PIGGUARD BERRY FIELDS Setpiece Overview – Don’t Starve Together

PIGGUARD BERRY FIELDS Setpiece Overview – Don’t Starve Together

How’s it going everybody, RazingHel here and
this video begins a new series I’m creating to focus on exploring and exploiting the various
set pieces you’ll encounter randomly scattered across the Don’t Starve landscape. Today we’ll be taking a look at the Pig Guard
Berry Fields protected resource set piece which features a large number of berry bushes
or juicy berry bushed protected by a varying number of Guardian Pigs. According to the wiki the Pig guard Berry
Fields commonly appear in Grassland and Savanna biomes and I’m sourcing the name for this
set piece from the wiki as well. There are two distinct forms the Pig guard
Berry Fields take, the more common one has around eight Pig Torches surrounding the berry
fields and the less common version of this set piece only has one Pig Torch and it’s
located in the center of the berry field. The latter here is the easiest to exert control
over as there is only one pig guard to dispatch but I think you’ll agree the larger version
of this set piece is far more useful once you look past it’s berry producing capabilities. First and foremost, what most players will
love about the Pig guard Berry Fields is how many berry bushes come concentrated into a
small area, it’s ideal especially for Don’t Starve Together as you don’t have to worry
about these getting diseased since they haven’t been transplanted. If securing the berries is your primary goal
for the set piece you have a couple options for dealing with the Pig guards, either wall
their torches in using stone wall or take a hammer and knock down the pig torches the
pig guards spawn from. Now you’ll be able to pick berries in relative
peace. If you want to take it a step further you
can use the pig torches as an infinite source of were pigs providing you have a player available
to haunt stuff as a ghost, alternatively you could visit this area during a full moon when
Pig Guards turn into were pigs. Providing the pig torches are walled in you
should be able to kill off the werepigs in relative safety but be careful of them tearing
down the stone walls because, unlike guard pigs, werepigs have no issue attacking walls
providing there is nothing else to distract their attention, such as something edible
on the ground in close proximity. Another item that can come in handy is the
lazy forager since it’ll grab any guard pig drops that fall inside the walls you built
around the pig torch. The most reliable way to respawn a dead pig
guard is to haunt the pig torch as a ghost but pig torches will also respawn pig guards
on their own after three or so days. Once fenced in the pig torches with pig guards
will make an easy source of free light in your base at night which can be especially
useful if you place a meat effigy or life giving amulets nearby since you’ll not have
to worry about getting killed by charlie when resurrecting yourself during the night. This concludes my tour of the Pigguard Berry
Field set piece, it’s definitely one of the most useful set pieces and hopefully this
video gave you some new ideas for utilizing it or just increased your appreciation of
it’s existence whenever you encounter it while playing. Thank you for watching as always and I hope
to see you next time.

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  1. Can you do one on the wood fort set piece like how to stop the fire and if it can be a good base that would be sick love the content

  2. Really enjoying ds videos such as this one. Keep em up! Tho you are missing information about 2 more versions of this set piece. The juicy berries one and the grass one.

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