Oklahoma Mother Forces Kids to Eat Dog Feces?

Oklahoma Mother Forces Kids to Eat Dog Feces?

19 Replies to “Oklahoma Mother Forces Kids to Eat Dog Feces?

  1. Wow these chicks are crazy as hell and people say women are so innocent and nurturing by nature clearly this proves that’s not completely true so stop putting all this faith that women are so good and don’t do anything. If she went against GOD command and ate the Apple why wouldn’t she go against man!!!!!

  2. What a world 😡🤬😠 Yuck 😝🤮🤮 The "mother" should be made to eat the dog feces herself and then locked up for good‼️

  3. Shove that shit down the mother's mouth ,and take the kids away from her. What's wrong with our country that an evil mother like her gets to keep her kids still.

  4. We all know the real reason why she's not going to jail. Because she's a woman. Women don't deserve harsh punishments in the eyes of the law.

  5. Looking at the picture of the mother, the bitch look crazy!!! 😵 She's not the type of female that should have children in her custody!!!

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