Pilates To Lose Belly Fat – With FREE Diet Plan

Pilates To Lose Belly Fat – With FREE Diet Plan

[Music] welcome to travel together your next class is designed to improve your upper body and core strength now this can enhance both your yoga and Pilates classes it’s very hard and we start off planking now I’ve designed it so we start off with a minute plan now if you only do 40 seconds then that is absolutely fine don’t punish yourself next time make a little bit of improvement and a little bit of improvement after that so this is your starting place and we’re going to work up to doing the full class but to begin with your resting pose this is the funny there is down dog so get yourself into down dog I’m going to time this so that we are over running and you’re not doing too much and it is tricky but go with it let’s have a go it’s fun so down dogs please everybody now go dog we’re just going to stay here for 30 seconds this is your resting pose like I say and it’s trying to get your breath back and also to stretch out your back because perhaps can pinch your lower back so breathing deeply I’m gonna be watching the time so just be aware that I have got my eye on the clock and then you’re gonna walk forward and let’s start this bad back I love practicing my am mindful skills in plank so just observing the tiny little things around me to try and distract myself with the fact that it hurts so notice your hands you nails notice the max that you are lying on and the texture of it and maybe your jewelry that you’re wearing and joy breath nice smooth breathing and well you’ve only got 20 more seconds to go so you’re doing really well stay with it keep breathing and you’ve got 10 more seconds that’s all if you’re starting to shake you wouldn’t want to last but otherwise let’s keep going four more seconds and then bring yourself to down dog oh just notice how that stretches your spine and it feels so good oh really deepen take some deep breaths and enjoy that down dog whoever thought that would feel so good okay so just 10 more seconds in down dog and then we come to quite a tricky little track but kind of like a body stretch strengthen something that we use in yoga and it is bringing the elbows into the ribs and hovering but we won’t do much talking while we’re in this but you’re mainly halfway through keep breathing good ten more seconds makes you warm three two one push back up and then I’m not your best breathing deeply stretch your arms it gets a lot easier from now on in good keep with it ten more seconds here do five more seconds and then okay let’s get ourselves into side plank quite nice plank actually so this can be done in many different ways leg down staggered feet or stacked feet you choose you might even want to lift your leg if you’re feeling super strong maybe you could do that when you tend to go five four three two one brilliant let’s do the other side so get yourself into position choosing where you want to be doing your valiant for stability reaching your arm up feeling strong stay with it halfway through ten more seconds that’s all you’re doing really well because it is tough not meant to be easy it’s meant to build endurance and strength well then I’m coming back to the center taking your down dog for 30 seconds boom stretching arms relaxing your head breathing deeply your hands are starting to feel a little died and you’re gonna rock forward drop your knees and then I’d like you to get your arms into a tripod position so you’re interlacing your fingers elbows out to the side and you come up into dolphin pose this is dolphin in yoga good so essentially it’s down dog on your forearms which is perfect for you right now because you probably find that your wrists too starting to hurt a little so it gives you a little wrist break you only need it done see sliced by first time besides with you having fun forearm plank now this is your last one so go for it you’ve only got 20 more seconds when you’re done halfway through already hold it building up stamina – I warned ya sit back stop that look and stretch back well burn well then come up to sitting I just like you to stretch your arms just briefly take your arm across and back take you lacrosse now this isn’t something that you should be doing once a week maybe practices every morning when you wake up or at least three times a week to see the difference really notice of changing your body really quickly release shake off well done you

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  1. In just 5 minutes you can do so much good work for your body in this class, try and fit it into your day, everyday and you’ll soon see & feel the difference, just as my student, who is featured in the Before & After photo, did. It would be great to get your comments and maybe even your before & after pics too 🙏🏻🌸💕

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