Overweight Woman Ditches 2 Most Common Habits And Loses Half Her Body Weight

Overweight Woman Ditches 2 Most Common Habits And Loses Half Her Body Weight

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  1. Welp, this channel has officially lost its identity, and me as a subscriber. This channel used to be about actual facts… now it’s just “Random Internet Article Format Title About Some Random Crap That Sounds Like Clickbait” every single video…

  2. I wish bad things wasn't a reality

    Edit:thanks for 2 likes if I get 10 I will literally sub to you only if you comment

  3. Personally i think she went from cute and chunky to even cuter fine as hell! So to her i say congratulations and good job also keep up the good work

  4. So she ate better and exercised… pretty much the 2 main things you need to do to lose weight! I was thinking this was going to be something else… 😒

  5. Cmon, you have to admit she looks extremely pretty now…IM SORRY! She still thick doh 😂 ples dont hate I'm just stating my opinion ):

  6. It's almost as if people lose weight when they burn more calories than they consume, and gain weight when they consume more calories than they burn

  7. The one thing that hasnt changed any is the fact she is very pretty , what a beautiful face . What a awesome thing to do for yourself . Im sure its been hard and difficult to maintain that dedication. But great job and congratulations on your success .

  8. Well done to you Jessica, like you I suffered most of my life too then I got really ill and felt fed up of not been able to get out so I'm just starting again to lose weight, and on the waiting list for bariatric surgery to help save my sight, then I can start riding my bike again, and can't wait!!!! XxxxxX

  9. I'm sorry but am I the only person who prefers the top 10 countdowns less often rather than these story's 3 times a day???

  10. Nice. Find the odd emoji.

  11. Very inspiring. I went through the same thing…if anyone wants to know 3 easy things that will help you lose weight (with noticeable results in a week; VERY noticeable in 3 weeks.:

    1) Do not eat anything 2 hours before bed. This was hard for me because I loved food coma sleeping and I couldnt sleep if I felt the least bit hungry. But, seriously, you will drop 10 pounds in two weeks if eating before bed is a habit of yours.

    2) Do not drink your calories. Our bodies were not made for it. So, I literally only drink water, seltzer, tea, and coffee with milk and no sugar. Diet soft drinks don’t work and actually make you gain weight…so it really does mean watching what you DRINK more than what you eat.

    3) Instead of stopping all of your bad habits, just begin by adding good ones…so, don’t stop eating what you love cold turkey but, rather, slowly ADD good habits like drinking a liter of water in the morning, 10 minute walk after dinner, eating raw veggies with very little to no vinegarette dressing. What happens is when you start doing those healthy things and exercising, you’ll feel compelled to give up the bad habits because you want more bang for your buck on the healthy efforts.

    Oh, and exercise means going at your own pace and mixing weight training with cardio. You need both on different days.

  12. I really hope with all my heart she continues! I did the same thing she did….twice. I’d love to do it a third time, but I’m 64 and disabled after a botched back surgery. I live in constant pain in my back and legs because of it. Walking, sometimes just moving is tremendously painful. Don’t let anyone operate on your spine you haven’t thoroughly vetted! You’ll regret it for the rest of your life!

  13. Thanks for posting her Instagram information that would’ve been a nice way to support her oh yeah you didn’t

  14. She doesn't have any loose skin. that's amazing. all the other people who I have seen loose a ton of weight have a lot of loose skin. happy for her.

  15. Good for you Jennifer. I lost nearly five stone and I carried that weight for 30 years. I'll never go back to that weight.

  16. idk….her face was prettier when she was fat, now..body=banging! face=strained! (edit) I'm wrong, congratulations young lady! live your best life!

  17. She is still a kid. It's a lot harder for someone in their 40'S-60'S to lose that kind of weight that easily. She didn't develop any problems yet. It's still an achievement but kids that age are very capable of doing these things regardless of size.

  18. Good for you did a wonderful job. And I’m so happy for you because I’ve done the same thing thanks great video take care and God bless to you and everyone else out there.🌺👍

  19. Fantastic!! I commend her for that drastic alteration in her life style. It really does wonders on how ditching 2 simple habits can change you.

  20. Wow, so the big weight loss secrets that were worth making a video about are eat healthy and exercise?!? What will they think of next?! And losing weight gives you more confidence AND more energy?! Get out!! How did I ever survive before this brilliant video came into my life and saved me. I want my 4 minutes of my life back.

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