Overweight Charged More At Nail Salon

Overweight Charged More At Nail Salon

so abandoned by the name of michelle fine
bill goes to nail salon in georgia and she sits on that their specials baat pedicure
chair and she gets a manicure pedicure and all this and she gets a bill and she notices
that she’s been charged five extra dollars so she thought maybe this is an and let me
ask them about she asked that i mail salon owner about it and she’s like mail we are
we charge an extra five dollars because you’re overweight what was happening elsewhere and that since she is all over weight when she sits on their special nails lawn
chairs she risks damaging it of hal narrow ike uh… well-known stories not rated some paid for region so the woman’s leg advisory five extra dollars
that’s is criminal sentences like you can’t discriminate against me because i’m fat and then there are like unhappy firewall you don’t have one which
i do five dollars but we don’t want to see you back here again they throw we don’t want to get back here
again no well on that note i said we should go right
right right but if i’m coming back here you don’t want to come back here exactly puts
it like the balls on that and to tell her like five militarized the five dot a dot come
back over here you fat ass like you know it ingest the thing that drives
me crazy about this story is how flimsy be excuses right damaged our
chairs by being overweight well because then you can give excuse anywhere
i’ll go to a restaurant on oh you’re fast and my chair i go there arigato mujhe agar anywhere right and a guy come out with a gun cause trouble
meant people not too much trouble with that kind
of policies if you have said yes type on the bleak somewhat complicated this lady was apparently
goblets are because it had trouble reading stated stated left in regardless there but one-day do tell somebody that they were
fat manage their chairs and chairs an extra five bucks and get themselves off wholly different hasn’t come back and it’s not gonna be pretty okay echoed by republicans in both within
the letter this sunday and backboard net but i’m saying look come on and this is so
are unbelievably fast it is offensive yes and so i just gets worse because the local
uh… media when interviewed kim tran she’s uh… salon manager and they aster you know why did you do this this is unfair
and she’s like you think this is unfair when he tries to twenty four dollars for a
manicure pedicure but she is costing us twenty four hundred
dollars when she damages are chair so is it fair for her to come in here and
damage our chairs and have a speed twenty four hundred dollars like they have absolutely no remorse even
with the media going over there and asking them about it is particularly in the safety
and break the chairs who did not break the chain she did not damaged zero zilch nothing on the pit potential that she might break
her pressures twenty four hundred archer theoretically my essay at twenty rogers nestle on by the
way we all been treated poorly at yale sorry i can’t tell you the last time i pedicure
went wrong you know i’m not old mad anti nepali women out there you know you’ve
been so what atleast someone else aligned where you’ve given a dirty look because you
didn’t see it but now or someone like the now it it’s a known fact ok personal arms almost
instant you have to go back rehab like no i don’t have a little on the
back of that yeah there’s so many nail salons i have to worry about it at least in my area
right now are their bitterness like uh… it’s at one time i had a meeting with his
visit t_v_ executive he had me plot to while he was getting a manicure
pedicure i did the meeting with the nail salon and
i had to listen this guy well he’s been affected on subsequent starry eyed area unlike of my god what is this world how much
did you hate that of ok proper etiquette would be you’re getting a pedicure while eating
a fruitful i can’t believe you didn’t know that by that i think scarce t_v_ geyser unreal
man fear ever held forty rewrote that story and
how he got he kept getting pedicures and then while he was a run for senate in new york is that god was ahead of democratic leadership
council hui here is when i was so and let me ask you about a new york times
isn’t on our children harold plays bugs picked up about that though
condition but they’re not that there’s enough pressure
on you know by the way if he gets me and i could be what because when i think the guy
i know she’s got too much money it’s forget everything else forget the feminine
side forget this forget that you wasted money on pedicures amino i suppose
or disastrous analog i cannot disasters clothes and they let it get to a place where it is
in doubt alright here is my only exception if you think it’s costing you get to it like you know you take out the socks in growth
are all you know what they look at this time is running i gotta go right again i just get
a pedicure but outside of that and all scheduled meetings while you’re getting pretty curious
ok alright as mine is that right whistle-stop faster this commercial
it’s also different hours everyday who will follow up to sixty hours plus a deposit
shows really racier crazy you can’t believe it furthermore even tho i guess it is giving
a video and audio and you’re out the shuttle alcatel com it’s quite possible conflict has
gone up not the way the that

100 Replies to “Overweight Charged More At Nail Salon

  1. @JustJoey23 Because "encouraging" people to change with discriminative policies have such a wonderful historical track record for success, don't they?

    Oh, and I can see how you're "torn on this story" and oh-so empathetic towards this "big woman," the way you wrap up your fattybashing with a fat joke. Tee hee! It's funny because you don't actually give a crap, you just want it to look like you do so you can rationalize and justify punishing people to yourself! Tee hee!

  2. In fact, I'd like to do an experiment to see just how much those chairs can hold before they collapse, just to prove how fulla shit these people are. Call the Mythbusters!

  3. I'm glad to see more support for this woman and more people going after the brainless fattybashers and calling them on their shit.
    I'm a heavy person. I've owned the same computer chair for over 5 years, and she hasn't failed me yet. What kind of flimsy plastic lawnchairs are these people purchasing that they need INSURANCE POLICIES for them? I've never been to a nail salon, but in barber shops their chairs are pretty sturdy.

    We cannot allow people to discriminate like this. End of story.

  4. @SeanathenII Only if you've been ignoring the research that has gone into studying weight and how the body stores it, or ignore eating disorders, or ignoring food addiction, or ignoring… y'know, reality.

    It CAN be the fault of someone, but then again, it isn't always entirely their fault, and there are so many factors that go into weight and how the body puts it on, that simplifying it the way you are is, frankly, intellectually dishonest and morally / empathetically bankrupt.

  5. @janses08 Already I can see you don't have the clarity required to pass such policies- you dehumanize fat women by calling them "bitches."

    Those of you with brains behind your eyes, take a good hard look. There is no sane, rational reason to pass discriminatory policies, because the people who suggest them simply hate and want to punish the people they're slighting.

  6. @danewceo That's right, fatties! Lose weight or face the threat of persecution by bitter dime store fascists! Don't make us do to you what our mommies and daddies tried to do to the gays!

  7. @KalifUmestoKalifa Following different judgment of the supreme court, it have to be reasonable and you have to have a probable cause of something.
    So; If you have Konishiki Yasokichi coming at your store and you only have chair that have the quality of a fisher price's chair: this is o.k to ask not to sit himself…
    However, if you have someone like Penn Jillette and normal chair; that an abuse.

    I think it sound kind of obvious to some point.

  8. @Dipstikk First of all, you've had AT LEAST one laugh at the expense of someone else before so LIGHTEN UP. Now… Should alcoholics be granted legal protection from discrimination? What about the increasing discrimination against smokers? So you can go marching in your fat pride parades and I'll continue my activism in defending the rights of gays, blacks, Mexican immigrants, women, and other groups who face discrimination because of WHO they are and not the unhealthy choices they make.

  9. @DaisyExodus There are certain boundaries for solidarity with certain people, I don't like the idea of paying more because of other clients who happen to be obese.

  10. You could get insurance to cover your equipment in case of damage. The extra $5 sub-charge is bullshit because they are too lazy to get insurance for an company. And the extra charge is based on the possibility that she might break the chair, in order the salon wants insurance but doesn't want to pay for it.

  11. @SkinnybitchTV Well, if by "fat" you mean "intelligent…"

    What's "smh" mean? Is that you grumbling something in an unfed stupor? "Hrrrmfggh rrrfghh fatties hhrgh smmmfff smf guuuh…"

  12. @TranCendenZ Yeah, and I hear obesity causes things like pollution and terrorism, too!

    And I've heard similarly convoluted explanations for each.

  13. @SkinnybitchTV Finally, an opinion on this topic based on facts and logic, instead of the usual hatemongering! Thank you.

  14. @TranCendenZ The ingrown toenail thing sounds too subjective to be taken as a serious reason to overcharge someone- sounds like it would fit in perfectly as one of those frivolous charges that a salonmistress (or Salonstress, to use the proper vernacular) would pressure you into paying for.

  15. @JustJoey23 -I don't laugh at people being discriminated against by someone else for being different, sorry.

    -Absolutely. You are no more right in overcharging someone because they're a smoker or an alcoholic than you are because they're gay. Addictions are not behaviors driven by a rational choice. It's not like putting on a hat or deciding which movie to see- addictions change your brain's chemistry. To discriminate in this specific way against someone with your rationalization is unfair.

  16. @JustJoey23 -You, sir, are playing a little game I like to call "the Oppression Olympics-" deciding who is more worthy of equal rights based on your preferences. There are some people with whom the bar stops before gay people, and they still believe being gay is a delusion, in spite of the research that has been done to prove the opposite. Nothing can convince them differently, not even blatant, peer-reviewed facts.

  17. @JustJoey23 In that same way, you stubbornly believe that any cases of fatness is a result of our gluttony, which again, contradicts the research that's been done. People gain weight for a great many reasons and some take it off easier than others. Some can't. Since there are so many factors to consider, it's intellectually irresponsible to conclude that this is always a simple matter of will.

  18. @JustJoey23 The discrimination fat people face isn't about the choices they make, since in reality, not all of them got fat in the same way. It's ABSOLUTELY about who they are, or rather, how they look, and we draw conclusions about them based on that alone. In that way, size-related bigotry is absolutely on the same level as every other type of bigotry- Decisions that are made based on conclusions drawn about a person because of who they are.

  19. @JustJoey23 Thirty years ago, gay people faced the same dilemma we face now- people didn't care to learn the facts about them and the idea that homosexuality was a choice prevailed in that silence. In 30 years time, when more people understand the various reasons for weight gain and obesity, the people who mock and humiliate us will be seen as just as archaic as homophobes are now.

    See you at the next civil rights event, regardless of who the victim might be!

  20. @LiBlub1 I dont disagree, but I have to grammar nazi.


    But you still get a thumbs up, cause we are an overweight country and we are all greedy capitalists.

  21. You guys have some really contradicting attitudes sometimes. You were acted like it was crazy that they showed no remorse in the interview. But if they did show remorse, then you'd be getting mad at them for making a "fake apology".

  22. @Dipstikk Obese people do NOT face the same dilemmas that gays have battled to resolve for the last few decades. I'm sorry but that does it for me. The discrimination against overweight people is incomparable to the grievances suffered by other groups; it doesn't even come close to the brutal and inhumane actions by bigots against blacks during slavery and the Civil Rights Movement, Chinese and Mexican immigrants in past and present, and gays since the Stonewall Rebellion. $5 < Murder —-Peace

  23. @JustJoey23 I never said the persecution matched and I wouldn't say such a thing. I'm saying that the kind of mentality behind justifying the persecution is the same. Point to me where I said anything remotely similar to "fat people have been lynched, beaten and segregated," and you'll win a shiny dollar.

  24. @JustJoey23 The whole "their persecution is bigger than yours, so shaddap" thing is a farce. One could make the same argument in saying that "racism of the past isn't as important as racism now" or "Lynching gay people is more important than gay bashing in schools," and you wouldn't be any more justified in doing so.

    Just because it isn't as brutal doesn't make it less damaging; you should know that. Seems like you're just looking for reasons to get angry.

  25. @Dipstikk The mentality is not the same… If it were the same, then the actions of that person would also be the same; but they aren't. A wiser decision would be to focus on getting obese people down to healthier weight levels by promoting activism within the government to ensure healthier food choices for our children and ourselves, encouraging regular exercise, showcasing the risks and dangers of obesity better, and funding research for treatments for people who can't seem to lose the weight.

  26. @JustJoey23
    -Not entirely true. The bigotry displayed towards most oppressed groups nowadays is far more subdued than it used to be, and the bigotry towards fat people has only ramped up in the last decade or so. Having had my thumb to this for a while, I've seen the things people do to hurt fat people on a social level, but it always stops short of physical harm. Bigots have learned to be careful with how they persecute people.

  27. @JustJoey23 -Those ARE wise choices, and in fact, the group that deals with size-related hate, called "Size Acceptance," promotes those very ideals (with the exception of showcasing the dangers of obesity, seeing as how the problems arise through poor habits, and the line between encouraging health and body shaming is a perilous one.)

  28. @JustJoey23 The problem is that very little of that is taking place, and frankly it frustrates me. We should be doing research into how many people actually have endocrine disorders (to this day, we still don't have a clear statistic, and endocrine disorders that deal with weight gain aren't well understood), and the studies we actually do must be peer-reviewed and released to the public. Even the science behind this is disorganized.

  29. @[email protected] You must understand something.
    We live in a society that values being thin over anything else, coupled with the idea that being the ideal will also make you healthy, and the great irony is that getting to be thin isn't always the best solution and getting generally healthy is vastly better for you than just being thin. Aspiring to be thin when your body isn't physically capable of being thin leads people to develop psychological problems…

  30. @JustJoey23 …like eating disorders. It encourages society to place value on a body type and thus gives society the freedom to shame, degrade, even dehumanize and oppress people who don't fit the bill. Fat hate is so much more than just fat jokes, it's an irrational character assessment, loaded in stereotypes, smothered in general supremacist ideals, all wrapped in a very visceral, mindless revulsion.

  31. goddamn as much as I hate the fact that this woman had to suffer this situation I gotta say from my own experiences — as a 6'6" 350 lbs. (at my peak, I've evened out to about 265 now, thankfully haha) giant big dude — that I have DESTROYED my fair share of chairs . . . especially lawn-type chairs, haha if I had a nickel for every chair I've crushed I'd have a shit load of nickels

  32. The one thing with any incident of discrimination because of body weight.. one must always ask how heavy was the person? Because theres a cutoff point to when its bigotry discrimination, and common sense discrimination.

    They don't mention in this story the weight, she's probably well within reasonable for them to bring it up.

    Maybe there should be an official cutoff like businesses must cater to people below 350 pounds, above that your free not to.

  33. @JustJoey23 Fat people are constantly humiliated, denied employment and other opportunities, payed less than their coworkers, blamed for every earthly ill under the sun (including terrorism and pollution, as I said to another), and people constantly attempt to pass more legislation to further punish and degrade us, and all of this is stamped with big, red ink that reads, "For your health."
    Except degrading people isn't promoting health or changing anything, it just makes things worse.

  34. @D119heavy Yeah, but those are lawn chairs. Lawn chairs are made of flimsy plastic, whereas these chairs are supported by metal… maybe fixed to the floor, though I'm not sure.

  35. @Dipstikk True enough, but lawn chairs make up about 60-65% of the chairs that have met their demise at my hands (i.e. butt, lol), with (supposedly) sturdy wood and metal chairs making up the rest, computer chairs, dinner table chairs etc.
    You make very good points, the one they're talking about is almost certainly a big, very sturdy metal chair — and your other comments on this vid are very true and insightful, thanks for not being a total dick like so many people are to people like myself.

  36. @Dipstikk And I know there's more to add to that sordid laundry list, but hell if I'm going to try and remember it all at 2 AM. Goodnight, folks.

    Heh, "sordid laundry."

  37. It is pretty bad that in this society, hate-mongering is so goddamn popular! Some of you idiots do not know why the woman is overweight! You just assuming that she eats a lot! Ignorance is very bad for you! Knowing people out there, there are some of them who would still suck ass to businesses no matter how wrong a business is. No matter what size these businesses are, they all rob and discriminate their customers everyday!

  38. I dont know my doctor told me to go to the nail salon and get pedicures for my ingrown toe haven't gone because i cant stand the smell in there but i may go sometime.

  39. cenk, ditch ana, and just fill in at msnbc, ana is just weighting you down. and clearly the nail salon had a reason to charge more, its not discrimination, its just life.

  40. @Ojin0

    I agree, but are they not covered by insurance? Or is there an insurance metric for overweight customers increasing their premiums?

    I'm just curious.

  41. @valsignia
    then their not trying hard enough
    my BMI is 18. I Rock Climb, play rugby and have weekly gym sessions. fatty

  42. @SeanathenII First of all it is"they are", not their, you idiot. Just because your BMI is 18 does not mean you have the right to INSULT someone whose BMI is bigger than yours. Why don't you make positive suggestions to someone that wants to lose weight instead of bashing fat people.

  43. I usually get my haircut at a Vietnamese-owned hair salon, and they routinely serve patrons who are easily way beyond 200 lbs, with no problems. This lady's just being greedy because she knows most of her potential clientele is probably overweight anyhow.

  44. That fat bitch needs calm down its not like she was over charged for her crack cocaine or her KFC fried chicken.

  45. He really shows his ignorance, "$2500 for a chair! Give me a break!" Uum, I bet the one he's sitting in is $800, and all it does is go up/down with adjustable lumbar/armrests, just like the ones at my old company. So you think a chair with heat, back massage, and built in foot soaker isn't going to be >$2500? Take a look at Brookstone for a massage m*r*n. The shop's mistake is not refusing to allow her to sit in the chair in the 1st place.



  47. Honestly people dont think for others..I also think that fat should try to do something to help them self lose weight.its better for them and society wont treat them bad.. i mean when u weigh 350 lbs and sit in a expensive spa chair of course it hurts the owners that just 20-30 fat people like that will ruin the chair before you can get your money back.that shit cost money folks.

  48. if she ACTUALLY damaged the chairs, then they have a right to charge her more. but if there's NO damage then they should stop bitching. she didn't do anything.

  49. damn right she got charge 5 extra dollars it her fault she is fat. you two are dumb fucks. if u go on an airplane and your fat you pay two tickets. if i was the owner i tell her black ass to get the fuck out the store. its her fault she is fat. get over it. Maybe if she wasnt over weight she could reach over and clean her own damn toes. These two idiots sitting here defending this fat bitch are dumb as rocks. get over it.

  50. I had a friend, 6'6" and 350 lbs, that sat in my parents' computer chair once ance bent the bejesus out of it. "Higher weighted" people have no less rights, but, well, I've seen firsthand how one who is quite large can ruin a chair within a half hour span. I think the company people should warn buyers beforehand, but, still, nice chairs are expensive.

  51. I mean… If everyone who was morbidly obese was charged an extra $5 wherever they went, maybe there'd be less morbidly obese people. Whether it's out of having less money to buy food, or just not wanting to waste that much money over time, maybe it'd be better for people as a whole.


  53. That's why you should learn to do shit for yourself instead of relying on others to do it for you. I'm not paying anyone to paint my nails when I can do them myself and do a better job.

  54. Who wants to bet she's on some kind of welfare/disability because she's too overweight to work and she goes around getting mani/pedis. I know I'm totally reaching and could be wrong but would you be surprised if that was the case?lol

  55. When i went to a nail salon the freakin lady flooded the little tub for the pedicure while she was texting and then did my polish sloppy all over my skin on my toes.And my dad showed up and paid the lady $5 tip!!!! I STARTED SCREAMING AT HIM WHEN WE LEFT!!!

  56. Maybe it'll give this fatty an incentive to go to a gym and put down the popeyes fried chicken. Sorry but fat people are slobs. Make your nails pretty but your a whale? Why bother?

  57. @Broyale26 You have now lowered yourself to the level of those people who charged the woman the extra $5. Well done.

  58. personally i understand the fee..i work at my mothers nail salon and i have seen our pedicure chairs ruined on several occasions. even though we do not charge the fee, we understand why because of the fact that the chairs are expensive. Its not fair to us that it is frowned upon.

  59. Fat people require more work. Their feet are heavy and more callused. There is also a risk that fat people would break the pedicure chair which are expensive,not like chairs at a restaurant which you can easily replace. I have a $4000 pedicure chair and a fat person broke the foot rest which cannot be fixed. Granted, they should have told her the extra charge when they rang her up and worded it differently but I don't see all of the fuss unless the people complaining stand in the owner's shoes.

  60. I do not agree with the person who said being overweight is a choice!! My sister is over weight because of a thyroid disorder!!! She did not choose it, she has struggled for years. If you are going to someone extra for whatevdr reason POST IT!!! That takes away any confusion.

  61. I own a nail salon. Every pedicure chair has a maximum weight limit. It is in the manual. My pedicure chair can hold a person up to 300lbs. My brother and I would get a scale and weigh anyone who look fat and morbidly obese. Then again, it cost 2300-3500 to fix, replace, or ship a new chair. We had refuse a few customers who were morbidly obese. one lady weighs 385lbs, 400lbs, and some weight at leasst 480lbs. How in the hell can you get that fat?

  62. Being obese and morbidly obese is costing healthcare money!!!!! Airlines are even charging more for fat and obese people. Don't even bitch or complain about the price. Don't like the price or business, leave and go somewhere else.

  63. Solution, lose weight! You don't need to get to Jessica Alba status, but get to a normal weight. Eat the right foods and the weight will come off on it's own. Seriously, unless you have a problem you can't control (and you can still be in a healthy weight) stop crying!

  64. i have a thyroid disorder i was lucky but i actually lost weight but i understand the feeling and stress your sister is going through and i totally agree with you <3

  65. Tell her go home and do by herself how does she fell her feet so smell lol. Just dam 30 fucking buck they do all your feet smel luke shit you need to know about it.

  66. I do the same occupation as Asians-and I would have to be out of my damn mind to overcharge someone because of their weight!!! Nail techs can make up to 100 dollars an hour.GET THE CHAIR FIXED!!! DO THE MATH!!!

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