Nutrition Tips for Healthy Living : How to Know the Nutritional Requirements for Your Baby

Are you a new parent and are wondering how
to find the nutritional requirements for your baby? If so, I am here to help. I’m Isabelle
Simon, your Personal and Workplace Wellness Consultant and today we’re going to learn
how to know the nutrients for your baby. Keep things very simple. If you are nursing, actually
you need mom, you need to worry and focus on what you eat. And if you’re not nursing,
here are some steps for you start. Ensure first of all that your baby gets plenty hydrated.
It will help with his digestion and help keep alert; but also help him or her sleep well.
So make sure that you give your baby enough good clean water. Number 2; your baby will
need protein, protein to build strong bones, strong muscles. So, items that have protein
are fish and meat, but also, well, eggs contain protein as well so you can give that to your
baby if he or she has teeth. Otherwise, you can blend it with thing in the blender and
put it in very, very small pieces. Number 3; fruits, vegetables, packed with fiber to
help digestion, packed with vitamins and minerals that are so crucial for the proper development
of your baby. And something that you may not think of, but sleep. It’s very important for
your baby to be able to sleep properly. And believe it or not, when you sleep, you heal
and it’s part of proper nutrition as well to be able to sleep properly because if you’re
stressed to the max and then the baby cannot sleep, won’t be able to eat the food properly.
And this is how you can ensure proper nutrients for your baby. I’m Isabelle Simon and remember,
good health begins with good nutrition.

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