Pcos | Pcod Diet for weight loss in Tamil | நீர்க்கட்டி இருக்கிறவங்க இதை பாருங்க!

Pcos | Pcod Diet  for weight loss in Tamil | நீர்க்கட்டி இருக்கிறவங்க இதை பாருங்க!

Let’s see the food habits for pcod and weight loss Please subscribe this channel symptoms of pcod First one is we will get diabetes easily So we will suffer for fertilisation Next main problem is weight gain Even we are in normal food diet we will gain weight easily Let’s see the common symptoms Mainly we are not getting periods regularly Even we may get headache and heart problems It is vary from person to person Let’s see the diet Let’s see what kind fruits are good for this pcod So we should take the fibre rich fruits Next the vegetables to be taken are Mainly we include more leafy vegetables in our diet curd is very good for this diet, because it has more probiotcs Avoid the full fat milk These are all we should follow to cure pcod If we want to lose weight with pcod means what we should do? Very simple. Let’s see For breakfast we should take idli, dosa, chapathi or ragi recipes But for breakfast , fruit salads are very good to lose our weight easily I already mentioned the fruits which is good for diet just add some yoghurt on the fruits and sprinkle some pepper powder on it Mix it and have the salads in the morning for better results Next for snacks before lunch You can take the fruit juices But always prefer the homemade juices Don’t drink the juices from shops Let’s see the diet plan for lunch Reduce the rice quantity and increase the veggies quantity for example, for 1/2 cup rice take a cup of vegetables It is very helpful to lose weight with pcods Next for evening snacks avoid deep fried foods For dinner avoid rice only one time taking rice is enough Have idli , dosa like that Even for lunch its better to avoid white rice , instead of that you can take millets You can take any kind of millets, becos all are rich in fibre and also not having much carbohydrate For pcos we should reduce the intake of carbohydrates Even we avoid tea and coffee, instead you take herbal teas and green teas mainly we include flax seed and cinnamon in our diet to cure the pcos Just we dry roast this and grind it as a powder sprinkle it for our dishes like soups and salads for better results Definitely it will cure pcos problem shortly Let’s see what are all the non-veg foods we take Avoid red meat (mutton) Follow this diet with some simple exercises Even walking is enough for this , but do brisk walk for 30 mins to 1 hour regularly Atleast walk for 4 to 5 days a week surely you will see the changes Mainly avoid sugar items and also the cool drinks and canned food Avoid all the deep fried items If you follow this diet along with some simple exercises means surely you will lose your weight and also your pcos recover soon FOLLOW THIS DIET FOR GOOD RESULT If you like this video means please subscribe and also post your comments see you soon with another useful video

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