival, to a point. I assume that this is the case for some of the human colonies in this universe. That being said, a replicator and holodeck would be awesome.

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