Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass Weight Gainer | Full Sinhala Review | How to find Fake vs Original

Welcome To Review Spot. Today we bring you our first product review, A mass gainer called Optimum nutrition Serious Mass. First let’s see what are these Mass Gainers Mass Gainers is a High Calorie Protein powder that contain Protein, Carbohydrate, Fat etc, for those who have difficulty to gain weight. The Problem for most people is that they can’t eat the amount of calorie they need for day. So it’s good to use a Mass Gainer Ok, now we know what these mass gainers mean. Let’s talk about our Product. This is a Mass Gainer Called SERIOUS MASS that is produced by USA Company called OPTIMUM NUTRITION You can buy it in two sizes one can come with a pack of 5.44KG & a Tub Size of 2.77KG One of servings in this mass gainer is a two scoops, That’s 334G For one serving you get 1250 Calories, 50g Protein, 254g Carbohydrate & Total Fat 4g Serious Mass compare to other mass gainers this one contains the 25 vitamins In addition it includes Creatine 1g, and Non-essential amino acid L-Glutaming 500g which helps to Muscle Bulk Most People have a problem with this serious mass scoop size It’s really hard to drink two scoops at once We’ll dilute half of the scoop in this one This is a scoop of his serious mass This is a 250ml scoop We’re going to make it with 200ml milk Now you see that half of Scoop is a little hard to melt So get half a scoop for 4 times , one in the morning, one before going to GYM, one after GYM, and one before bed at night. If you drink just one Servings per day, you can drink this Package for 16 days.But I Recommended only drink one scoop a day. Then you can make this Package in use for 32 days. I mean, a lot of people who look at the price of this one & say it’s not worth to buy. Don’t worry about having a one scoop. I’ll say why is that in my next VIDEO. The next thing is, if you don’t eat enough food, these MASS GAINER won’t work At least you should eat 5 times a day, 3 main meal and two small snack meal Description has been put in place as a link to see how much calories a person needs. Next let’s see prices in this SERIOUS MASS This MASS GAINER sells for Rs 10500.00 to Rs 13000.00 The next big problem is how to find the FAKE or ORIGINAL This product has only one authorised Dealer in Sri lanka You can see what it is in my description. Others are not selling FAKE I’m going to tell you how to find it There are a few ways to find out if this is Original Package The first thing is Open has to do with a zip code like this The next thing you want to do is to Scan this BARCODE If it’s goes for direct Optimum Nutrition Website, Then it’s a Original Package, If it’s goes for Google Product then it’s a Fake Item The next thing is there is a gap of 2 years between MANUFACTURE DATE and EXPIRE DATE, and see there is any spelling mistakes on the package. if there is any spelling mistake it’s a Fake Item The next thing is his last and best way There is a link on my description Authentication Link, Go that site and send email with your Product name, Batch no, Manufacture date & Expire date & where you buy the product, and tell them to see this is come from there original lot. Okay now you know what these MASS GAINERS, about SERIOUS MASS product,. It’s prices and how to find FAKE or ORIGINAL Finally I’m gonna talk about whether these MASS GAINERS are good to us someone who can’t gain weight, it’s okay to use Mass Gainers If you eat well enough with MASS GAINER, you can increase your weight by 5 to 6 kg But don’t take more than 3 MASS GAINERS Because most of these MASS GAINES have lot of Sugar You can increase your weight by 12 – 15 kg using 3 MASS GAINES, But you have to eat well Do not get 3 mass gainers at once. take it 2 or 3 month a part I think this Video could be a big help in a lot of peoples If you like the video please like my video and Subscribe our channel and hit a bell icon for new update of our new videos Thank you.

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