Did you know that during the shooting of one of the action scenes in the movie Jennifer Lawrence ended up half-deaf for months ah it might have been difficult to shoot some of the scenes! Oh alright okay *laugh* New arena everything has changed ! Then… Where is the camera ? Then, you have done this, but it’s …*blowpipe shot* – So young but… – Tell me Peeta, are you sure that your name isn’t related to food in any way ? – You really have no respect for anybody. Little reminder of facts ; Peeta and Katniss, have won the last Hunger Games by putting a little final pressure. – Either you stop, or we both eat these poisoned berries ! Where is this camera, I nerver know . And if there is one thing that the president hates it’s that we pressure him. – Oh alright, you don’t answer, very good then *eating berries* – I was joking, who’s the champion now ? Ah it would have been easier for everyone, I grant you. I even wonder if Katniss would not have prefered die from the beginning, you see. Because when you know the aftermath she kept… – Holy sh*t what’s the matter with you ? Anyway, what we noticed really quickly is that even if they won last year this changes absolutely nothing to their environment, still lame. (my district is a cemetery) – A piece of bread, Katniss ? No thank you, but if you have a piece of jumper for me it would be really usefull Uuh no I don’t have that Katniss receives the visit of president Snow who still hasn’t accepted the joke of last year And who will force her to undertake her false couple with Peeta in front of the camera We want a sex-tape ! Stop Jacquie ! I am about to stand up and make your head spin like an owl. So… Convince me for the sake of the people you love They filmed me with my jumper! Those jerks ! Katniss will have to do her best to make her relationship with Peeta credible during The Tour of the Victory All you have to do is to say few words, salute the crowds and enjoy this moments under the spotlights.
You deserve it so much. By killing human beings. Young lady… Eh don’t forget to delete your historic hein !
Ahahah The problem is that Katniss embodies the rebellion, the hope ! She wasn’t just my ally, she was my friend, I’m sorry… Wait, wait, I didnt finish; so, I was saying had I been able to… Well yeah but…. I said to no interrupt me so… And this, for all the districts The tribes of this… interrupted for ever :'( One day I will be volunteer, like you Katniss ! Tour of guilt Ahah… for sure! Can we go now please …? Luckily she is not alone in this ordeal, there is Peeta who accompanies her heh. And who seems, by the way, to accomodat pretty well with this little trick of false couple It’s a nightmare, I’m sorry…
– It’s okay
– Would you stay with me ? – Yeah..
– Yeah, yeah of course! Of course ! – We could get married
– It wouldn’t be unnoticed, I agree with you Yeah ok let’s do this This still gonna be tough for him huh… To see that he is no the first choice… Furthermore, in the real life, the guy kept being soiled Hello, I am the last Dalton Nice to me you, I am Peeta Mellar and I’m glad to be part of this adventure! I’m a bad boy !
– Oh brother… But you know that the president is picky huh… and in front of a Katniss not always that cooperative… Head high, bright smile It’s specially for you Katniss! Well… their fake wedding did not convince him So, in order to get rid of her, he etablishes a new strategie with the new judge of the game Put her on the front pages of all medias Show them that the lovebirds are on our side. They’re gonna hate her so much that they will kill her for you. (Classic manipulation) Brilliant We have to be far away before nightfall I … What is it ?! It’s hurting him !
– It’s alcohol what else could it be ?! dumb Where is the alcohol? I didn’t finish yet I have it! Take it Katniss Haymitch ! Oh Katniss… It’s cereals. You don’t think that… Haymitch no, you’re going too far ! Icing on the cake : the president anounces the expiation game, which will draw lots a women and a man, or rather… The tribes males and females will be
harvested Among the winners of the previous years. Isn’t it wonderful ? (I’m whispering so as not to be too harsh)
– We should have left when you said it And because she is the only woman who won an Hunger Games still alive There isn’t that much alternatives… I’m volunteer instead of Katniss ! Peeta… we know that it’s you There’s her too, she won the juniors edtion ! Hein… Huuuush everything’s gonna be alright Katniss Everdeen
– Oh shit ! And Peeta Mellark I’m sick of this mocking jay! Don’t you get it ?! The big difference between this year and last year is that it’s a selection of warriors So one must not arrive with hands in its pockets ! You will need allies
– No
(Katniss never cooperates) Like every single previous years. It’s time for a big show at the Capitol For the first part of the year it’s Ninja Warriors and the second is Hunger Games. Roughly speaking it takes place like this. I love this girl of fire!
Look how pretty it is ! Your stylist surpassed himself this time, didn’t he ?
A round of applause for him ! And even with the announce of a fake baby in an attempt to cancel the game Calm down ! It’s news for everyone ! By in vitro fertilization, unfortunately, I must specify … Oh I would have preferred an another way, you know.. I want to see them dead. There they go again in a brand new arena Oh okay ! Now I understand why she said herself that she has weird expressions in this film. It’s for this. And finally, after a not-so-bad demonstation in archery FAILED FAILED AGAIN It’s the sun… uuuuh An unique chance to kill half of their enemies at once Wait, wait… I’m exhausted ! It’s two years in a row guys ! A Mister Drag Peeta who is just here to slow everybody PEETA NOO Listen Peeta, I know that you have short legs but now is not the right time ! Paddling in a inapropriate way in a puddle… The water heals the wounds And a pretty grinning romantic phase Here, a gift Thanks Grinning moment detected /! Katniss finally manages to escape of the game by short-circuiting the dome Goodbye dear back Here, your sex-tape ! (LOOSER!) Yeah except that she wasn’t exactly alone Half of her allies were in the confidence to save her because all of this is not just luck No. No, no, no, no, no It’s a revolution. And you are the mocking jay. Eh, well, yeah, yeah Of course, it’s over again Don’t hesitate to leave a thumbs up and comment your feeling about this video.
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