Omad Diet Results | 1500 Calories OMAD [Day 4] Weight Loss Challenge

Omad Diet Results | 1500 Calories OMAD [Day 4] Weight Loss Challenge

hi it’s Mieka Fasting weight loss and
this is day four results of my fasting weight loss challenge I’m doing
different fasting methods I made out a little chart of what I’m doing and on
Fridays which was yesterday I’m supposed to do 1500 calories OMAD
OMAD one meal 1500 calories was a major fail yesterday and that’s
really embarrassing because 1500 calories of the life however I didn’t
want to eat till have to work and I woke up hungry I woke up hungry and I don’t
get hunger like that is very rare I think it’s because I had five hundred
and seventy calories on Thursday and I’ve been doing so much exercise I think
that’s why I woke up Friday from 100 so I was like okay you’re gonna be good I’m
gonna show you pictures of two things I ate I decided I’m gonna just eat two
meals and I’m still gonna had it up to 1,500 that was a huge major field too so
I went to the grocery store on the way to work and I got umm I’m tired
it’s like 851 today’s supposed to be fasting I’m not going to talk about that
but I work from 10 8 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. I just got home I’m just really tired but
I want to get this video out since I didn’t do it this morning I’m just gonna
just cut this really short I did horrible yesterday however the winds are
I did go to the gym um I don’t remember what I did like all I know is I did an
hour I did at least an hour of 45 minutes in the gym I don’t even remember
when I went I think I did go to plan of fitness
I don’t think I went to the YMCA I don’t even remember then I also went to the
gym this morning before I weighed because I didn’t want it to be
outrageous so I went this morning too and what else I did not eat any buns I
did not I didn’t go any fast food and get buns I didn’t
in my usual binge sabotage which is like two big giant ice creams a whole bunch
of different fast food I didn’t do that I did cook sweet potato which already
wanted I know I wanted a big hefty meal to carry me through the weekend of no
food so I had mozzarella stick in a kind bar that’s what I have on the way to
work at work I just wanted food so bad I got a spicy
pickle that was zero calories and then I was disappointed in myself because I had
already planned out my meal and now because I ate those things I couldn’t
have a dessert with my meal you guys I don’t know I was just being spoiled so I
just messed up but I chose I don’t think what did I have with the sweet potato
oh I did go to chick-fil-a I had um four chicken strips and I had eight Nuggets
and I had the sauces anyway I’m happy with what my weight have what happened
with my weight that’s not everything I had I just am feeling too tired to even
try to remember it and I didn’t write it down because it was bad
okay but it was a I still feel like I saved myself from a bench okay
so yesterday morning I was to nineteen point six I had lost a pound hope you
could see that and then this morning I was to twenty point two so after doing
bad yesterday I’ve only gained oh man the math how much is that – four I
gained 0.6 I’m really happy with that because I didn’t sabotage the way I
usually would if I’d be like up five pounds because I would eat so much food
so that’s what happened and here’s a few pictures and tomorrow I will see you God
willing you

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  1. Like i said yesterday….food is very addictive. Dont give up! We live what you are doing. Keeping it real and holding yourself accountable. You are human at the end of the day. Jyst keep imagining what you want your body to look like and your goal weight! You have this!!!!

  2. صباح الورد يا عسل 💖💗💓U're💓💗💖
    💖💗💕 my 💕💗💖
    💖💗 Valentine 💗💖
    💖💗💓 👼 💓💗💖

  3. You got this I love your journey sharing the highs and the lows. U should try zumba it's fun its Tuesday 1030 or Thursday night 530pm the teacher is nice she also does zumba gold its slower also there's one on Mondays at 9 with another zumba teacher shes even slower pace that's where I started.

  4. Take the wins in hitting the gym and not eating any fast food. Sometimes things don't work out the way we think they will but you have more good days than bad! Hopefully you get a restful night!

  5. Mieka, you are right avoiding a binge is a major win my friend, im glad through the cravings you were able to pull threw, 0.6 gain is just fluid you killed it yesterday..💪💪 keep on going, # wegotthis

  6. When you start slipping you need to take whole of why your counting those calories it is so easy just to say I tripped might as well fall… it takes a lot more to catch your self and keep pushing forward… thanks for sharing

  7. Sis, I still think you are doing a awesome job! We are doing a healthier lifestyle which means we gone slip sometimes😂but we get back up😃

  8. I'm glad you're getting way better with the binge. I'm not even a binge eater but if I restrict enough I will the need to binge now. Me and you are the same we lose ten in a week yet gain eight back in three days.

  9. I think what you did was fine. Food looks healthy enough. Hope you’re drinking lots better of water too. Make sure you get enough sleep. That’s important too.

  10. I like that you think of your wins. Gym and no binge type of eating. Major milestone on the binge Mieka. Get some rest my friend

  11. hi great video and its okay you still did a great job plus you are doing the best you can just keep grinding and stay focused you got this im rooting for you thanks for sharing this I really enjoyed it peace

  12. I love watching your updates and you really encourage me to keep going wether you made a bad choice the previous day or Not I always see you like a Warrior 😉🧡💜💛 Just wanted for you to know that 💙💚 We got this!!!

  13. I'm having a terrible time getting back on track! I ordered blood sugar test strips that arrive today. I'm not diabetic but my family is. I like watching my blood sugar drop during a fast. It pushes me. I've never been below 80 that I've tested. It's just another way to measure what is happening to my body. We'll see if the test strips trick me into staying on my fast. <3

  14. Don't let guilt undermine your efforts. You learned something. You've been working out hard. And you do have wins! Way to count your successes 💖🔥🌹

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