Heavenly Father in Christ Jesus, Lord we give honour and glory to your Holy name. Brethren we are before God, Where sin is not entertained. Any sin you have committed against your fellow human beings, And God the Father, Ask the Lord Jesus to forgive you. We pray in Jesus’ name. Our topic today, Ask your neighbour, Have you been troubled with many questions? Have you been troubled with many complaints.? Today, the messenger from God, Has been sent with a book of answers. What is your question today? The book of answers is before you. What is your trouble today? What are your complaints today? Kakande has been sent with a book of solutions. John 14:1. To the answer of your trouble. Listen, let not your heart be troubled, Jesus said,” let not your heart be troubled”. Believe in God and also in Christ Jesus. Because the trouble which is a thorn in your life, 2000 years ago He dealt with such troubles, And finished them. Is it sickness? 2000 years ago, such sicknesses where healed by Jesus. What type of sickness is troubling you? My master says, Let not your heart be troubled. He is more than able. Mathew 28:18. Listen to what my master says. He was given power in heaven and on the earth. Listen, He said, what so ever you should bound on the earth, Shall be bound in heaven. Is it poverty moving in your house? Today it will be on bondage. What mystery is around you? The book of answers is the Holy bible. Remember, God will never do anything without His word. You should believe in Him by His word. When I say you are free, Believe you are free. Go home believing that you are free. He has sent me, To give you the message. And this is the message which will free you. Remember, All God’s blessings, And the healing you are about to receive Are for the salvation of your soul. Don’t spoil this golden chance, Go and sin no more. Let’s turn to the sick. The Lord Jesus Christ has sent us his messenger, Prophet Samuel Kakande, With a book of answers to all our questions and problems. With this the Lord has blessed us with the holy spirit of truth, Who reveals to save and to heal. In the name Jesus. Prayer is going on for mr Kinene Fred. He has stomachache for 6 months, with bad dreams. He gentleman is being delivered. Fire. I want to see you there. Go. Go. Father I command the spirit of killing, stealing and destruction out. Out. Out, fire in the mouth. The Man of God prophesied unto him, reminding him of the woman and the kid. Whom he left without food, For it was the root cause of his trouble and suffering. Do you remember the woman and the kid? And they said that “Why do you leave us here without food”? We are hungry and we don’t have what to eat. I am called Kinene Fred, What the Man of God has said is true, I have understood the woman He’s talking about, With a child. And this child is mine. I stopped taking care of the child. And ever since I stopped taking care of that child. Just like the man of God has spoken and told you, She said that, ” Ok, you have left us without food or anything to eat, Yet you have too much money. I told her that on checking yourself,are you worthy to have a child with me a young man? then I went away. And ever since I spoke that word, I lost all the money. And for the prostitutes I can get a lot of money and give it to them, But my own child I am sure about, Because I resemble my father and my child looks exactly like us. Before I went to the witchdoctors, When I had just started getting problems at my workplace, And that was not the first day for me to get such problems. I got those problems before and I could walk and come to church here. Me who was a nobody, My master promoted me to a store keeper of the whole company. I have my grandfather who stays in Lungujja, Man of God prayed for him and he went to England. My grand father called me and what he wanted was to bring me back to church. Yet I had started going other ways. When I got problems again at my workplace, Before they terminated me from my work place, No one chased me from there. I went to the witch doctor, Brethren someone who had become someone one who had become and important person in Kampala city, That was the end of my job, I went back to the village, I even walked away from my home without no one chasing me. I ask the Lord my God, And the man of God, I get forgiven of all my sins. That I may get another Job and take care of my people. How do you start with your people and neglect the kids? I ask the Lord my God to forgive me, And give me the grace, That at this very moment after leaving this place, May He help me to get money. In the name of God, on Sunday, That I may bring that very kid here in church. Office give him one hundred thousand shillings, Give the mother of your kid forty thousand shillings, Tell her what the man of God has told you. And ask her to forgive you. If possible come with her. I will also pray for her. Now rise up, after prayer here, If you tend to go back to the witch doctor, It will never be well with you. Look at what happened to him. New and old members, From here, go and sin no more. Jesus has seen you. You will remember my words. In the mighty name Jesus. Father forgive him, Oh Lord for the salvation of his soul. From here go and sin no more. Don’t kill people. You have known your mistake, You are free, go. As mentioned in Isaiah 59:1-2. Mr Kinene’s iniquities are the the ones that separated him from his God. But since we have a more sure word of prophecy, The prophecy given unto him led to his deliverance and healing. He was revealed to the root cause of his problem and 3 days later he brought his wife, Together with his wife, whom he had abandoned as prophesied by the seer, Prophet Samuel Kakande. I am called Kinene Fred, I came here on thursday, I was jobless, And the Man of God prayed for me, And he told me in a prophecy that remember the woman of the kid. This is the cause of your suffering. I remembered immediately. I confirmed to the Man of God that I know the woman. I produced with her a kid. And I denied the kid. Because I denied her right from the pregnancy. And I would tell her, That the way you look and your appearance, Can you have a child with me the way I am and look, And she has taken a time, asking money from me. But by the time she asks money from me, In my pockets I can be having over two hundred thousand But I would tell her one word, That look for the people who are the class with you or those who look like you. I told her that word right from the time she was pregnant. That look for the people who are worthy to have children with you, I am not the father of your child. I totally refused to help her in any way. And the prayer I had for the child, That if God could help me, For the kid to die. For them to call that the child is dead. I would not burry. Because I had got my money, I had money as the Man of God said it. The Prophet told me that I should bring before him the mother of the child, Together with the child. I didn’t have any money, Jesus performed a miracle for me, And the Man of God gave me one hundred thousand shillings. He told me to get forty thousand shillings and give it to the mother of my child and here she is. This is the first amount of money that I have ever given to this lady in this world. After the Man of God praying for me, He sent me for the child and the mother. I have brought them and here they are. The mother of the kid, Did you sleep with another man to get this kid? No sir, the father of the child is him. Surely we have a more sure word of prophecy and Holy men of God speak as they are moved by the Holy ghost. But look at what satan can do. He made the father to hate the kid. God in heaven looked at Kinene, And whatever he was doing to this woman. And he judged. For that you will never get any coin. As the kid is not eating, Going hungry, Having nowhere to sleep, therefore the father should be like this. Brother or sister, whatever you’re doing, If you don’t ask Jesus to forgive you, It will come back to you. Woman what do you want him to do for you? I want him to assist my child in all his needs. I could tell him to support the young child, but he would refuse. I told him please give her fifty thousand he would refuse. But this has pleased me so much. I told him to bring me the child and he told me that I can’t afford to bring you the mother of this child. She’s so ugly that I can’t show her to you. He started talking ill of the child. That I wish that child dies I felt bad because when I looked at this child and my son there was no difference. Then I told her that now that you saw that you don’t need that child, you wish him death, Why did you bring the child to me . You would have ignored everything and not brought me the child. I thank God for what I have seen today. It’s my first time to see her. Me I want my son to marry this lady because I think she’s his wife from heaven. I ask Jesus to forgive me for denying my child. Yet he’s my real child. I ask the mother of the child to forgive me. For mistreating her. I ask my mother to forgive me. May she forgive me from the bottom of her heart. Because after me losing all my money, I was very furious with my mother, And I would talk ill words about the child. But I ask Jesus to forgive me. So that I don’t get that heart again. Of hating my own child. As I am before Jesus, There’s nothing God can bring unless He has first measured it. Thou I had very many beautiful women, Beautiful as they are there’s nothing I see in them. If Jesus has enabled me to marry this lady I will marry her. Now Lord Jesus has brought the family back, You will have four kids, Very beautiful girls. Now you will have money, Father give them a blessing, Thank you Lord Jesus for uniting them, And wiping away all their tears. In Christ we pray.


  1. ai yesu nsonyiwa ensobi zange zona zembade nkora rero ntegede nti mbade mwononyi nsaba yesu onsonyiwe onongose nsabye murinya eyo amina

  2. i ask jesus to heal me from back pain and swelling of my legs whenevr i put on shoes and go for work and pray for my forgiveness of my sins.Amen

  3. Lord forgive me all my sins I do knowingly and unknowingly that May affect my family and people around me like my parents and siblings

  4. please pray for me man of God am in triple with my boss here Saudi Arabia I say I wanted to go back home ad he no if I want they take me police so I don't no way .please remember me am from Kenya. this pple is.not good just neem too.

  5. Children are gift from God. dear Lord 4 give us our sins. dos da we do remember and da forgotten ones.thanks Jesus

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