Ocasio-Cortez accuses Amazon of paying ‘starvation wages’

Ocasio-Cortez accuses Amazon of paying ‘starvation wages’

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  1. Wow, you ever wonder: if AOC is just a social experiment in disguise? By this I mean: elitists using her tactics as a study display to see what works and what doesn't. Like an algorithm. Elites are like "jeeze, I wonder what would happen if we put a blatantly obvious dumb "minority" in Congress that told lies constantly, we'll be able to find out who's been officially politically correct, brain washed, and stupid enough to side with her.

  2. This little girl is all over the place. She wants a raise her first few months in office and at the same time kept jobs from coming to New York and is now complaining again. She makes no sense whatsoever. She gets owned on a daily. She should learn to keep her mouth shut. She needs to be replaced badly!

  3. You would think her base would reelect her. That is providing she is up to another term. She is better suited for barmaid. Or barefoot and pregnant. But I gotta admit, she looks to be saggy tiited already!

  4. Why doesn't fox mentioned the local grass root groups that started the push to not wanting Amazon into the area? Company made billions in profit and paid no income tax last year. Another point not mentioned.

  5. I been making 10.50/hr since I was 18 years old and I'll tell you this. It's not how you make money or how much you money you make. It's how you spend your money that determines if you will advance in status or not. I've made it this far making this little just imagine what I could do with 172k a year… a lot more than you AOC

  6. Maria Bartiromo sitting around in the south of France, talking about the Amazon delivery guys getting paid enough, is definitely a Let them eat cake classic moment. Maria should have had her Gucci sunglasses on though.

  7. AOC is not going to win reelection. Her district did not know anything about her. They do now and they loath her. As she is the poster child for Rosa's Law.

  8. WOW!! I just looked up STUPID in the dictionary and they have added a picture of AOC next to the description of STUPID, I've been waiting for that..lol

  9. Starvation wages?
    Starvation from wages by Amazon?

    AOC what about cauliflower? It's a flowerful vegetable and NO starving.

  10. Tehran reported
    An Iranian official said Iran has uncovered a large electronic spy system belonging to the CIA.

  11. Impeach / Remove this LOW-IQ idiot. Stop paying her a salary with our tax dollars. SECURE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER !! WE ARE BEING INVADED BY ILLEGALS AND DEMOCRATS DO NOTHING!!

  12. AOC A BOTTOM FEEDING SEWER DWELLING ACTOR HIRED BY THE DEMOCRATS SOCIALIST. GOES FROM HIGH DEBT OWED TO TAKING OUR ‘’WE THE AMERICAN PPL’S 💰to show how uneducated she truly is. Pathetic. A talent contest put this whatever u which to call it , in our house if Representatives. SMDH

  13. Sooo, all it takes is the IQ of a rock to become a politician, "That" in itself explains a lot of things.

  14. So the bartender says one outrageous and idiotic thing after another knowing that it will get her attention and you enable her every time. Nobody cares what she thinks….seriously. If you want we can interview my rottweiler and ask her what she has to say on any given issue as well. We can interpret her barks together! Riveting and insightful….guaranteed.

  15. The one thing AOC has proved is the right to waive immunity of Congressional members because do tell me where is there a debate in slander?

  16. Every time I talk about AOC I have to use the word moron! A starting pay at $15 is a great wage anywhere in this country. It's a starting wage! Liberals don't get the difference between starter pay, salary, part-time, full-time, per diem, and sliding scale pay.

  17. A lot of people who are in need of a job would have liked to have a job at Amazon, we all start somewhere
    AOC is not looking out for the American people she’s looking for herself! Amazon would have been a paycheck for a lot of New Yorkers looking for income! Shame on her!
    please President Trump continue to drain the Swamp!
    🇺🇸 we need get out and vote 2020 🇺🇸 together we all can continue make a difference Trump has my families support!

  18. Absolutely nothing wrong with being a bar tender, but to be a 29 year old bar tender and now she thinks she knows how to run a COUNTRY. Kiss my green new deal you dumb liberal.

  19. AOC was never really elected, she was placed in office by socialist to promote their agenda, she should be thrown out!

  20. It's politicians faults it's so hard to make ends meet. Not the corporations who hire people. She should make up the difference.

  21. AOC, pay attention! If the minimum wage goes up, guess what else goes up? You should have been taught this before you entered politics!

  22. Cortez actually thinks she can do anything she wants too because she is in Congress. She even said that one day and someone set her straight that she works for the people that elected her to the office not the other way around. She went from at the most $20.00 an hour to $174,000.00 a year and wants a 4500 dollar raise. I knew people from NY and Cali were stupid but this takes big balls.

  23. AOC yikes , she helps conservatives.
    She points out how evil the Democrats are. ❤️🤓🤓❤️🎉🇺🇸🇺🇸

  24. We need to examine what is being taught to our children and by who! That is why idiots like her get votes!

  25. Squeeky (Jessica) is so annoying to listen to with that ridiculously throaty voice and stupid Dummycrat attitude.

  26. Does anyone think AOC ever had a job that paid as much as $15 per hour? Listen to that Bimbo talk, & tell me, who'd give her $15 per hour?
    The Bimbo "hit the lottery", when she got lucky in that election, she complains about Amazon, but the only business I could find that was owned bu AOC was "Brook Avenue Press", that business failed, & the Congresswoman still owes "UNPAID TAXES" in the amount of $1,870 maybe with that "tit" from Congress, she can pay her "UNPAID TAXES". DEADBEAT SOCIALIST BIMBO

  27. If a company pays 0 in company taxes, it's usually because there are enough loopholes in the tax code for them to do so. If you want this to stop, tighten up the tax codes and start removing exemptions, rather than just bleat about it. Idiot.

  28. I'm a moderate leaning right and this is one argument I agree with AOC. Enough already
    how much money does this guy need?.. Just plane and simple Greedy and Glutinous.

  29. "Pay for CEOs at S&P 500 companies rose to a median of $12 million last year, including salary, stock and other compensation, according to data analyzed by Equilar for the Associated Press. The eight-figure packages continue to rise as companies tie more of their CEOs' pay to their stock prices, which are still near record levels, and as profits hit an all-time high last year due to lower tax bills and a still-growing economy. Pay for typical workers at these companies isn't rising nearly as quickly. The median increase was 3% last year, less than half the growth for the top bosses." — I am quoting from an article written by Associated Press writer Stan Choe, printed in the San Francisco Chronicle business page on May 26th 2019; it is entitled "Workers get Further Behind as CEOs get Big Raises." The highest paid CEO cited in this article is David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery, who made (in 2018) $129.5 million which is 1,511 times what the average company worker there made. Great article in SF Chron. AOC has some valid points to make.

  30. Amazon treats their employees like crap! All so Jeff Bezos can gather more unto himself! EVIL! GREEDY Bastard!

  31. One thng that all the $15 per hour people dont realize is $15 in a place lime Tuscalosa is liveable, in NY city you cant eats at mcdonalds for that.

  32. Search google for "working for Amazon sucks". Just like Walmart. If they pay you $100/hr and it's crushing and you leave after a short time, [email protected] them. Your little child in the video talking about "lefties", Polly hasn't worked an honest day in her pampered life.

  33. Alex Occipital Cortex does not comprehend what she hears, does not grasp reality, spouts off at the mouth like diarrhea, and whines like a spoiled banshee. what a great dhimmo! Is she replacing the Mafia Princess Pelosi?

  34. AOC is not going to be re-elected she needs to start planning on unloading her expensive apartment!!! She may have to file bankruptcy!!

  35. This bartender is a loose canon in our congress. She represents the ignorance of the New Yorkers that gave her the job. Hey New Yorkers,…..a cute bartender is NOT qualified to be in congress. She should have an IQ over 40 and be working at the bar!

  36. 25,000 annually is below the poverty line. While Jeff Bezos is investing more and more in automation and tech , you can be sure the "15 an hour" won't last long.

  37. Question, exactly HOW did AOC a 29 year old freshman single handedly force Amazon out of New York?? The narrative coming from those with Derangement Syndrome fail to ever acknowledge the fact the people of New York organized a huge protest against Amazon, AOC merely supported the movement.

  38. Amazon fires pregnant women and people taking sick leave…by computer…too. $15/hour is not enough to live on in Seattle, where rents and homelessness have skyrocketed, second only to San Francisco, in part due to Amazon. She's right. Give back to the communities, billionaires. Warren Buffet, George Lucas and the Gates are far better models than Jeff Bezos.

  39. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is as dumb as her constituents in the New York's 14th Congressional District, which is 46.9% Hispanic. (Are they here legally?)
    All paid for by the operatives of The Progressive International, formerly known as Comintern. They have just replaced the word „Communist” with the word „progressive”.

  40. Wonder how much Trump pays his illigal immigrant workers. Also if tariffs are apply to his Ties made in China 😂

  41. AOC is an embarrassing waste of a Congress seat. She is making $174K to make stupid drunken videos from her barely furnished apartment. Unbelievable.

  42. Small businesses created the middle class these mega corporations that are taking over everything that have no loyalty to any country or their employees or customers are destroying the middle class . Thats why in the last twenty years the standard of living has gone down for the middle class . We The People need to demand congress works for us not the 2 % that own 90 % of all the wealth where the income gap hasn't been this great since the days of slavery . No one should be allowed to have 100 billion dollars where they can use that $$$$$ to control a nation ? Which also mean less $$$ in the system for everyone else simple math.

  43. If this psycho had her way, she would have all the rich people
    meet "Madam Guillotine." Because that is what her attack on
    the rich amounts to.

    The aristocracy of money is man's benefactor AND NOT this
    psycho babbler, desirous of a guillotine. A lesson in history!!

    Psycho babbling Cortez-Ocasio, yet to learn history's lessons!!
    Quite prepared to commit every atrocity in the book!!

    The American business man- is the noblest type of human
    that man can aspire to. Cortez-Ocasio, is a psycho babbling monster!!

    If you don't like the pay, find another job. Better still, create you
    MINUTE … because you are worth it!!
    Cortez-Ocasio, champions dipstick economics- dipstick empty skull!!

  44. And these employees AGREED to the terms set out by the employers! They shouldnt be blaming anyone but themselves

  45. I just bought 40 waffles, 3 cans of soup, and 36 natural valley granola bars for less than $25 dollars. I would give anything to see AOC go to Sri Lanka and explain to the people living in tin shacks why Americans can't feed themselves on Amazon salaries.

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