Reasons For Stop Eating Meat Immediately

Reasons For Stop Eating Meat Immediately

Barkha Dutt: We live in times when faith and spirituality have become very inflammable Sadhguru: Don’t put them in the same basket. Barkha Dutt: Okay, let’s talk about faith first. Sadhguru: Mhmm Barkha Dutt: We live in times when faith for certain has become a very inflammable, easily politicized conversation. If faith should have been personal today, it’s not. Today you actually have decisions taken in the name of somebody’s faith being injured. So you mentioned food right now, I read somewhere that you said there’s nothing religious about the act of food, just eat what you like. Sadhguru: No, no, no, I didn’t say that. Barkha Dutt: Eat what’s good for you? Sadhguru: I said eat what’s good for you. Barkha Dutt: Okay, eat what’s good for you. Sadhguru: It’s a very different thing (Laughs). Barkha Dutt: I correct myself (Sadhguru laughs) – eat what’s good for you. But today we have a highly politicized conversation around banning beef in the name of faith. Sadhguru: It’s definitely not good for you to eat it. Barkha Dutt: Beef or any meat? Sadhguru: I’ll come to that. Finish it, finish the question. Barkha Dutt: Okay, okay. So I’m offering that as one example of how I see a politicized conversation taking place around faith. How do you reconcile the faith of a large number of people with questions of individual liberty? I know I have read that you like books written by Salman Rushdie. We were the first country to ban him again in the name of faith. How do we reconcile faith with individual liberty? Sadhguru: See, it’s always been said “faith moves mountains.” Yes, but it freezes your mind. But the greatest crime you can do on this planet is to move a mountain. You should not move a mountain, it should be where it is, it has not just dropped from somewhere, it’s grown because of various forces functioning in a particular way, phenomenal activity has happened to build a mountain. You should never move a mountain but (Laughs) people with frozen minds always want to move a mountain, okay? Having said that, when we say faith, it’s an import for this culture. We have never had faith in this culture. You must look back little beyond thousand years since we’ve been under occupation. Here, we have been told always, “Your life is your karma.” Karma means action. Whose action? Your action. So what we are saying is your life is entirely your making. There is no someone sitting up there and managing this for you. This is entirely yours but for every action that you perform whether physical, mental, emotional, energy-wise – whatever kind of action you perform, there is bound to be a consequence. If you’re ready for the consequence, do whatever. If you’re going to cry about the consequence, control the action right now. Based on this Now you came to food, see the food consumption has been looked at very carefully in this country. If you just bring this back, the world will be healthy, do you understand? Here, we have identified different type of people, what they should eat. If you’re doing menial jobs, how you should eat. If you’re doing trading, how you should eat. If you’re into spiritual process, how you should eat. If you’re into education, how you should eat. Why this is is each person needs a different type of building of the body. You want to run hundred meters next to Mr. Bolt, what kind of food you should eat. You just want to work in Delhi, what kind of food you should eat. You want to think in a certain way, what kind of food you’d… you should eat. For all these, we have very clear prescriptions. Now when it comes to food, what it means is, we are taking another life, whatever that is it may be plant life, animal life, whatever you’re taking another life, ingesting it and you have to make it your life – that’s the whole thing. What is your life, what is that life, if you look at it, all life on this planet is coming from the earth. This body (Gestures) is also the same soil, this (Gestures) is also same soil, if there is a (an?) earthworm, that is also same soil but see how it has become, how this (Gestures) has become, how that (Gestures) has become. If I give you… You like a mango or a banana? Barkha Dutt: Mango. Sadhguru: Mango. I know, (Laughs) you’re ruling the state right now (Referring to the Aam Aadmi party (translates as The Common Man party), Now, if you eat a mango, this mango becomes a woman in you. If I eat a mango, the same mango becomes a man in me. If a cow eats a mango, the same mango becomes a cow in the cow. Why is this happening? There is a certain information or software in you whatever you eat it transforms it into a woman. If I eat, it transforms into a man. If a cow eats, that becomes a cow. So every life is happening the way it is happening because of a certain dimension of information or in modern terminology, let’s call it software. There is a certain software, which is an arrangement of information. Now, the idea is to eat as simple a software as possible. If you eat that kind of life, which is a very simple software, your ability to override that software and make it entirely a part of you is very good. As that software gets complex, more and more complex, your ability to integrate it goes down. So, especially if it’s a creature which has some sense of thought and emotion, if it has emotion, then you should not eat it. This is the understanding. An animal, which has any emotion, displays certain emotions especially if it displays emotion which is near to human emotion, you should not eat it because it will not integrate itself. That animal nature will start manifesting itself. Or in other words, in India, today maybe in cities people do not know, you see in the villages, people have very intimate relationship with a cow. They have drunk the milk of that cow, their children are drinking the milk of that cow, there is a very deep relationship. If you do not know this, cow is one creature, if something happens to you and you are in some kind of grief or misery, you don’t have to be near the cow, wherever the cow is in your house, it will it’ll start shedding tears for you. You know, I’ve seen this with my eyes, I couldn’t believe – when somebody is dead in the house it… what does a cow know, it is somewhere, simply tears flowing. So when it’s… has such deep emotions, if you kill it, it’s like killing a human being, it’s murder or it’s cannibalism. So because of that this is not a faith thing, this is not a religious thing, we thought this is a fundamental sense. Why When we are hungry, why can’t I cut you up and eat you? What’s wrong (Laughter)? What’s wrong, I’m asking? Barkha Dutt: But what you’re saying should be about many more animals than just the cow. Sadhguru: Yes, yes of course. Barkha Dutt: And when it becomes about only the cow, then there is a… there is certainly a perception Sadhguru: I… It is not Barkha Dutt: …that it is a political decision or a religious decision. Sadhguru: No, no, I am not talking about the whatever the laws that are happ Barkha Dutt: This is not about people getting up and saying, “It’s cruel to be… to be a meat-eater.” That would be a different argument. Sadhguru: Hmm, I am not even talking about cruelty. Even cutting a plant is cruel, in my experience but you have to do it. But if you are conscious of it, you will do it to the minimum possible extent, not do it wantonly, that’s the whole thing. Now, about this political ban about cow slaughter or whatever, this has many things. One thing is there is a sensitivity, once you drink milk from the cow, she is like your mother. Killing your mother and eating her up is something people cannot digest in this country. Still eighty percent of the people belong to that category and they’re… they’re hugely there’s a huge emotion, such a (an?) emotion, which because they’ve always been made to be docile in a certain way, they have not violently … reacted to it but in some places it has happened, in villages and other places. There is already a beef ban in many villages just by norm, not by any law, that you don’t bring these kind of thin… things into the village. I am not saying you must ban it or not ban it. I am saying the sensitivities of your population, you… without considering, you can’t go do this blatantly. Because it is growing, it’s becoming a growing business; India is becoming a major exporter of beef, that’s not right. Even if somebody ate something, it is up to them, it’s their personal taste, whatever but now you’re promoting it and you’re making it grow. There is serious concern but our people don’t express it, our people don’t go out on the street and not going to kill anybody because they killed a cow. So ban is not what is needed, more education was needed rather than banning.

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  1. Consume less meat as it causes deforestation, global warming not for health reason. Grass fed beef is one of the best alternative for healthy fatty acids if you're not into sea-food

  2. it's really difficult to understand what he try to explain !!! he don't say what is the main reason that we should stop to eat a cow meat !!!

  3. My son just turned 4 he doesn't eat meat, chicken, eggs he love veggies! We always laugh is this child a vegan 😂😂

  4. I never liked muscle meat, but animal fat taken with some form of starch is awesome.
    The best part of the bacon is cleaning the pan with bread.

  5. Im storry, but you are dumb. The human body has evolved to eat me at. Plus the whole spiritual aspect of eating is BS.

  6. I stopped eating beef and pork. Pigs are considered smarter than dogs. Very intelligent animals. How do you justify eating pigs, but honoring cows. I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just curious. Thank you.

  7. If god didn't want us to eat meat why did he give us canines??? And why carnivores don't have incisor and they can't digest vegetables?? Why can't herbivores digest meat???
    Get yourself educated and stop listening to this dumb fool!!!!

  8. Genesis scripture states people ate no meat (because God didn't allow eating meat) before the Great flood (Noah's ark). After the flood, food was scarce, so "God" allowed people to eat animals (because either vegetation was scarce or to avoid eating other people).

  9. Cows were the tractors/backbones of Indian (and for many other nations) farming. Sad that now people are slaughtering them. Not to mention, cattle poops, are great fertilizers & flammable.

  10. Jagadish Vasudev is undoubtedly a VERY wise man.

    However, if anyone considers him a "Sadhguru" then kindly explain to me how a so-called "prophet” (Jagadguru) can possibly support the two most PERNICIOUS institutions in the history of the world…

    F.I.S.H. Paragraph 28. Feminism is the penultimate evil at present because feminism is based on the misguided assumption that women are equal to or even superior to men. Although a female can exhibit superior traits, skills, etcetera, to some men, a woman can never have AUTHORITY over a man. Truth be told, no true man would ever descend to the level of accepting counsel from any of his subordinates. A man should fully obey his appointed masters and never emasculate himself by submitting to the dictates of a female. Feminism and democracy are guaranteed to destroy society, as can be clearly seen at present.

    However, feminism will NEVER EVER be destroyed until the most pernicious institution is first destroyed:

    F.I.S.H Paragraph 26. Democracy is evil because the masses will invariably choose the murderous Barabbas over the good King Jesus. This planet is surely doomed unless the most pernicious institution ever known to man (democracy) is replaced by the only legitimate form of government (monarchy – preferably a good monarch, though even a bad king is preferable to being ruled by an elected official who can never be good). Most of the problems in human society are directly or indirectly attributable to this relatively modern phenomenon, since it is the government’s role and sacred duty to enforce the law. Just because good and bad are relative, does not imply that they do not exist. They do exist but are relative. A democrat can never be good, despite appearing so.
    One of the many sinister characteristics of democracy, communism and other evil forms of governance, is the desire for their so-called “leaders” to attempt to control or at least influence the personal lives of every single citizen.
    For example, in the wicked, decadent nation where this holy scripture was composed, The Southland (or Australia as it is known in the Latin tongue), the demonic government tries and largely succeeds in controlling the rights of parents to properly raise, discipline and punish their children according to their own morals, limiting legitimate powers an employer has over his servants, persecuting religious leaders (even to imprisonment and death, believe it or not) and even trying to influence what people eat and wear. Not that a government shouldn’t control what its citizens wear in public, but it should ensure that they are modestly dressed, which is hardly the case in Australia and similar nations. Basically, the worst of the democratic governments promote or at least permit all things contrary to God’s perfect and pure will such as adultery, fornication, prostitution, pornography, homosexuality, gambling (even running lotteries themselves), illegitimate abortion of poor innocent unborn children, irreligion, drug addiction, disrespect for authority and promoting materialism and ignorance via a powerful network of institutions of miseducation (so-called “schools, colleges and universities”).
    Let it be known however – democracy can not and will not endure. The truth shall triumph!
    Democracy is only acceptable within large business corporations, where the shareholders must vote on who will be the company bosses and other matters.

    To read the remaining thirty-eight paragraphs of “A Final Instruction Sheet for Humanity”, which the God of all gods has graciously given to His Prophet on Earth, email: [email protected]
    with the acronym “FISH” in the subject field.

  11. This same man says in another video, I think he was in America that people can eat anything they want.Then he says not to eat beef.Contradicatory rubbish.

  12. You cannot word-play and make convoluted arguments out-of-context with saying or quotes that are already mountains…"Don't move mountains" contradicting yourself old "Frozen" asshole.
    But I do agree with him about how religion is obviously bullshit with words like "faith" which translates in fact to foolish belief in because you don't already know.

  13. Hhhhhh I have never seen before stupid man like this hhhhhhh
    Vegetables are also have emotional why you cutting them and eating so you drink coconut is milk hhhhhh it's also your mother my friend hhhhhhhh stupid gay

    Everything is belong to God everything is created by God when he granted you to enjoy everything then hhhhhhh

  14. That woman seems so obnoxious and she can't even sit and listen to Sadhguru without being distracted. She has no interest in his thoughts and appears to feel she knows everything already.

  15. Gods,cherubs,angels,messengers,archangels,and now we call them…. aliens..they have a messege from our father to humanity..RESPECT LIFE THE WAY HE HAS CREATED IT.No more lies,wars,criticism,sarcasm,hate,resentment,no more killing and eating innocent beings(ANIMALS),they said that a planet without animals wouln'dt survive.We are only months away from seeing them in the sky, there's going to be millions of them.The army of light of our teacher JESUSCHRIST is ready to get rid of evil, the fight is not against humanity, but we need to understand that only rule that he has, not against us but towards us RESPECT LIFE.If it flies,let it fly,if it swims,let it swim,if it walks on four,let it walk,if it looks like you respect that.The "angels"don't have wings..they have spaceships…they don't play trumpets…the spaceships are making the noises,google "THE HUM"they travel in other dimmentions that's why we can't see them.lets welcome them.

  16. To everyone that thinks humans shouldn’t be as equal as animals take your pet dog or whatever pet you have or if you don’t have a pet pretend you have one and obviously you would love it so much you may not realize but that is just as important as a mosquito because they are both living and all living things have feelings some people say eating a plant is just like eating a animal and you are not that wrong because they still have feelings but humans like any other animal have to eat one of the 2 the reason we choose plants because it is obviously healthier with more nutrients just because you like the taste of something does not mean that it is 100% healthy everyone who agrees will get a subscriber

  17. so in the end, he basically said the cow is like your mother so don't eat your mother what a dumb explanation of why not to eat meat. and about cow tears most of the time When cattle have cloudy, runny eyes, the inflamed and
    painful eyeballs and eyelids are probably infected with a virus or bacterium or damaged from sunlight or cancer.

    These conditions include pink eye, IBR virus eye, cancer
    eye or photo-eye.

  18. Well i think the main reason why muslim eat meat is that the islam is came from iran and there is almost nothing to eat except meat

  19. My father always sayed to me as a boy/ Yu want to be strong as a Bull, Yes, Eat what the bull eats do not eat the Bull!!

  20. #7 in the gospel of Thomas talks the same about what you eat. Not sure if this gives some credibility to the gospel or the gospel gives some credibility to this info

  21. Whether this person seems to be like wise one but if he don’t believe in JESUS for what He claims Him to be then this so looked wise and knowledgeable person is just a ‘Foolish One’. – from🇳🇵

  22. Dear,
    Did you have an any idea for kerla state hindus..? And More thn 98% hindus are eating beef and there ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist). But my question is why kerla hindus are eating beef and why beef not ban in kerla?

    Please dont bad coments (comemt viewers)

  23. I stop eating meat and now I am diabetic with sugar level of 412 whenever I start eating egg chicken it goes back to 150 to 200

  24. She is very confrontational and is really not listening…she just wants to react…you can tell alot by her body language

  25. The problem with telling people 'not to eat meat' and giving them such a presentation that makes many people wish to believe this message, is that… there are many nutrients no longer found in our food supply (vegetables/fruit) that the body NEEDS to live. Kind of like a remote control needing 2 Double AA batteries, our body needs certain nutrients. And these nutrients used to be in the soil, and were absorbed by vegetables grown (& fruits) which humans would consume (typically raw, without cooking, which ensured to maintain their nutrients at the highest level). The soil was depleted and poisons were put in. In addition, YES there are SOME nutrients ONLY found in animal products, such as beef. It is well known in college when students are most frequently experimenting with new things in their lives, that when someone adopts the life style of being a vegan, their minds begin to dwindle. Specifically, and this is most times reported by women/young women/girls, that they begin to lose their memory. Their grades begin to tumble, drastically and quickly. The students that listen to their teachers, the ones who know what's happening and truly care for the student, will hear them be told to consume a teaspoon of cooked beef. A few times a week, that is all. Once they begin to do that, they regain their memories and grades begin to rise. Not sure if it's Iron or something else in the beef… but it works.

    Be careful when suddenly changing your diet, and stopping consuming certain food groups. Our bodies NEED fat, good fats. Animal fats are a good source of this. These good fats are used by our bodies to create hormones, necessary to repair the body. Necessary to help the body continue growing, and becoming an adult from a child. A healthy adult. When you are a child, young, it is MOST dangerous to make these drastic changes as they will literally have a PERMANENT IMPACT on the rest of their lives….

    Do not play games with your body without doing your own personal research and understanding how you are impacting your body and mind. You only get one.

  26. Sadhguru seems confused. To truly understand the nutritional needs of human species (or any other species), one has to understand the biology of that species. The human species evolved while eating meat, not mangoes and bananas. Saying something random like the unintelligible explanation given by Sadhguru doesn’t give any insight into the nutrition or its requirement for biology of a human species or any other species. These are tales that have come out from his subjective perspective, not facts.

  27. Wrong, Beef or aurochs , wild cows were eaten during the Vedic times. And people having intimate relationship with a cow is idolatry. India is the largest exporter of Beef.This dude is a charlatan. Moderation is key

  28. Initially I was consuming meat regularly but now very often I take meat once in a month .. I feel very happy, healthy and even no fever or cough since 2010…very soon I hope I will become completely vegetarian..

  29. I was huge meat eater could survive without meat every alternative day …ever since I quit I have been very active and my body listen s to me …and my thoughts are in my control also have become really fucking smart if I only knew I would never been a non vegetarian…

  30. Dear viewers,
    Pl consider one thing that
    God/Nature created two types of species
    1. Vegetarian
    2. Non vegetarian
    Naturally vegetarian species not eat non veg food for ex. Buffalo, cow, horce,zebra, bulls, etc.
    And non vegetarian species not eat veg food for ex. Tiger, lion, etc.
    Non vegetarian species drink water by toungue and vegetarian species drink water by mouth.
    Diff. Is that one should either veg or non veg. Both not .
    A non vegetarian species can survive only on meat but man can not survive only on meat . Then how can anyone give logic for non vegetarian mans.
    Non vegetarian species can directly eat rough meat but man only eat meat by processing.
    So point is that Human is vegetarian by naturally. So be vegetarian.

  31. Thank you so much for supporting this movement. We need to stop supporting this tradition we have created as a species that is herbivorous!!

  32. Killing sheep dogs cats pigs all animals
    If it's only cow then it's your God
    Plant eating is not cruel good from God that created heaven and earth

  33. Red meat consumption is poisonous, it causes heart disease, colon cancer, bladder, prostate and breast cancer, apart from that your karma gets heavier and darker.Moreover, when we eat animals we are eating corpses, is the same as eating a dead person.I wish I could see humans being whipped out from Earth, because they are evil.

  34. Plants have no Nerveous system, no brain, so they dont feel pain, Animals feel pain and faith in nature or god

  35. You may also read a book called the Present which is available for free on the website called Global Truth Project. The books is about the truth of his life and its life changing. Blessings:)

  36. Eating meat is a consequence of sin entering the world, it should teach us the awful price of rebelling against the creator.
    Like he's wise in some ways but ironically has missed his own point in accepting the consequence of action. Death is a part of life, it comes for all living things, you can not defeat death, veganism does not defeat death.
    Better realise you need saving that's what death teaches.
    Only Jesus can save only Jesus has defeated death.

  37. Meat eating should be banned but some communities shall relish the same stealthily. Hygienic and scientific reasons posted accurately will tentamount to some positivity

  38. A cow and a mother is similar . After we are born our mom feeds us her breast milk and as we grow day by day a cow with its milk feed s us. Still we kill this innocent animal for the sake of meat considering its taste for our tongue.

  39. Well moving a mountain is not a literal moving. This taken from the bible and clearly taken out of context it states "if you have faith big as a mustard seed, you can move a mountain " which is referring to mountain like obstacles in your life. Not literal mountains. All animals are not fit for human consumption, but if a person consumes it, never would we think they take the personality of that animal. That's like saying the cow eats grass, so he becomes like the grass. This has hints of Reincarnation and that is a religious belief. Throughout mankind's history cow (bovine) has served in many facets. But worshipping animals has also been practiced like ancient religions. Their influence are still observed today…..

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