Prim’s Mockingjay Braided-Bun Updo | Hunger Games Hairstyles

Prim’s Mockingjay Braided-Bun Updo | Hunger Games Hairstyles

100 Replies to “Prim’s Mockingjay Braided-Bun Updo | Hunger Games Hairstyles

  1. The ending video was so funny I was laughing so hard I started crying !!!!so funny there reactions were so different from each other !!Bailey was hilarious do they remember this ?

  2. Hi! Love this hairstyle! Can you please do some updos for shoulder length hair please? I just cut my hair like four months ago, and I'm tired of having it down all the time! Thanks! xo

  3. Can you guys do a tutorial on Katniss's perfect waves that she wears during Monckingjay!!! Btw, I love your channel/hairstyles

  4. Hi Mindy, i hpe u doing fine.
    please i'll realy love if you upload some pictures of the hairstyles to google, because i'm making a knd of book with all of them.
    thank you from panama! xoxo

  5. I'm doing all of this braids on my lil' sister… Funny thing: We have like the same age that Katniss and Prim. So I use Katniss' braids and she Prim's. 

  6. do you have any hair ideas for marching band? Like a bun to hide all the hair in our shako hats? I was actually thinking this would be a good one but I would like to find alot of interesting ones. Oh, and Brooklynn, Bailey, and Kamri are growing up beautifully! I love all of yalls videos

  7. Omg I love your hairstyles I love u I hope you respond!!! I am your biggest fan 😩😩❤️❤️💜💙💗💘💞💕💖💓

  8. I always love your tutorials. You explain it so easy. Her hair is so pretty mine is so stringy omg her hair is beautiful thanks so much for your videos they always help me out I think I am going to do a tutorial and I am giving yall all credit I liked and subbed thanks again😊

  9. Lol I always thought she looked like Primrose before I even watched this video! You made a great choice doing this hairstyle on her! 😂

  10. I always trying the braid tutorial with my sister. She have long hair, I think longer than Kamri, but my sister hair in the end is soooo thick. what should I do? and I always have problems with putting the baby pins

  11. Amazingly beautiful. You're tutorials are amazing. When I want to pull my hair up I go to your tutorials. Keep up the amazing tutorials.

  12. Oh my god as soon an I saw Kamri in prim hairstyles, and Brooklyn and bailey in Kataniss hairstyles, I realized you guys are the perfect hunger games family! Kamri is so beautiful, and a perfect prim! ❤️!!!

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