Ernesto, you’re going to break my scale! Let me weigh myself for a moment. Because I’ve heard that’s now illegal to be fat in Japan. And I want to know how much I weigh. Yes, me too. Since we came to Japan, we’ve noticed we’re getting thinner. Or at least not gaining weight. You can see it in our faces. Ernesto’s face is much slimmer. But his belly, not so much, eh? Hey! Look, look Ernesto! A chocolate shop! Wow!, how can this be, my god This comes perfect for what we will film today but, what’s this? this is even Spain themed. Look at this, Yuko, you can see a Barcelona [FC] bottle and the flag of Spain. There’s cocoa with “Churros” Japan uncut lately, Yuko, I’ve heard a rumour that there’s a law. that forbids, that says that it’s illegal to be fat in Japan. and this comes from a tweet from a friend on twitter. whose handle is “Danius Gameplays” Greetings , Daniel ! in which he says that he saw that in Japan it’s forbidden to be fat. I’ve searched on the internet , but nowhere it’s said that it’s forbidden to be fat. It doesn’t say that it’s forbidden , but that there’s some kind of regulatory measure of the weight of employees (Metabo law) and in some companies , also , not in all of them It’s something like for avoiding overweight, cholesterol problems… Yes, every year companies make tests like… investigation, right? In hospital it’s obligatory so if they’re fat, they’re a bit… They’re… “crappy” They’re not okay, right? And now that we’ve solved the mystery, then you must be thinking, why is there so many thin people in Japan, right? so we are going to say 10 reasons of why some Japanase, not all, keep fit And also show you this goes beyond laws and other things, it’s actually really simple some of the reasons are from internet and others are just logic. And it can help you to follow a diet! In Japan, food doesn’t have so many preservatives and it expires soon for example, in Spain, I was surprised that milk lasts so long, you know? and in Japan it’s the contrary, a lot of foreigners complain or get shock because some food like milk expire very quickly in fact, you buy food and it expires within a day or two. Something else I noticed when I came to Japan, and I think it’s one of the reasons they keep fit, is that a lot of people use bicycles or walk to places, and I’m talking about really big cities, like Tokyo where thanks to the train there are good connections so more people get to the station by bike but in the countryside people usually need to drive. So I guess, in towns there are more people who are overweight I think in towns food is cheaper. Here in Tokyo it’s more expensive and less quantity. Ah, so in towns people eat more. I think so. Well, in Tokyo you even see elderly people, who are 70 or 75, riding bikes like it’s nothing. My Grandma too. In fact, she recently fell, didn’t she? Yes. That’s why I think that so much walking and so much cycling also helps to be healthy In Tokyo people take much more care of themselves to go with trends They dress up really good In Narita I can’t find anyone well-dressed Then they need to watch their weight, right? Yes, to be really good looking. Honestly, something that drew my attention is that a lot of guys are very sensitive about their appearance. Then you notice a lot of people care a lot about their appearance. In Tokyo, everyone gets to work by train [or subway] so they usually don’t eat much between meals They spend a lot of time without eating, right? If you live far away, trains take a really long time And that is time that you’re not eating Because eating in the trains is forbidden In fact, we’re looking for something to eat And we found a Gundam Cafe We’re looking at the prices and suddenly we’re not hungry anymore Instead, when we’re in Akihabara, we will go to Gundam Cafe No, but even then when you are walking on the streets And you see a lot of restaurants, a lot of candy shops Even in the malls or train stations, there are entire floors dedicated to restaurants You can’t find another shop that is not a restaurant For example, we’re already eating The container is really hot Watch this! This is something that fattens In fact, i think that japanese eat a lot this kind of products At least, you always see japanese eating Through the shop windows, no matter the time. This kind of food isn’t very filling but… Rice does very filling Rice is very filling, and “remains longer in your stomach” Japanese people think that if you want to lose weight You should eat rice, not bread So my friends, let’s get ourselves started with the “rice diet” Because most Japanese people are slim people who are overweight have more [peer] pressure and they’re treated a bit differently and society looks down on them That’s my future If you’re bullied, you get angry and say: I’m going to slim down Additionally, shops don’t usually have large sizes, do they? Let’s just say that being very slim is the beauty standard here. and if you don’t fit that standard… it’s difficult… right? Well, in Japan there are plus sizes stores but you have to go to them if you’re fat. it’s a bit harsh, because you have to go into the store and people feel embarrased, perhaps. Interesting! For instance, you’ll see this anywhere, mannequins are very slim but, once in Japan finding sizes for larger people is really hard in other countries, however, it’s easier. At least in Spain, finding large sizes is a lot more common [for men] I’d like to add to this that for both foreigners and Japanese there’s a [different] “threshold” for people to be considered overweight. So for example, in Japan someone who’s “slightly overweight”… looks fine to us in Spain, and specially to Americans. however, for a Japanese they’d be considered [really] overweight Then, that line between being overweight or not is quite different. Here, normal means being much thinner. What would be very very thin for us, would be normal in Japan -Hopefully, you’ll understand my point.
-Yes In Japan, people don’t order soda or [other] sugary drinks as much in restaurants. Because restaurants usually serve free tea or water. In Spain, however, the first question from the waiter is “What would you like to drink?” We’d order soda because at times [bottled] water can be more expensive [in Spain] Plus, many people here often buy tea. Any vending machine has 3, 4 or 5 different brands of tea. They drink lots of tea, which [it’s said] helps you lose weight and so might be another reason [they’re slim] And also why they drink few sugary drinks. Sweets also don’t contain as much sugar. Yes, in fact, many foreigners complain about it, don’t they? Ernesto: About Japanese sweets not being… Right Yuko: It’s not real chocolate. Hey Yuko look, it’s a statue of me! It fits what I’d like to tell you guys now. Like Yuko said, there isn’t as much sugar in sweets and buns. People also don’t use as much oil at home when cooking. I remember that at home, in Spain, almost everything we ate was fried Here, however, we barely eat any fried food at home. So, after not using as much oil or eating as much fried food, you start noticing it in your weight. In Japan they don’t sell large [cooking] oil bottles. True, and even small bottles are more expensive than in my country, Spain, for example. But Yuko, hold on! We’re still leaving something out. And it’s also very simple I think in Japan everything is set up, or built for slim people For smaller people, at times. Take for instance, train seats… Sometimes you’d like to sit down but you just don’t fit, The train says “for 4 or 5 people”, I can’t remember exactly, But then you think “no way 5 people fit there” 5 Japanese people, yes. But maybe, 5 [average] Spaniards, don’t fit. The [seat] size is for slim people. -In the end, if you want a “normal” life, you have to adapt to that size. -Yes You have to be slim, it’s like “you have to fit in there” If you don’t fit, then you feel fat, don’t you? – Yes. Awful! On our next video, we’ll explain this in more detail. From my point of view. Considering my problems. My height. Keep an eye out! What was that? The house or the studio where the “mangaka” draws? Yes. On the video, he gives advice on how to become a [manga] artist. – A mangaka, right? – Yes, a mangaka. Here’s a Jump Shop, a manga shop. Cool! so those of you who like manga, now you know that there’s Jump Shop in Tokyo station, so “jump in” Ok, I give me a [karate] chop. I deserve that! They have Goku, Naruto, also One Piece. I wondered, How’s all this stuff related to today’s video? And, well there’s food of course. There has to be food! This one too, chocolate! Inside it, there’s chocolate. Mugiwara no boushi (Mugiwara’s hat). One Piece. Let the only reason why you should change your body be your health, or feeling better about yourself. Don’t let other people’s opinion change your way of life or your decisions, and remember even the mirror can trick you The differences between us only exist in the eyes of the beholders, for in the end… We’re all alike.


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