Hello everybody, How are you? With us everything is fine! And today again we will react to Alip Ba Ta playing a System Of a Down song Toxicity. And we hope you enjoy this reaction! And take the opportunity to follow our Instagram! And you who are subscribed to the channel, enable notifications. This way you always stay informed about the news of the channel. about the news of the channel. Alif Ba Ta is a great artist, we have a lot of reactions to him Alip Ba Ta is a great artist, we have many reactions to him. Link to access at the top of the screen. And we’re very curious to see him play System Of Down, a sound very different from the other songs we hear him play. So let’s go to the most important The most important now is Alip Ba Ta! Let’s go to the reaction! Very good! Great! it’s the first time we’ve heard him sing and he sings well. Obviously he sings according to the song it would not be harmonious if he sings very powerfully You need to follow the sound, otherwise an imbalance may occur. No doubt! We are really surprised to hear him sing we had just seen him play, and play very well! And as far as we know he’s not a singer. And many of you have commented that he is not a professional musician, Playing acoustic guitar is not his profession. But he plays great! And now he’s also singing well for someone who is not a professional singer. there are some notes that were not well designed but there are also nice things. But it’s really cool that he combines the art of playing the acoustic guitar with the art of singing. And I’m surprised that he was so good at adhering to the atmosphere and harmony of the song. Yes, he has a good sense of how to sing according to what he is playing. By the way, he creates some passages using Falsetto, and it gets really interesting and also blends in very well with the acoustic climate of the song. Very good! In fact he uses different techniques. I realized that he used some techniques that I had not seen so far he moves his hands a lot, but not in a way that everyone is used to seeing. He makes moves, uses different techniques. Not everyone can play like he plays deeper knowledge of acoustic guitar is required and he knows how to do that He knows how to handle the acoustic guitar very well He knows how to perform a very beautiful sound! And that makes it look like he has been playing for many years What a great artist! Great musician! Right? It is true. But this is our opinion and now we want your opinion. Did you like this performance of Alip Ba Ta? Make more suggestions, and if you liked this video share it enable notifications, and follow our instagram. We hope you enjoyed this video and see you in the next reaction! Tchau (Goodbye)


  1. Can y'all react to Selena quintanilla the last concert?? she's an amazing performer worth checking out, especially her disco medley . Great reaction, btw.

  2. Thank you mr n mrs for react alip ba ta, this is my request long time ago, thank you very much yours show this video, succese is always, gos bless you, greeting alipers indonesia

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