Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

68 Replies to “Obese Families in Crisis: The Intervention | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. thank you so much for uploading old shows, it's been my addiction since you went off air!! & they are so hard to find until angel Oprah releases them! yaay

  2. Oprah food is a pleasure, so much of us are in pain & depressed that you are right it comforts us when we have absolutely nothing else. Food tastes good, we don't have love, we don't have anyone who cares about us so we search for it in food… just something that tastes good… a small.. pleasure. I know you know it girl. Love you! Can you message me I have a topic that needs discussing

  3. So hard to watch, but so necessary. I didn’t necessarily struggle with obesity, at least to this level, but I’m in my 30s and am emotionally maybe half of that bc I never learned how to express my feelings. I wish I could have the “I’m angry that… “ convo with my parents, but I can’t. They’re alive but just would not be open to this or harshly judge me for the things I’ve done that they never thought I’d do.

  4. Having gone thru my own journey my heart goes out to these beautiful souls. 💕
    Change is possible and healthy minds are the first step to healthy bodies.

  5. Crappy parents just shouldn’t become parents…. please use permanent birth control if you see yourself unfit for parenthood and save your children from much suffering.

  6. Why are schools not enforcing a zero tolerance towards bullying?? It’s just ridiculous this educational system in the USA,despite all these teen suicides,gun violence and so on…. first world country,really??

  7. I've never been overweight but so much understand their pain and frustration , I think I had this problem in previous life.

  8. Trash foods will not change until the end of time because people will starve themselves to death if available foods are not tasty addictive trash foods….their minds, their body will crave for it and if you don't make that trash foods available….that becomes abuse and violations of human rights.

  9. I see these people in different country, they live simple, they eat simple—-but they are happy and healthy. They have just the right amount of food but healthy nutritious home cooked from all fresh natural ingredients straight from the farm, not processed. Their beef stew only has 7 ingredients that they prepared themselves from scratch. Their soup only has 8 ingredients they prepared themselves straight from farmers market….any one whose life from infancy had been eating trash tasty addictive processed foods will never ever appreciate those home cooked simple healthy fresh foods…they will vomit just seeing and smelling it.

  10. They're teenagers. Who is buying them all this food?
    What are they eating? I mean, I doubt they're over-eating on cucumbers.
    The whole family needs to change buying and eating and exercise habits.

  11. Salty, Oily, Sugar and Flour products are incredibly addictive. Right up there with drug and alcohol addiction!
    I had an insatiable hunger for them!
    I detoxed by going raw whole food plant based for a few weeks.
    Still ate as much as I wanted, but when I was full, I was able to stop – and I wasn't looking around for what to eat next.
    I wasn't constantly on the prowl. Had more time and energy, inner calm.

  12. https://youtu.be/SO3hcDsE5wc
    It’s been like this for a long time. I’m so lucky that I played sports because I sure as heck didn’t eat good at home.

  13. Gosh, anyone can learn from this – even if you're just a little overweight like I am. What are you hungry for? – I'll try to remember that question.

  14. They can't judge people over weight, weight doesn't change who u are it doesn't matter what people think of u, because people goin laugh at u for ur whole life, u just should be happy cause God knows ur beautiful, don't let weight change who u are.

  15. Wow, almost 11 years ago.
    I was 19 going on 20 when this aired.
    I’ll be 31 next year, geez.

    Should do a follow up/where are they now with these now adults.
    Be great to say how they’ve transformed ✌️

  16. Here I am trying hard to gain weight at 30 yrs old at the height of 4'11. I believe I'm 110lbs.

    Once I stopped letting what ppl thought affect me I overcame a lot.

    I know they're situation may be worse but sometimes obesity is genetic or as he said it was all he could turn to aka "emotionally eating".

    I wonder where they are now since this was in 2009.

  17. Jeez, I feel bad. I personally can’t relate. I don’t eat often, I’m fit, I drink water on a regular. A tip for you people out there that think you are fat. Don’t FAST. DO NOT. YOU WILL COME BACK AND GAIN BACK MORE WEIGHT. Just drink water, eat healthy, buy granola bars ( not protein because they’re just horrible ) and always play outside, if you’re not good, find a sport you’re determined to get better at. For me it was basketball. You’ll find friends while u get your passion. Good luck.

  18. Ahh. I figured. It's always been said that if a kid has a chubby parent then they'll also be at greater risk of becoming chubby.

  19. I think we have an overweight gene problem so WITH ALL DUE RESPECT please shut up and try not to dramatize weight ADVERTISEMENTS OR COMMENTS THAT WE DONT CARE ABOUT because it's already been being mentioned to skinny people in bbn our community and they are minors.So Thank you for fixing people and letting them open up ….But when a skinny minor comes up and says we got any salad cuz that all I'm going to eat because I dont wanna get fat….OK WELL IMAGINE TH HEM KNOWING THAT YHEY HAVE A GENE DISORDER AND THEY WERE BORN THAT WAY.ITS CALLED ??? WHAT ITS CALLED.I love food too!

  20. I learned a lot from this show. First it was what I am angry about and had been angry about when I first had a weight problem and what I was eating to give myself. The other thing I learned was how to better help the young people in my life. They migrate to me because they feel that I really care and want to make it better. When they ask why I explain that they help me stay young. I help to stay young and because that is my real talent and I have to use it to be happy with my life.

  21. Was watching a ted talk and this stood out for me ‘ we place so much emphasis on brushing our teeth but pay no attention to cleaning our mind, we place so much emphasis on bodies and not our minds’ this is a huge problem , from kids our bodies are the center of attention, you’re pretty you’re ugly too fat to thin your clothes are nice or this or that, why don’t we say things like that was a good thought, thanks for sharing your opinion that was insightful, that was brave, that was well articulated, good word you used, that was kind, it’s so nice to see you happy etc. This is why we are broken adults, the cycle has to end with us!

  22. Nobody enjoys being fat idgaf if you say you do and fake it like I see on twitter etc of people being “happy” and “proud” of being fat…

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