Olympic Torch Ice Cream Flambé | The Starving Chef | Cook with Me

Olympic Torch Ice Cream Flambé | The Starving Chef | Cook with Me

What’s up hungry people. Welcome to the
Starving Chef’s kitchen. The Winter Olympics are starting soon, so today we
are going to be making the Olympic torch a la “Baked Alaska” style. The Olympic
torch is an iconic symbol of the Olympics and we will be literally lighting
it on fire at the end of this recipe in honor of the opening ceremonies. First,
get some ice cream cake cones. Traditional Baked Alaska has a cake like
bottom layer and that’s what these cones are going to replace. I made some Olympic
labels for my torches – Team USA, of course. The labels have to be
removed prior to flambaying the ice cream because they will catch on fire. But
they are a cute little addition if you are skipping the flambe step. First melt
your ice cream of choice so that it has softened enough to be easily scooped and
pressed into the bottom of the ice cream cones. I chose to do traditional Baked
Alaska flavors which are: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla; in various
layers, but definitely feel free to fill your cones with whatever ice cream
flavors you want. Press the ice cream into the bottom of each of the cones and
then freeze for about 30 minutes between each layer of the ice cream. If you’re
only putting one kind of ice cream in your cones, you can fill them up and then
freeze until they are solid.Ffill the cone so that they have a small mound of
ice cream on top but don’t put a full scoop on top as the meringue will take
that spot. Then freeze the ice cream cones until they are solid – I did mine
overnight. For the meringue, first we need to whip the egg whites until they are
frothy then add in the sugar a little bit at a
time you need to add it in slowly so that it
dissolves evenly otherwise it may make the meringue grainy. Then add in the
vanilla, cream of tartar and a little bit more sugar and then use a hand mixer to
beat it all together. Continue slowly adding in the rest of the sugar and
beating it with the hand mixer until the egg whites form glossy stiff peaks. To
pipe the meringue, I recommend using a piping bag with a star tip. If you
don’t have a pastry bag you can use a gallon baggie like I did. And if you
don’t have any icing tips, that’s fine too, you can just cut off the teeny tiny
bit of the corner of the baggie to achieve similar results. Use a large cup
to hold the baggie in place while you scoop in the meringue. Once the bag is
filled gently press the meringue into the corner without squeezing it through
the tip. Carefully pipe the meringue onto the tops of the ice creams in a swirl
and then pull straight up to get a nice little point. Now on to the fun part! Use
a creme brulee torch to toast the outer layer of the meringue. While torching the
meringue adds a nice toasted marshmallowy taste it really is mostly for
aesthetics, so if you don’t have a torch that’s totally fine. Pop the ice cream
back into the freezer until a meringue is frozen solid or at least for about an
hour or so. You can totally serve the mini ice cream
torches this way in their little olympics leaves but if you really want
to go for the gold with these torches now it is time to flambe. Just make sure
that you remove the paper sleeves if you choose to flambe because they will 100%
for real catch on fire if you don’t. Microwave your favorite liqueur for
about 30 seconds. It should be at least 40% alcohol. I tried both bourbon and rum
and got similar results with both. Once it’s warm enough, it should have a sort of
shimmer to it. Use a long match to light the alcohol in an easy pour container
that is fire proof – so something ceramic or glass. My gravy boat actually did the
job best, so if you have one of those I recommend you use it.
Once the liquor is ignited immediately pour a thin, constant stream of the
liquor on top of the ice cream. It should catch fire for a second and then burn
for about five six seconds before the alcohol burns off. And it just looks
super cool. So go for the gold with this Olympic dessert at your next Olympics
party. I know I’ll be glued to my TV watching figure skating and probably –
probably curling if I’m being honest. Don’t forget to hit that thumbs up if
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step-by-step instructions and many many more on my website: thestarvingchefblog.com I hope you enjoy and I’ll talk to you
all soon.

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  1. How stinking awesome!!! This is so creative and super fun for the upcoming events!!! <3 Plus fire is a bonus! 🙂 My husband loves curling!

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