Positive PRANIC Food | Sattvic Diet Plan Ayurveda | Clareminded

Positive PRANIC Food | Sattvic Diet Plan Ayurveda | Clareminded

and ultimately a sattvic diet plan and
for these pranic foods encourage stability of the mind so that’s what a
sattvic diet and lifestyle really is is when you have complete control over the
mind hey guys so this one is all about positive pranic food and according to a
sattvic diet plan in ayurveda welcome back my name is Clare and this
is Clareminded and today so we’re talking about pranic lifestyle a
sattvic lifestyle and kind of what that entails with the food that you’re eating
so in ayurveda we have these three levels and it’s Tamasic, Rajasic
and sattvic and sattvic as many people know in the yogic world almost it’s kind
of like this like pure consciousness you eat very cleans very pure light you’re
just you know letting things flow Rajasic is more when you have that awareness but
you still have all this like mental haze so there’s for example so say we have
like a big giant lake right so a sattvic lake would just be pure calm serenity
you know it’d be nice and calm nothing too drastic going on just pure even lake
water and then you have the rajasic mind which has you’re still in that lake
but it has a few ripples so it’s almost like a stone dropped in and the ripples
are just fading out and they’re just expanding and growing and that’s like
the mental haze so rajasic state you have this clarity and this awareness but
you still have all this mental confusion kind of buzzing in your head so you’re
not exactly at that sattvic stage quite yet and then under both of those we have
the tomas tic stage tamasic stage and this is almost like a big giant rock
falls into the lake and creates like a lot more waves and the tamasic state is
almost like you’re living in ignorance a little bit too you’re not too aware
you’re just ignorant in bliss so moving into some of the pranic foods and
recipes that you guys can use to encourage the sattvic diet you can have things
like get really to digest moderately spiced there you can have soaked rice
with dates cardamon cinnamon something a little bit
sweet lots of vegetables lots of fruit you can have kale
carrot like ginger fennel lime soup that’s really good clearing you want to
eat just Whole Foods hold vegetables because these are ultimately gonna keep
your body and your channels pure as can be ultimately and I mean of course
everything in moderation if you have that coffee but if you’re trying to live
more of that sattvic life you really want to stay from any of those rajasic
stimulants like that coffee that alcohol those like spice ease spices that
everyone loves you know the chili the pepper those are very rajasic because
they keep your mind moving including garlic and onion too those are also
reducing so there mental stimulants and then the tamasic foods are definitely
things you want to stay away from if you want to pursue more of a sattvic diet so
some good pranic foods that I can give you and then you can start incorporating
into your life are things like rice barley wheat in small amounts bread in
small amounts as well definitely some legumes he wants mung dal
nuts tofu’s really good fruits like dates citrus mangoes apples raisins are
delicious some grapes get those in there too and vegetables you definitely want a
lot of leafy greens like spinach Swiss chard kale cilantro put in some
cucumbers potatoes are good in small amounts so nothing too heavy you want to
keep these channels as clear as possible going for more of a purifying effect and
sweeteners you can incorporate a little fresh honey some maple syrup or some
molasses too in small amounts and spices you definitely want to focus on some of
those moderate spices so fennel cumin cardamom cinnamon ginger are some good
places to start for a living more of that sattvic diet so some rajasic foods
that you want to stay away from are things like excessively hot spices like
hot mustard garlic onion hot peppers you want to stay away from sour foods as
well like chutney fermented foods pickles sauerkraut vinegar excessive
salt uses you definitely want to stay away from alcohol or coffee those are
all super stimulant to the mind and can cause more of a rajasic state of mind
and you definitely want to stay away from any blood of meat so any like super
red dark meat so all that juice that’s very rajasic food
some examples of tamasic foods that you definitely want to stay away from our
overly ripe foods anything from a can canned foods overly cooked foods old
food twice cooked foods overly processed foods flesh of meat refined sugar
alcohol tobacco and drugs those are all very tamasic type of foods that you want
to stay away from if you’re trying to pursue more of a sattvic diet plan in ayurveda and starting to incorporate those positive pranic foods like we talked
about so these were just a few examples of positive pranic foods so you can
start incorporating into your life to help you live more of a Suffolk diet
plan according to ayurveda so if you want to learn anything else more about the
sattvic lifestyle go ahead and check out some of the other videos I have on my
page have a like button let me know if you guys have any comments or questions
in the links below thank you for being here see you next time

7 Replies to “Positive PRANIC Food | Sattvic Diet Plan Ayurveda | Clareminded

  1. High quality dairy products such as milk cream ghee and yogurt are traditionally included in a saatvik diet. Sugar is included in some ayurvedic herbal preparations such as chyavanprash. The Master, BKS Iyengar , consumed sugar yogurt cream and drank coffee. He lived well into his 90s still doing yoga. I do not understand why so many modern day American practitioners exclude dairy products from the actual traditional sattvic diet.

  2. What about all the chemicals used to make and grow prancing pos alive foods ? Isn’t that the same as eating those chemicals etc

  3. Thank you for this info… I was eating probiotic foods like slightly pickled cabbage (just salt cured) and other vinegar based preservative (no processed foods) so I’m interested in learning more about this for clarity💜

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