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  1. Во первых, каждый может сражаться с животными, даже НУБ! ( Ну это изи, понять не может только даун). Во вторых, любой ПРО умеет профессионально батлится с другими игроками! (Я лично думаю ты не очень батлишся. Любой топ игрок тебя взует!) В третьих, поведение нуба в видео не естественно с поведением НАСТОЯЩЕГО нуба ( все мы были нубами. И знаем каково это! Но можно догадаться что у тебя отнимается холод и надо скрафтитьподойти к костру. ЛОГИЧНО)

  2. Получилось годно но не увлекайся ! и еще какой смысл писать название и описание на русском а в самом видео писать на английском ????

  3. Love ur vids I am pretty much between noob and pro. I always get killed by winter animals. Can you please do a vid on tips to kill polar animals? Love you ❤

  4. You dont need to have a "cool" name to be pro. Or farming…. There's a difference. like one person can farm better than the other player and another player can get dragon gear but cant farm well… if you know what i mean….

    Arena stop…. Your killing yourself theae videos are cancer… your gonna laugh about this… I know but fucking stop! In this vid you didnt even show the base "building" and had better gear when being "pro." Be equal…. ubsub and dislike.

  5. Can I be honest here? You're good. Pretty good. Good enough to be making videos, certainly. But that doesn't mean you're amazing; one thing you have to keep in mind that there are always going to be those people better than you. I don't claim myself to be the best (or even close to that for the matter), but using the term "pro" really looks down upon the newer players. The difference between all of us is only experience- one day you were that "noob" too. I enjoyed your editing, it seemed like you put a lot of effort into this video. I don't like that you called yourself "pro" while calling others noobs. Because remember, the best of us are the ones who stay silent ;).

  6. Why do you make pro already have Dragon Gear and you make noob just spawn and fight. I suggest you make it even for noob and pro either they both have Dragon Gear or both spawn and fight. Please reply with your thoughts, thank you.

  7. Арена ты лучший (ну для меня) я не знаю как остальные но мне на них пох*й

  8. and heres the ones you missed:
    1. the ok, the ok knows the basics but isn't good enough to get the small diamond's, and isn't great at pvp. The ok is good-bad at making small bases
    2. the good player, the good player knows enough about the game to get to the small diamonds, ok – bad at pvp. The good player is good at making small bases
    3.the master, the master is good enough to do multiple quests at the same time, can easily kill most players. the master is excellent at making large- mid sized bases

  9. bom dia minha lindo e maravilhoso e vc vai fica você pode me dizer se o seu nome e telefone para contato com e outros que estão no youtube

  10. ППЦ показывают того кто одет фулл и того кто токо зашол играть я в начале видио бегаю 1 2 мин в каменном луте кроме шлема потом в золоте эт уже 5 мин потом в алмазе или аметисте эт 10 20 мин а драгон сет получаю за 2 ч физический невозможно за 10 мин получить драгон сет -_-

  11. Arena closer can u do a voice reveal or tell ur fans ur real name lol just kidding i think due u might do voice reveal at 100k what do u say

  12. Oh god i really hate this videos in every of this type of videoe everytime noob in this type of video noob punches stone and a noob, means begginer, is logic what you need to do a pickaxe to craft stone, in every of this type of video treat a noob like a dumb person, but a noob how i say before is begginer so, he can play normal but Maybe hes a bit bad in game so, the "pro" treat him like god do everything in 3 seconds, kill everyone and thats no sense!

  13. I think it's unfair because the Nuba nothing and about everything there are advised to do so. was that, too, and about well, supposedly from the Nuba kit start

  14. I remember when i was a noob, (well, technically i still am xd) i would get wood gear and then take an eternity just to get stone gear, and fight over berries at that one berry bush, and everyone would always kill me, though look at me now getting amethyst gear and looking back… xd


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