PSTA Driving Away Hunger

Right now dozens of Pinellas County families are grocery shopping without spending any of their money. It’s all thanks to Feeding Tampa Bay and this new event they’re putting on with PSTA. Feeding Tampa Bay and the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority are teaming up. You see right here, people in line, it’s already packed. I think it’s wonderful they’re willing to help people. It’s meant to help the estimated 135,000 people in the county who struggle to be able to afford fresh food. So this event is part of the Leadership PSTA group project for the class of 2019. So we’re doing a partnership with Feeding Tampa Bay & PSTA. The partnership is first and foremost to host a mobile pantry event. We’re giving away 1 free box of food per household. One of the big things for us is to move our food distributions to a time and place where it works for people’s busy lives. We know that the people we serve are using PSTA resources to get to our food. So we try to make sure that food is accessible at schools and at bus stops and at places where people congregate. Well you know this started out as just a project of our leadership development class. And what’s actually happened is incredible to me. The line continues to string out all the way to where they got off the buses. It’s really surprising how many people have come out. But it just shows how important this is for people to get food. I think the partnership is a good one and it should continue. We’re finding where those struggles are both in transportation and in food and if we can fullfill both of those then that’s a great day. And I truly believe that what we need to do is give back in our community so many things that’s been given to us. I just want to say thank you to the PSTA team. for being creative and really innovative. It’s enough to try and move a million people around a community like Pinellas To be able to think forward and to think about the other ways the community can be served you have somebody sitting in your bus for 15-20 minutes it’s a great opportunity to see what else we can do to support them and their family.

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