Overweight – Eating Disorder Video with Kati Morton Healthy Mind, Healthy Body! | Kati Morton

Overweight – Eating Disorder Video with Kati Morton Healthy Mind, Healthy Body! | Kati Morton

Hi everyone, this weeks video I want to address a topic that has gotten a lot of heat and a lot of people have brought it up and are concerned about it and I know that many of you still worry about it and you think and you ponder and you ARGH We get stressed out! How can we go to treatment or get help if we have an eating disorder but we’re overweight? Eating disorders aren’t only for skinny people Actually, most of them aren’t for skinny people. Only anorexia has a weight or a percentage of ideal body weight that is even attached to the diagnosis and so I know that that’s the one that we hear a lot about and that it gets in the news and the media and blah and blah and blah, UGH! Shut up! That’s not what we’re talking about We’re talking about anybody with bulimia, binge eating disorder, EDNOS, those aren’t specific to weight and a lot of us worry about getting help or going to a group or reaching out because we are overweight But I’ll tell you what, a lot of people who suffer are. And they will take you just as seriously Like I always say, and maybe this is something we need to write down or put up somewhere Or maybe something that goes in our recovery journal that we read everyday or anyway to kind of remind yourself of this mantra that eating disorders are about ‘what’s in our head, not what’s on our body’. So, we’re doing ‘Healthy Mind, Healthy Body’. Right now we are doing ‘healthy mind’. Because, eating disorders are more about ‘what am I thinking? What is it telling me? It is making me crazy!’ Right? And that’s more what I’m worried about. And if you’ve ever checked out my free workbook, if you haven’t, it’s on my website I tend to do this a lot But anyway, get on my website and check out my free workbook and you’ll notice that all of that stuff is based on food and feelings. I know that if any of you have been into treatment you’re like ‘food and feelings group, Kati. I hate it!’ But anyway, it’s good and it’s good information. And it’s because that relationship that we have and the feelings that we attach to the food that’s what’s important. That’s what an eating disorder is. So, the mantra ‘eating disorders are about what we think about food’. That is what we need to remember. Eating disorders are what I think about food. It’s all mental, it’s not physical. And I know this is really hard and eating disorders are competitive and they are judgemental and they are mean. They are nasty. They are like that bitchiest person you have ever known that you just like try to avoid at all costs. That’s what’s in our head. So, that’s what we’re really worried about. And if you are honest and you’re open with your treatment team, with your therapist, with your doctor with whoever you reach out first to get help They will get you the help you need. Honest. Honest to God. The only time that we have trouble is when insurance is annoying and doesn’t want to pay things but all of us have that same issue. It has nothing to do with weight or anything like that, okay? So just remember, eating disorders don’t care what we weigh, they care what we think. So, be honest about your behaviours. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel. I think that’s way too high. I think I need to bring it down. Sometimes I get excited. So, don’t forget to subscribe because I put out videos every week and sometimes in the middle of the week and if you haven’t subscribed, then you don’t even know. What? So, anyway, do that. And also, so like I said, a lot of people say this is a problem. A lot of people! So don’t forget to share. I think there are two tabs, it’s the second tab over at the bottom. I’m on youtube a lot, I’m pretty sure you realise this. The second tab over says ‘share’ and you click on it and it brings up this highlighted, I don’t know, link. Copy. Paste. Or it makes it even easier. There are little buttons, like pintrest and twitter and facebook and tumblr. I’m all over those too. And you can share it on yours. Because the more we share, the more awareness we can bring and the more people we can help And sometimes, it’s like ‘paying it forward’, like the old movie that probably none of you have seen But we’re giving out positive information and we need to help spread awareness cause that is what this all about, right? So, I challenge you to do that. Just one. Just pick one. Okay? And give us a thumbs up if you like this kind of a video where I’m addressing this topic that you guys have brought to me And you get excited, like I do, give it a thumbs up And we will keep working together. Our community is growing and it is getting really exciting And we will work towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. Oh my hip. Hip, hop [Kati rapping about hips] Okay, that’s all I got, cause then I’m going to start talking like the old lady and start handing meatballs And nobody likes meatballs. But she’s so cute! That will be my dance move. Everybody knows that one. Then we can do the macarena.

79 Replies to “Overweight – Eating Disorder Video with Kati Morton Healthy Mind, Healthy Body! | Kati Morton

  1. omg i saw that movie in our english lesson its great 🙂 btw best video and love how at the end u always do some funny things 🙂 they always make me smile thanks Kati for being soo amazing its gonna help a lot of us xxxx

  2. the end of this was the bestest. made my day. Also, i once tried to get help for dodge eating related things and because i was a healthy weight they didn't care… sooooooooo annoying!!!!

  3. The DSM-V has a redefinition of EDNOS To make it more broad and inclusive.

    Only one I remember is changing Atypical Anorexia to be inclusive of people who are a higher weight.

    So people who meet the Criteria but who are of a normal weight or overweight.

    I used to tell myself ((And honestly, still do)) That because of my weight, I don't have a problem…Hell, there was an intaker for the psych center who said I couldn't have an ED ((Even though that's what I was being admitted for -.-)) (c)

  4. Because of how much I weighed.

    Even though I was abusing laxatives to an unhealthy point, restricting, etc. And was there because of my ED and because I was suicidal.

    It's like the people who can help are diamonds in the sand and the ones who can't are a dime a dozen…

  5. And the one therapist I had that was actually making progress with ((With PTSD)) was only able to see me for a limited time because of the building I saw him in.

    I did the work I can… And I understand the circumstances, but I still honestly feel a bit betrayed.

  6. Did you have coffee before you filmed this Kati? 😛
    I was overweight around the time my ed developed & even now that I'm "normal" people still sometimes don't believe me..but I've found if you keep asking for help(even if you've been turned down a few times) someone out there will understand & help. So those like me who were told "but you don't look like it" don't let that stop you from talking about it or asking for help. The longer you wait the worse it gets, it doesn't just go away.

  7. I have a eating disorder and the only person who has the slightest clue is my boyfriend and everyone else just think I'm just crazy

  8. Thank you soooo much for this video. No one takes me seriously when I say I've got an eating disorder because I'm a normal weight. So I just assume professionals would think the same thing. Also, I was totally doing the chicken dance earlier today hahaha

  9. What happens if we dont want help? I know I have something wrong.. Anorexia. I get forced to go to a place to speak to medical people. But it doesn't change anything. I still think the same and do what I always do.

  10. I hear you about the eating disorder voice being the meanest thing ever. Mine causes drama for me and makes me feel like people are against me when they're not. It's really intense sometimes and I feel bad for saying that all these people are against me when there's people who actually get bullied for real. But sometimes I argue with myself that the inner voice I have is almost as bad as a bully because it hardly ever gives me a break.

  11. I LOVE YOU! You always cheer me up! Thanks for doing this! I got a lot of "You probably have BED if you have an ED because you're overweight." at first. True it did START that way, but I have EDNOS so I was bingeing/starving/dieting. AND my disability stunted my growth and my mom is heavy so I really didn't "do this to myself". Being heavy is very often NOT proof of gluttony.

  12. thanks kati 4 making this video!!! I'm not overweight but I am in the Healthy weight range/BMI still, I have this voice in my head CONSTANTLY telling me I NEED to lose weight so I can LOOK like I have an eating disorder!o_0 its CRAZINESS, I know but in this particular video you reminded me about something I'd forgotten..its NOT about the FOOD its the FEELINGS..WHATEVER THEY MAY BE. It's MENTAL. I need to SHIFT MY FOCUS =D you're AMAZING! I wish YOU were MY THERAPIST!!! =( XoXOOOOO

  13. Hey Kait =] I was wondering if there are any statistics/data or research that support that a significant amount of people with an eating disorder are considered overweight? Thanks <3

  14. I get waaaay too happy when i see the end of your videos and see you dancing, and rambling on about the funniest things 🙂 But I need happy in my life at the moment, so thank you! xx

  15. "Eating disorders don't care what we weigh, they care what we think." Genius! OMG! Brb, going to write that ALL OVER MY HOUSE, MY CAR, MY DESK AT WORK. I love you Kati!!!

  16. Okay, thanks.But the problem is is I hear that dietitians are very expensive, I don't even have money to put in my gas tank right now…

  17. I'm so glad I found this. I have been struggling to get help for my daughter who is bulimic but no place will help her because she is overweight! So frustrating 🙁 She is only 12 and we are currently working with a therapist but like I said we can't go to a "treatment center" what do you recommend in these situations? She feels horrible about herself and it just breaks my heart.

  18. Thanks. I am going to look into that. I am so tired of this stupid ED. I want to just like….kick it in the face!!! But its too strong sometimes ):

  19. Hey Kati, do you think you can make a video about skipping school because of depression, anxiety and body image issues? Thanks!

  20. Hi Kati 🙂 Thank you so much for everything that you do. Your videos have helped me immensely, and I know that they have helped so many other people as well. Anyway, I was wondering, do you think that you could perhaps do a video on how OCD relates to eating disorders?

  21. I love the end of this video! Thank you for all of your videos!They are helpful when I need support but it's late or like today, it's a break and I don't have any treatment this week but am struggling. My ED's favorite thing to tell me is "You are overweight, so your problem can't be THAT bad". My team tells me otherwise but I can't seem to convince myself even after getting severely dehydrated a while back. How can I fight the voice that tells me my weight means my ED can't be serious?

  22. I am obese and I haven't came out with my ED until last yr. But my counselor isn't talking to me about even though I expressed that I do want to talk about it. I am unsure if my counselor has any experiences with this or not so I don't bring it up anymore.

  23. I don't like OA I've been there and I truly wanted to get better. But what I found when I went there is a lot of people bragging about how long they'd gone without eating his food or that. Or how long they'd been able to go without going to McDonalds or Arbys. There was also a lot of drama with the way the meetings were run. A lot of power struggles too. I'm trying to find someone private to talk to. I have no insurance so its hard. I need help and I don't really have support at home.

  24. Thanks for this kati.i just posted comment on another video asking for you to cover this topic!! Unfortunately the nhs- national health service in the UK is only interested in the underweight for hospital treatment and offers no inpatient care.the outpatient care consists of a 20weeklly sessions of cbt-e and its rubbish.its like weight watchers 1-1 session with your food diary.then at the end with no further support or proffessional help they send you out to cure yr eating disorder on yr own!

  25. I totally agree the eating disorder is a mental thing not pysical and ive had to find my own counsellors to help look at that but no one specialises in e.d. Im still bulimic 13 years on and no one will help. Just glad to see yr videos and enthusiasm.bless ya hunny

  26. Hi Kati, Thank you so much for your videos they are inspiring and so helpful. I just managed to go and see my doctor as I want to get better. I restrict/starve all day and then binge in the evenings. I used to be a healthy weight and now I am very overweight. The doctor told me the only help I could get was to go to Over eaters anonymous, but I don't feel overeating is my problem. My doctor told me I obviously don't want help if I won't go. Who else could I see? Thank you!!

  27. Right now, I'm looking into getting a new therapist, quit weight watchers after a month and am looking into going to a dietician. I seem to be getting the advice to keep a food journal but I find it a bit stressful to do so. Is there another way to overcome BED?

  28. Thank you so much for this Kati, I am currently in the process of applying to a house that I will go live in and get my eating sorted. I had been worried about getting help but this made me feel a lot better about it. You are amazing, thanks for being such an inspiration, so happy I found you through heykayli and courtneypants ❤️

  29. Can u post more videos on stress? I think this one is so destructive and prob leads to a lot of different personality disorders…??

  30. I am an overweight child I am beginning to be bulimic it is my first month should I get help now or wait until I loose a lot of weight please answer!

  31. "the eyes are the window to the soul" … I think your soul really glows through your eyes, you are a beautiful person Kati xxx

  32. Ah!! Thank you for speaking out about this.. THANK YOU! My therapist doesn't take me eating disorder seriously because I'm overweight..what do I do about it?

  33. #katifaq is it normal to have a physical reaction to being full? I get sweaty, and just generally feel disgusting. I hate it.

  34. I am putting this video in the description of one I'm about to post up, because my Anorexia/Atypical Anorexia (EDNOS OFSED WHATEVER) is being invalidated. I'm being called a whale, small planet, food addict… I am being called a fat liar and although it hurts emotionally, I am PISSED THE HELL OFF that the idea of Eating Disorders ONLY exist when super skinny is only helping to further the judgement, pain, and prevalence of Eating Disorders.

  35. I always go back and forth between fasting and binging, binging and spouts of purging. I'm not even sure what I have but it sucks. I want to seek treatment but I don't even know what I'm suppose to do. Help?

  36. Anybody else watching in 2018? I’ve just been diagnosed with bulimia and I weigh over 200 pounds. It’s awful and bulimia is a bully. I feel terrible about myself. I’ve been in treatment for it for two and a half weeks now. I’m so scared.

  37. yes, most people connect eating disorder with being skinny however a good number of people struggling with obesity have binge eating disorder (BED), with these people food is associated with comfort and because of this they end up overeating in times of sadness, stress, or boredom. Eating disorder does not mean being skinny it means a unhealthy emotional attachment to food, be it viewing it negatively (anorexics) or being dependent on it (BED)

  38. I just got told that by a social worker. When it was discovered about it I got mad at them. I am now going into treatment for it. I am having blood pressure problems now and I have got my PCP involved.

  39. I was 220lbs at 15, I lost over 100lbs in 7 months due to anoxia. It was encouraged because people responded positively to my weight loss, it went on longer than it should have

  40. So eating disorde d s affect all body weights. The only one that really is diagnosed with weight is anorexia. So what if your overweight but you dont purge, binge, use laxitives, but you only starve yourself with excess amounts of workout. Would you be an anorexic? Or bulimic? Or a diifrent one?

  41. I cannot tell you how much these videos have helped me lately. You provide so much vital information! Thank you Katie Morton!

  42. an·o·rex·i·a
    a lack or loss of appetite for food (as a medical condition).
    an emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat.

    (I understand that it may be part of the diagnosis, but where in the definition does it specify someone's body size? Not trying to be mean but that got me confused as well as slightly angry.)

  43. I have ednos/osfed and i swing between binge periods and restricing periods but my binhes tend to be longer. Im in a restriction currently and i feel like its not like "proper restricting" because im overweight and a guy and that means "it cant be real" and all that

  44. Thank you, I'm going through an eating disorder (EDNOS). I'm currently like 25 pounds overweight, and everyone in my family just thinks I'm losing weight. My father even is starting to go to the gym to lose weight…
    But I'm eating 700-800 calories a day (mostly coz I promised my friends…) is that too much? Do I not have an eating disorder? Do I need less to have one? I'm just losing weight, and I'm never full though… I'm so scared to binge till I'm full and just putting on everything. Just… ughhhh. Why can't I eat a normal amount?

  45. I am overweight but struggle to eat up to 700 cal. A day. I have a bunch of eating habits that are just like anorexic habits from 36 years of dieting…technically I don't have an eating disorder or even disordered eating..I am just on a diet, I think about food all the time…log every bite I take…but this IS a problem because I can't get around my habits to adequately feed my body….

  46. Am I the only one who feel good after eating way too much? It weird, I know! But I get a , high after eating hi carb meal. Kinda like taking a muscle relaxer. Anyone else?

  47. I told my doctor years ago and he didn’t do anything for me he just said if I’m maintaining a healthy weight I’m fine

  48. I went to my gp last week because I have been having stomach issues
    Told her about my eating disorder and am trying to recover on my own and besides this it has been going okay
    My period is back to normal and my hair is coming back
    I told her EVERYTHING how long my periods of fasting had been, how long I had been eating under 500 cal and how many hrs I spent at the gym durring those times
    She said that my symptoms were weird and she didn't know
    That obiously I was doing well being I had lost 7 lbs since I had seen her a few months prior and that I was just out of the obeese range "To KEEP IT UP"
    ???? Like yes that makes sense to say to someone
    I have now tried to see a different doctor at the hospital but she cancelled the appointment and made another one with her instead
    The next hospital is 45 mins away
    Do you know if there is any lines I can call to see if my symptoms are normal for recovery or if ppl have had these issues before?

  49. Im considered obese but im bulimic and may be going inpatient. My screening is being evaluated as we speak. Im so scared though. Im sick and weak. Im barely able to do anything. So if thsy say no I can be headed to my death bed. Ive lost like so much weight in the past 3 months. Like 2 or 3 clothes size worth. My doctor is the one kinda telling me I need help

  50. Wow. Thank you for talking about this topic. I've been dealing with an ED for 14 years almost and I have never been less than 200lbs. I used to say the same thing that I didnt have anything cause I was fat. But in HS I started restricting and fasting for 3 days then 5 days then i would binge. Then I began purging and using laxative but I NEVER lost weight (it would flunctuate but nothing major). And that became a cycle. Sometimes I would only binge and then fast. Since then i have been so obsessed with my weight and all I think is about food how fat I still am after all of that. I feel so depessed and down. I stopped for a while and started eating regularly and I gained so much weight. And now it is hard for me to restrict food but I binge and purge and still fat. How can that be possible IDK. Now I have social anxiety i dont like people to look at me it is horrible. My body smels weird and IDK if it is because of that and my anxiety that makes me sweat. I was diagnosed with a condition that affects your hormones. I am currently seeking help though for my ED, anxiety, and depression for the first time. Thank God.

  51. my last therapist told me that I don't look extremely overweight (I do have 10-15 kg more than I should for my height), so I can't have Binge Eating Disorder. But I am pretty sure I suffer from it.

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