Not Losing Weight on a Diet: What Went Wrong – [Pt. 1]

Not Losing Weight on a Diet: What Went Wrong – [Pt. 1]

You may be the one sabotaging your
weight-loss journey. Hi, and welcome back to the channel.
If this is your first time here, my name is Lola and today I’m diving into three
possible reasons as to why you’re not losing weight while on a diet. If you
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All right, let’s beast it! Why do we go on diets
anyway? Dieting helps us maintain a healthy weight so that we could lower
our risks for conditions such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart
disease, and some types of cancers. Whatever your reasons behind dieting
here are three possible reasons as to why you’re not losing weight while on a
diet. Reason number one: your goals are unrealistic. The more fat you carry and
the faster it will be for you to lose weight in the beginning of your weight
loss journey. Think about vehicles. A larger vehicle requires more fuel to
operate. In the same fashion, a person with a larger body will burn more
calories than their smaller body counterparts. So, an obese person actually
has a faster metabolism. Therefore they’re going to lose more weight faster
in the beginning of their weight loss journey until the process will start
to slow down and be stadier. But that doesn’t mean that you should set your
goal to lose an unreasonable amount of weight in a shorter period of time.
Remember, you did not become overweight or obese overnight. Therefore, it’s going
to take some time for you to lose that weight. Be patient and kind to yourself.
reason number two: yore cutting too much too fast. What do I mean by that?
Here’s an example, for instance. As you start your weight loss journey you
decide to cut all the carbs at once. What is that going to do to your body? It is just
going to shock your body. Any change that you make should be slow and progressive.
So, if you remove a lot of things at the same time now you have a
diet that you believe you have to follow exactly to the T, but you already removed
a lot of things and this leads you to think that now you can’t eat
anything. And what happened next? Your diet becomes frustrating to you because
now you think you can’t eat anything anymore and you end up quitting. Don’t do
that to yourself. Reason number three: you don’t do meal-
prepping. Cooking your meals in advance and have
them ready when you’re hungry helps you stick to your plan and diet. If you have
to eat the same thing, then so be it! It would actually help you to eat the
same thing each week and switch out week after week. Don’t hide in the excuse that
meal prepping is hard. Actually, it’s not. It just takes some time. And don’t hide
behind the idea that eating the same thing is boring and probably disgusting
because guess what? It is a privilege to eat different things whenever you want.
Does any of these reasons sound familiar to you? Have you been struggling
with any of them? Let me know in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this
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  1. This video is the beginning of a series. Therefore, do not feel dispirited if you expected some weight loss mistakes to be covered in the video and they were not. They will be in upcoming videos within the series. Thank you so very much again for watching!

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