Paleo Diet Explained – The Good and The Bad

Paleo Diet Explained – The Good and The Bad

Ever looked on the internet for the best weight loss diets? If you have, you’ve probably
read about the next best diet in the world called the Paleo Diet. But what exactly is
this Paleo Diet and what makes it better than all the other diets our there?
Paleo is short for Paleolithic, a prehistoric period of human development that existed over
two and a half million years ago. During this Paleolithic era, humans have yet to learn
about agriculture and animal domestication. This meant that humans only ate food that
were readily available to them in their surrounding environment . They then genetically adapted
to become stronger and healthier by consuming more of these foods. Advocators of the diet
argue that there has been too little of a time frame between the end of the Paleolithic
Era and modern day for the human body to adapt to today’s Western diet. The lack of adaptation
is supposedly responsible for the existence of modern diseases today such as diabetes
and obesity. This Paleo-type diet, also known as the caveman diet, involves food such as
grass-fed proteins, wild seafood, eggs, nuts, plant-based oils, fibrous vegetables, and
to a small degree, fruits. Fortunately, these are all great food choices that any diet can
benefit from since it stresses high fiber, high potassium, high nutrients, high omega
3-fatty acids, and low sodium intake. So far, the Paleo Diet seems to be a great idea! The
Paleo Diet also restricts food groups that theoretically prehistoric humans would not
have consumed since they were not readily accessible. This includes foods such as grains,
legumes, such as beans and peanuts, refined sugars, dairy, and salt. Luckily, these food
groups are typically ingredients for most of the unhealthy processed foods around the
world. On top of that, Paleo is great for individuals that are lactose intolerant since
it restricts dairy, and gluten-intolerant, since it restricts grain. All of these great
benefits as well as losing weight?! Paleo sounds pretty darn amazing!
But if you really look at the diet, it’s not as great as you might think. Although these
benefits from a Paleo Diet are true, it doesn’t make the Paleo Diet the best choice possible,
and there are three huge reasons for it. One, the Paleo Diet is expensive. Under the Paleo
Diet, the main sources of protein are from grass-fed animals and wild fish. In the United
States, for ten dollars, you’ll be able to get about three pounds of regular ground beef.
For the same amount, you will only be able to get a little more than a pound of grass-fed
ground beef. Wild Salmon can run you up to thirty dollars per pound, while farm-raised
salmon are often under ten dollars. These price differences can easily steer a lot of
people from trying a true Paleo Diet. Two, the Paleo Diet does not take into consideration
of portions and calories. Although the food choices in a Paleo Diet are healthy, there
is no limit to how much of it you can eat, which can lead to overeating. You can eat
as many paleo foods as you want, but if the calories are too much, you will still gain
weight. The good thing about paleo, though, is that you’re consuming high amounts of protein
and fiber, both which will make you feel more full while consuming fewer calories compared
to eating highly dense carbohydrates, such as bread, which are usually high in calories
and takes much more to fill you up. Regardless, with no set restrictions on calories, the
Paleo Diet might not be the best strategy for weight loss.
Three, the Paleo Diet is simply not practical. The Paleo Diet puts a ban on many food groups
that have become a large part of human society for hundreds of years. The most notable restrictions
are dairy, grains, and beans. Although one might be able to argue the healthiness of
these food groups, it doesn’t change the fact that human society has relied on them for
survival for centuries. Even more so, a lot of these choices have become a staple food
for many cultures all around the world. For people to simply stop eating foods such as
bread, rice, cheese, and beans is plainly unfeasible.
Although the Paleo Diet has a lot of great features and healthy food choices, the drawbacks
cannot easily be ignored. Have you ever tried the Paleo Diet? Let us know about your experience
in the comment section below!

100 Replies to “Paleo Diet Explained – The Good and The Bad

  1. I feel like the 3 reasons not to eat paleo aren't as compelling as the benefits. If you can afford it, it seems obviously better.

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  4. Expensive? I don't know if you looked recently but anything that isn't high processed is expensive. None of which is recommended for a healthy life.

    I saved a ton of money by switching to water from soda. Look at your bank account and add up all the things you drink. I did. I was consuming anywhere from 200 to 300$ a month on drinks alone. Coke from the store, with a meal, alcohol, and the list goes on. I didn't think I was spending that much but I was.

    you don't have to count calories. If i get full, I stop eating. I get fuller sooner because, as you mentioned, I eat high fiber, high protein foods. So I eat less. This translates to eating less overall which means, that paleo food, though more expensive, goes farther.

    Paleo isn't the end all beat all but it's working for me. I've lost 70+ pounds switching from traditional western diet to paleo. I'm still going. Don't hate.

  5. This is a confusing diet .Wal Mart has Paleo pre-packaged meals in the freezer section .Everyone of them has sugar .And lets not forget that it's microwaved .Which is dead danger food .And milk has been on mans list for thousands of years .But for adults to consume it can be less than healthy .Children need it for their bones .And since people became paranoid over the weight of their children .Milk was removed from their diet .It caused weak bones and under developed bones .And when outdoor playing became taboo .We have now got lazy weak people . Who rely on diets that makes millions for others .While if one just eats in moderation and doesn't try to eat everything in sight while removing processed and soy and sugar from their life .You will get healthy .

  6. The person who runs this channel has such an elementary knowledge of health and dieting. Saying this as someone who doesn't even do paleo. Wish I could thumbs down a million times.

  7. This is a very informative video. To get a better understanding of what I could eat I purchased a "paleo reboot" book. Just as the video mentioned, this diet is costly, but being more full throughout the day and feeling healthier overall is worth it. Paleo Beginner's book:

  8. Great video! There's a recipe book I use called PaleoHacks Cookbook that only costs $10, you can check it out here:

  9. You shouldn't expect everyone to buy organic. It's not practical. We also shouldn't scrutinise people who can't afford organic. At least they're trying to live healthier.

  10. I tried it for 1 month because of crossfit. After month a switched to primal. I found out that is not good choice for athletes, because of too low kcal from carbs. I think that grains are important for sport. I started to eat real food without sugar, wheat and those with chemical thinks and i feel great.

  11. Paleo diet is great! I've lost weight and I feel amazing now and I only followed this cookbook really happy I found it.

  12. guys its very simple. indigenous people have next to no crocked teeth because their jaw was able to grow big enough so all teeth have space. in our society on the other hand most people have had work done on their teeth. its not genes guys its our diet.

  13. meh, been 20 years i eat like this, didnt know it had a name, but i have tons of health issues anyway. I cant afford anything and not even all the food i need soz i only eat raw stuff for years now…

  14. Like how you used words like unfeasible yet you claimed to look at good and bad. Sounds more like you’re against than for. Not exactly bi-partisan.

  15. Good demonstration that the paleo duet is a myth that needs to be debunked . More recent study show that diet very low in carb reduces life expectancy significantly and that optimal carb consumption is about 55%. The hype of paleo diet is over,

  16. I started a vegan way of life 4 wks ago and have lost 10lbs….I have been watching some Youtube videos debunking the vegan way of life. I am so confused…I heard about the Paleo diet and now am even more confused. What do I do?????

  17. i know a great thing to solve the problem about meat. hunt and fish your own food. and if you have land grow your veggies and raise your meat.

  18. I prefer the Numerology Diet food guide combined with Resistance Loopband hypertrophy workout sessions 4 days a week and a numerical sequence concentration exercise on ALL health ailments:

    1). The Numerology Diet:

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    *Key Features:
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    3). No supplements/elixir
    4) No need to count calories
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  19. Paleo diet? Keto diet all these different diets. To me if you’re looking to loose weight or anything really best bet. Eat food that simply COMES FROM THE EARTH! I thought that’s what food was lol

  20. Each human body is a complex mechanism, far more complex than one person can fathom in 100000 lifetimes. People who think they can figure out the way it works by learning about a few proteins and vitamins are kidding themselves and everybody else. Start living and listening to your body, not your mind. Body health is about the body, no words needed, mention in relation to nutrition is stupidity.

  21. Yes and it was expensive and I still sabotaged myself. Now I eat lots of rice, corn, and potatoes because they don’t bother my gut or make me break out with zits and brain fog

  22. I started Paleo today. I can’t afford grass fed, which is fine, I think if I follow the general basics of it, I should be okay. I do add cheese and butter into mine though, however they are NON-PROCESSED cheese and butter. I plan to nix the other dairy products and drink plant milk. So far I like it.

  23. It's funny to think I gravitated this way on my own. Ive always talked with coworkers and loved ones about how I feel better when I eat " lighter" things such as salmon and fish, fruits and vegetables, and how I avoid heavy grains and dairy and just feel better and have generally always been in shape.

    My other thought is "of course" on point #3- of course, of course it's not relativistically practical in relation to modern society- but that's the whole point of it- the Paleo diet implies at it's core that the modern diet itself is not practical in relation to the past 2.5 million years of human history and biological adaptation. Of course.

    There is a reason we all get "the itus" and have to take a nap after a burger and shake, because our bodies are literally not made to easily turn those things into proper healthy by-products- it had to shit the system down and reboot- when we have to do that that's a clear sign it shouldn't be going in in the first place.

  24. I did it for a year and lost a bunch of weight while always stuffing myself. lots of paleo cookbooks out there to make the food delicious. Also you can make paleo bread with almond flour if you really miss it. After the weightloss stopped I switched to keto and kept losing weight. The only major difference was that now I could eat cheese, but no more fruit. I recommend either one if you have a sugar problem. 1-2 months of that and even if you go back to carbs you wont have crazy cravings like before. Almost like a reset.

  25. It's about brain health. Fighting depression and anxiety instead of the never ending downward health spiral by big pharma. Not just weight loss. Reclaim your health👍🏼

  26. There's more than one reason to buy grass-fed/ wild protein. I'm not sure how much health benefit farm-raised salmon can give you anyway…

  27. As an avid Paleo diet follower, there are still some issues with how food is produced:
    1. Farmed salmon – the salmon fecael matter pollutes the water which makes it unhealthy
    2. Unless you buy organic which is expensive – pesticides (chemicals) are used on vegetables and fruits
    3. Pesticides are also used on the grass which cows eat, which affects the quality of the meat
    Just saying…

  28. I'm cool with cutting out legumes and grains. I just wouldn't cut dairy out. I'll cut milk out though. And I would never eat a block of cheese.

  29. Interesting concept but kind of silly. Plant based oils?? You think tge cavemen were processing olive oil??. Silly. Also no salt??? That one is even more ridiculous. Salt is the most available mineral on the face of the earth. Of course they used salt. Im sure this is a very decent way of eating but caveman….. Im mean c'mon.

  30. Never tried it, but you can outweigh the three cons and eliminate two of them, first: counting on calories
    Second: have good income.
    On the third: take distance from mainstream food culture (don't be mainstream minded).
    Furthermore, to get enough calcium, how about consuming the bone broth?

  31. I wanna try the paleo diet for a while, not because I think it's the healthiest option but because I think I'll have to get more creative using tendecially healthier food than I usually eat and because it sounds like a fun project. Definetly not forever though.

  32. Just because junky food is an integral part of many people's culture, it doesn't mean you shouldn't change that. If you are healthier on a paleo diet, then do it. If you're healthier on something else, then do that.

  33. Okay, none of the downsides are an issue. Grass fed beef where i live does not cost $10/lb. If calories are an issue, restrict your intake and practicality? Really? Paleo sounds pretty healthy to me.

  34. after my grandma went back to the philippines i felt like crap, because my diet changed, my grandma's cooking made me feel like i was at my potential. Since i dont know how to cook execpet for chicken pappaya soup. my energy level is 40 percent. i now eat mcdonald, chinese take out, pizza, taco bell, 711 food. i feel like im dying slowly but its noticeable.

  35. I love the paleo diet and it works for me. I would rather over spend on healthy food than trash my body with unhealthy food that will send me to the hospital or eventually will be paying for loads of different medications just to keep my body functioning because of unhealthy eating habits.

  36. It really depends on where you live for the price of salmon and beef I live in upstate New York and it is much cheaper

  37. I'm being "forced" by my MD to go paleo to detoxy my body and reverse diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension. Im nervous but determined. Thank you for the video. Wish me luck! 😉

  38. You dont necessarily have to do a true paleo diet for a start… respecting the diet by eating normal meat and salmon will give 99% of the same benefits instead of grass fed meat or wild salmon. It will be much cheaper as well.

  39. I do not believe you have to eat only grass fed and wild caught. Btw the most economic way of sourcing quality meat is not your local supermarket but farmers market…. prices are lower, it was not shipped across the world, it should be more fresh and you can haggle for price (please be respectful).

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  41. You know why this is the best diet? very simple, if you eat carbohydrates constantly, your body will always be asking for more, you eat a donut or a bread now and in two hours you would need more, it doesnt matter if your calories metabolism is full, it will ask for more, thats why a lot of people is obbese, people need to understand that our bodies is not desing to eat every 3 hours, if you feel hungry every 3 hours there are two options, you are a proffesional swimmer and you didnt know it, or you are eating the wrong food

  42. Give (sell?) a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime. … although after watching the doco’s on the pollution in the waters now I’m not sure that is safe either?!

  43. Sugar and starches turn into triglycerides and clog up the arteries more than meat ever will.

  44. Forget the grass fed portion of the guide and just consume lean meat, add beans because beans are probably the only food group a person can survive on if they didn't have anything else…for life. Basically cut out the carbs like bread pasta and rice and all the processed crap. No need for daily for adults if you think about it but you can add some yoghurt and goats cheese. And don't have limitless amounts just make sure you burn off in accordance to what you consume. It's a good diet. Doesn't have to be set in stone

  45. This video is overrated. I’m eating a lot fruit on the paleo diet and I’m still losing weight. I’m actually spending less money on food since I’ve started the paleo diet because I’m not as hungry as I used to be. My food bill has gone down. You dont have to eat grass fed animals on the paleo diet.😂😂😂😂

  46. I was thinking of doing it in the past but restricting dairies (for me in particular Cheese) is a deal breaker for me. I have been practicing Intermittent fasting to reduce weight and I am becoming stuck on certain wight. I am thinking of going Keto or low carb diet which I think is similar to Paleo but with benefits of dairies.

  47. Ive been on the paleo diet for a few months now and it's as expensive as you say, but I guess that all depends on where you live and how available the good is to you.

  48. I don’t know how things were back in 2015 but grass fed beef I can get for about five dollars a pound when it’s on sale but I can find it pretty much anytime of the year for about six dollars

  49. I've been a week or two on "lacto-paleo", my personal choice for the time being. I (mostly) quit eating bread (only exception has been some wholemeal rye bread), haven't had any pasta, beans nor pizza, nor cake (except for one that is like 90% dairy), replaced the "backup" of bread with potatoes (or just nothing), very little sugar (in reality honey is a very common treat, but a treat not staple, among most hunter-gatherers), etc. Works fine and I don't feel it anymore expensive but I live in Europe and I have some good shops nearby. I find difficult to "overeat" with this diet, really, although it's probably good advise if you are overweight to make relatively long periods of no food whatsoever (because that's when you actually burn fat). I don't think it's true that the diet is based on carbs, it does give wide room for fruits, veggies, roots and such but your main caloric intake is probably proteins anyhow, else you're not doing "true paleo" but some sort of hybrid, and by "true paleo" I don't mean something out from a manual but from what true hunter-gatherers tend to eat (and nope: the Maasai or the Papuans are not that and haven't been for many thousands of years, you have to look at the Bushmen, Pygmies, Negritos, Australian Aboriginals, Inuit, Ainu, Orang Asli, Hadza, etc.) My personal take would be:
    1. Meat, fish, seafood or even insects if you can swallow that. Oven, barbacue or pan, not boiled, not microwaved but can be raw in some cases (there are other health risks to raw meat, I do not recommend it but some huntergatherers do eat liver and other parts of the carcass raw). This can be easily 50% of the intake and up to almost 100% in some extreme environments like the Arctic. Fish/seafood is important because of vitamin D, which is the most important vitamin ever judging on our pigmentation evolution (a lot of people died under strong selective pressures for not having enough vitamin D, especially since Neolithic).

    2. Other animal-ish products like eggs (very convenient) and mushrooms.
    3. Fruits and veggies: this is almost free design, roots like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes (yams), onions, etc. seem to have been common among huntergatherers and provide a decent amount of "good" carbs in many cases. Fruits and berries also made a good part of the diet but seasonally so. I'd say that leave veggies, while not fully absent wouldn't be a big part of the diet: you can eat them but not critical.

    4. For some reason nuts make a different category: they were in the original paleo-diet and they might include legumes sometimes but not grains. I'd think of them as a complement. You can put virgin extra olive oil here I guess because it's as paleo as it gets for oils (pressed olives, which are an oily fruit and not seeds).

    5. Others: salt is not really needed for paleo because meat does not really need it. However salt is not that bad and is not at all unnatural, herbivores and frugivores crave it a lot and make expeditions in search of it, so use moderately if you really feel it needed in your dishes (veggies particularly). True hunter-gatherers will gather honey when possible, they just love it, so it's incorrect to say that the occasional sugary treat is not paleo, however the ideal one is occasional honey (true honey of the kind that is yellow and crystalizes) and should be considered a treat not diet.

    6. Dairies: definitely not paleo. However many populations are perfectly able to digest lactose, notably in Western and Northern Europe, while others have developed fermented milks such as yogurth, laben or even cheese (hard cheese is mostly OK for lactose intolerant people). The bad aspects are high sugars (lactose) and lots of fat (which typically comes homogeneized). I've not gotten myself yet to avoid dairies so can't say much but IMO the occasional dairy is no sacrilege either (it is in keto though).

    7. Grains (cereals): this is the black beast, at the very least they cause cavities and with all likelihood inflamation (low levels of celiac and diabetes like problems), however this does not only applies to cereals, one of the worst cases of tooth decay epidemics was a Mesolithic population of Morocco who had turned to eat mostly acorns (acorn bread?) so it may apply to all kinds of nuts and seeds (group 4). However it's clear that bakery, pasta, rice… is way too present in our diets, unnaturally so, since Neolithic. So at the very least reduce it heavily, try to eat other stuff instead.

  50. Tbh this seems pretty chesp in my country (mexico).
    I saw this diet and felt blessed to my pockets. I wpuld try lol i have a friebd who raises cage free chickens so

  51. The highly respected anthropologist Nathaniel Dominy, Ph.D., from Dartmouth College, when asked about the commonly taught idea that ancient people were primarily meat eaters, he answered, “That’s a myth. Hunter-gatherers, the majority of their calories came from plant foods… Meat is just too unpredictable.” After studying the bones, teeth, and genetics of primates for his entire career as a biological anthropologist, Dr. Dominy states, “Humans might be more appropriately described as starchivores.”
    Those who support your view, such as the paleo diet proponents spare no effort to ignore and distort science. Let me quote from the Quarterly Review of Biology, “The Importance of Dietary Carbohydrate in Human Evolution”,”We propose that plant foods containing high quantities of starch were essential for the evolution of the human phenotype during the Pleistocene. Although previous studies have highlighted a stone tool mediated shift from primarily plant-based to primarily meat based diets as critical for the development of the brain and other human traits, we are that digestible carbohydrates were also necessary to accommodate the increased metabolic demands of a growing brain..”
    The only mammals that have an appendix, are those who are herbivores, whose physiology are designed to thrive on a plant based diet. Gorillas for example, eat only a plant based diet. The human saliva is that which is designed to break down starches. Mammals that their physiology thrives best on a meat based diet do not get arterial plaque, arterioslcerosis nor heart disease from their diet, only mammals whose physiology is designed to eat plants will get arterial plaque and heart disease from eating meat. The fact that humans get arterial plaque on a meat based diet absolutely proves that their bodies are that of a starch and plant based diet.
    I never said that you thought that smoking was not bad, I said you use the same type of reasoning if you read more closely, and I clarify how your reasoning is similar. The very fact that the only blue zone in the entire United States is one of an area composed of vegetarians completely over throws the arguments that meat is beneficial to be eaten on a daily basis.

  52. I did the diet, but when I went to the doctor she said I should drink milk and eat beans, but for the milk, if you decide to drink it, drink organic whole milk because it is the least processed. And for the beans, eat straight up beans, not the ones that come with syrup in cans, only the one in water.

  53. This seems pretty easy to follow. I might give it a try. But not organic cuz us average folk would have a broken mindset with all that money gone.

  54. This guy is a ding dong. At the beginning of almost all Paleo diet cookbooks they describe a way of measuring out each portion of the meal. If you stick to the portions then you will only consume a certain amount of calories. If you don't stick to it then yes you will eat too much and gain weight just like ANY DIET. By the way if you purchase halal meat which is grass fed and killed in the most humane way possible the price is the same as non grass fed. I put my mother on this diet at the beginning of March, she is off blood pressure meds, her cholesterol levels are perfect, she sleeps better and she is way more active. My mother lost 40 lbs and achieved her goal weight by June. Now she has a new goal weight and she is well on her way. Do more research to the guy that made this video.

  55. I like my paleoniggas because unlike vegans they are robustly logical, sane and don't shove it in your face like vegan folks.

  56. You sound super biased. So you can only recommend, cheap and easy diets? I like your videoes but this one not so much. No research? No nothing, only your own opinion? Try do it again and this time try to review Paleo from a neutral point of view 👍
    Keep up the good work 😊

  57. I'm not buying the dairy part. Once a cave man realized the cow could keep producing milk, he would have kept the cow around a while before killing it.

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