Q&A with Darthluiggi, Ketogenic Diet OG – Keto gains FAQ, macros, strength training, bodybuilding

Q&A with Darthluiggi, Ketogenic Diet OG – Keto gains FAQ, macros, strength training, bodybuilding

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  1. Tristian, thanks for the great video's & info. You & a few others have inspired me to go keto. I have read both of Phinney's & Volek's LCHF books in addition to watching a ton of video's here on YT. I felt I was ready to make the switch so about 3 weeks ago I went all in on keto. No carb re-feed's of any sort are in the plans.

    As you can see in my avatar pic, I'm probably about 12% BF tops & I do put my time into the weight room. my macro's are at least 70% fat & the rest protein & trace carbs. Carbs are definitely way below the 50 threshold advocated by Phinney & Volek. At he most I'm eating 150 grams/ day of protein. Lots of grass fed butter, olive oil, coconut oil, 10 grams / day of fish oil, grass fed beef, salmon, farm eggs, avocado's & leafy green veggies. Maybe 20 grams / day comes from some GRASS FED whey & 20 grams from micellar casein. My bodyweight has gone from 190+ to under 185 in the last few weeks & while some of that I'm sure is water, I'm pretty sure some is fat too b/c I look leaner. I have also experienced NO STRENGTH LOSS in the gym! Gotten a  bit stronger actually!! So everything sounds great, right!?…..

    Well, yesterday I went out & got a blood glucose monitor. I took a blood reading expecting to see a reading of like 65 or something. To my shock my glucose was 90! I took it again right away b/c I couldn't believe it & it was the same. I checked it a few more times throughout the day & I saw readings as low as 83 but also as high as 94. Nothing in the 60's or 70's 🙁 . Checked it this morning fasted & it was actually 98!!

    I am really confused as to what's going on. I feel great but is it possible for me to be in ketosis at these high blood glucose levels? Sorry for the long message but I'm quite confused.

  2. Love these interview/collab videos. Very informative guys 👌 I have a channel as well…would love it if you checked it out and kept in touch

  3. In response to the carb refeed, i do this.once a month, i dont count but I must b consuming 20 to 30,000 over the weekend, i gain about 20 kbs but look massive, i don't feel sick or like shit, and i go right back into lchf like nothing?and resume to burn fat

  4. Tristian and Darthluiggi, quick question.
    What is your take on having a day where you go over your calories(cheat day, lets call it), however youre still eating no carbs. So basically, a cheat day consisted of more yummy fatty foods. What is your take on it? Is it better than carb ups or?

  5. This was sooo good, Darthluigi your the man! ^.^

    One question tho, you've been in ketosis for 14 years? So almost never in that time have you been out of ketosis? Isn't that really hard considering mexican food is very carb based?

  6. kind of a bit random, but what do you guys think of protein being redone for food labels, or atleast an extra section for amino acid profile of protein sources? I think that using protein content on food labels is misleading, as different sources can differ greatly.

  7. okay, i'm new to this but…is a keto diet pretty much you fasting for long periods…then trying to eat tons of veggies and some proteins and high sat fat in the small period of time you are actually hungry?! i can't wrap my brain around this…i want to try it but..something about it doesn't seem feasible to me… from what i understand…fast for 12-24hrs (some people can go longer) then eat a ton of lets say…spinach …some fish or grass fed …organic meat… and cook the meat in butter? or something? sounds like a normal carbless diet combined fasting… don't mean to sound ignorant or rude or w.e i'm honestly confused …someone please enlighten me about this… if you can…

  8. Quit spreading that "cant build muscle at a deficit" crap. Your deficit in Keto comes from fat. As long as your deficit is not above what your fat stores can provide you can build muscle just fine with frequent protein and exercise.

  9. I have a theory about why our natural hunger, which emerges through keto, can tend to be pretty low. My theory: Less body fat made us lighter and faster hunters. And that's why I believe evolution somehow got us here.

  10. i realy enjoy keto, stable energy, no hunger, lower bpm, digestion and so on. the only negative thing for me is that it seems like i look abit smaller and less veiny compared to when im carbed up. helps? 😛

  11. Any squat with weight on the back is very sever on the vertebrae VERY SEVER!
    If you have a young strong back then you can get away with it, for a while longer, but people with marginal or chronic back problems are RUINING themselves doing these weight bearing squats~~> BIG TIME!! Throw in poor form (the norm) ~~>you see tragedy at every public gym, from poor form lifting improperly..
    Even with marginal back problems, most caution is required of the elderly, pre-injured (surgeries) and especially young teens with immature bone growth.
    A proper exercise must un-weight any joint not NOT compress it. Un-weighting the joint is the lavational phase of joint movement-indeed the first lesson in levitational arts.
    Good information on video, thanks guys.

  12. My question on nutrient timing was not about number of meals or eating around workout. It was about eating right proportions of protein to fat at every meal because lean protein meal seems to screw up many insulin resistant dieters.

  13. Regarding that keto Quest bar experiment, I believe the blood sugar rise was consistent with the protein in the bar (gluconeogenesis).

  14. Am I not getting much benefit if I refeed only to about 300 g of carbs? Simply can't eat too much food 🙂 lol refeed about every 10-14 days or tipically whenever I need an extra boost in the gym for PRs

  15. So I was just watching this again, and you ask Luis "When does the next Star Wars come out, let's see your psychic powers" and he's like "December 2015" … mind blown!

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