Rescuer Finds Starving Momma Dog and Her Puppies In Massive Quarry

Rescuer Finds Starving Momma Dog and Her Puppies In Massive Quarry

– Oh my god, there’s
a dead one underneath. (gentle piano music) You see this huge area, I
mean, this is just like… And they can travel in this whole area. It’s impossible to catch them. And see, they have all
these little hiding spots. Maybe a dog slept here, maybe they squeezed through the fence. All these little tiny caves, almost. Give me one second. Let’s see if this guy, sometimes I talk to him a couple of times if he has seen any dogs lately. Hi. (speaking in foreign language) You haven’t seen any? Hola. Oh, what is that? Doesn’t that sound like puppies? Shit. (gentle piano music) Husky has been seen down here, which is the father of the puppies, and my assumption is
he might be the father of Momma Quarry also, I think she had puppies
with her own father. (gentle piano music) (puppy squealing)
You’re cold, honey. – [Rescuer] This one, desperately in need of medical attention. You want me to leave this in there? (gentle music)
(camera shutter clicking) (gentle guitar music) (camera shutter clicking) – [Rescuer] Come here, baby. Here, honey. Come here. Come on. (gentle guitar music) (gentle piano music)

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  1. God bless the rescuer.  I don't understand how people can just dump animals and walk away with a clear conscience.  I'm glad this had a happy ending, except for the 2 puppies who didn't make it, but it still breaks my heart to see what they went through.

  2. Momma was so emaciated she was just skin. All her ribs stuck out and her hip bones. Sadness was the only thing in her eyes. This wonderful rescuer went to so much effort to rescue the puppies and the mom. It was wonderful to see the transformation with well fed puppies and especially mom. Then, miracle of miracles mom became trusting and allowed herself to be loved, petted, and her eyes changed to joy. Bless all the families that adopted the puppies. God bless this wonderful rescue lady for her love of the abused and abandoned dogs. She is their guardian angel.

  3. Please take a look at Momma Quarry's sister Maya, whom I also rescued from the quarry

  4. This story pulled my heartstrings no less than the many others I've recently viewed. These folks are just wonderful, caring people. Lucky are the critters they find.

  5. please tell me 2 of her pups did not die because you rescued the mother first and they went without food or drink for a whole day😔…that apart good job!👍

  6. I have something else to say.. write your congressman your senator tell them to help change the animal cruelty laws.. make it a felony with huge fines.. maybe then the heartless humans who did this STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY !

  7. What a cute little momma dog <3 And it was so great to see her and her beautiful puppies healthy and happy. Bless you for helping them!

  8. I love you. I cried like 3 times watching this video . You have such a beautiful soul. I respect you so much

  9. Thanks for not giving up. I see trailers there so it's possible the dog belonged to a trucker & she got loose, but he had to leave to deliver another load. I used to drive big rig, unfortunately it happens a lot. I've seen plenty of stray dogs & cats waiting in truck stops for their owners to return. I've tried to feed them but they are too scared to come close so I just leave the food. God bless

  10. cart believe what I see some times you would not do this to your ganny so why do it to fbabys shitbagsxxxx

  11. Thank you for working so tirelessly to find those precious puppies! I just can't imagine a life without a dog or two by my side! Every human should have a dog and every dog should have a human. We are meant to love each other:)

  12. How can we as a human (race) treat an animal that gives nothing but love and trust such neglect. Breaks my heart to see such neglect,,, it gives such an injection of hope in my heart that people just like her (us,we) like our furry companions will survive with just the smallest amount of love and hope. If they can fight till the last breath we should give no less to them. If we don't then we are no less important than the (humans) that threw them away

  13. Best thing to do is to feed the mother gain her trust put a long lead on her & tell her to take you to her babies so you can help them. They usually will ~ they are desperate for food, shelter & care. God bless you for helping these lovely creatures. : )

  14. they died they tried it's the only thing they do they yelped she helped she saved the day for them. for them

    👍 or 👎 if you like

  15. if she had puppies with her father then the puppies would have problems and need a lot of medical Care and they would be likely only live up to 5 or 8 years old

  16. Let's Fight for Those who Can't Fight for Themselves….                                       EARTHLINGS — Documentary

  17. thankyou for helping and saving and improving animals life making them lead a happy descent healthy life awww dogs are really precious and lovely and I hope everyone adopt homeless and stray animals and give them a lot of hygienic food and water and shelter to live love and affection and respect animals #animalrights #adoptdontshop 🐾

  18. Why would you take a mother dog away from her puppies at all. The least you could have done is put her on a leash and played puppy sounds from your phone so she would lead you back to her puppies. Rescues need to quit taking mother dogs unless they get the puppies at the same time. The other puppies probably would have survived if you did things the correct way!

  19. I've seen this video before but it was very short. But very happy that you guys found puppies. They actually looked sick without food from their starving mother. Even momma dog was not trusting anyone. She was still very afraid of humans. You guys make a big difference by rescuing them. And I think each one of us should be able to rescue when we find them

  20. This is sad that only three babies Dog survived. Place human-dog friendship and great love above everything, in first place. STOP KILLING DOGS. * BAN breeding Dogs.  Forbid Dogs euthanasia. BAN poisoning Dogs.  STOP HIGH KILL SHELTERS. STOP KILL SHELTERS COMPLETELY. Animals must be with only those, that can provide them with the best care and real love.
    Dogs are the most tortured animals in the world. Every year, millions of dogs are thrown out into homelessness. They are needlessly bred, mistreated, tortured, killed through homelessness and by pervert caretakers who breed dogs for sale or for food, leather, fur. BAN CRUELTY TO ALL DOGS. THE LAW MUST BE CHANGED. Ban using Dogs to fight. Stop chaining Dogs. Ban leaving Dogs outside in Winter and bad weather – Dogs must be with the best Caretakers in loving homes. Dog Lovers must do more, even with giving opinion.
    Dogs that are not wanted should be put down with morphine, if they cannot be put for adoption and taken by very loving persons.
    Ban dog breeding. Dogs should live up to 100 years, like the Dingo's in ecological and clean nature, where soil, water, air and food were pure.
    Almost all shelters should be closed, except a few that are government approved and sponsored to preserve the species, and where the dogs will be bred in very small amounts for the pure love of the species – not through rape that is done by most breeders, or even forcing dogs to mate, or in-vitro which is also forcing to breed. A loving owner does not have to sterilize his pets because his/her care is so good that mating is not allowed. Sterilization is against nature, it's very painful, deprives the body of needed physiology, hormones, deprives the body of a natural way of cleansing itself and accelerated aging, also causes psychological changes that are unnatural. Dogs were since thousands of years humanity's friends around the world, among all the other animals. Within the last decades, in literature, within scientific circles, among artists and also among common folks – dogs are being treated as best friends and loved the most.
    Stop using Dogs and all other animals for testing in labs.  What happened with all these sweet Dogs, and what will happen ? This Dog mother and her babies were rescued, and found new Families who love them. All channels, organizations, should check on their Dogs ( rescued, adopted, having, showed…). Wishing You sweet all Dogs loving forever hearts, good homes and the best Caretakers.

    Every dog at home, must have a litter box accessible at all times, because this is the animals health, it suffers without it, and this is a cause of pains and ailments which become more severe over time.  Almost all owners mistreat their dogs, ordering them to hold their needs and relieving themselves only when it is convenient for them.  The dog is the only animal in the world, that man forces to relieve itself only when it is proper for him/her, which is unacceptable abuse.  A dog must clean its body as often as it needs, by itself and whenever it needs it.  A dog is the only pet friend kept at home that cannot – is not allowed to – relieve itself at home.  When we take a dog home to be our friend – and all dogs should be treated as such – it needs, close to its bed, a litter box.  Especially when it is older or sick, because it can have more than one bed at home, depending on the apartment/house size.  These places must be dry, warm and clean, but not hot or cold, not where there are chemicals.  The bed must be well washed and very well rinsed to not leave any chemicals, like for small babies.  It is not understandable, and not forgivable, that people keep dogs at home without a litter box, and they say that they love dogs and that dogs are their friends.  Many people abuse dogs and even throw them out on the street (make them homeless), because dogs can't keep their needs and relieve themselves at home at some point.  Some even have their dogs put down for this.  That's why many dogs that suffer, because they cannot relieve themselves at home, and suffer pains, have difficulties with breathing, and increasing ailments – can sometimes vandalise things at home, are restless, howl, cry or lie and cannot move.

    A doggie toilet can also be a canalized shower tray/shower base.   Dogs should never use a human toilet, because it is dangerous for them, not only difficult.  Respect their abilities.

    Remember that a dog feels like a person – suffering, pain, the need to relieve itself, it needs to go out and get fresh air and movement.  It needs to be able to move at home and outside, and be safe.  People are responsible for their safety.

    A dog must have drink as much clean water, as it needs.  A dog cannot eat only food that is made specifically for dogs, especially low quality, because it will get very sick.  No irradiated foods.  Avoid artificial preservatives, flavoring, colorants.

    A dog owner eats more than one meal per day, and they are balanced for nutrition and taste.  Everyone needs a balanced diet for health and taste, no one can withstand the same kind of food, all the time, which not only is disgusting, but also causes ailments.  The dog is forced to eat what it is given by its owner, but it should be able to always pick, to always have a choice of variety.

    Love dogs, because they deserve it.  Take care of them very well.  Remember, that dogs are dogs, that they have their specific needs and their ways of being, of their species.  Since hundreds of thousands of years, people all around the world, treated Dogs as their best friends and dearest household members.  Never use dogs for sex, it must be forbidden.

    Scientists talk about growing meat on shelves (production for testing purposes has successfully begun) – of many animals – which would be the best for our world today, because there won't be animal killing, which is barbarian and very painful. This would be most humane. The world needs such technology, which would be not only most humane but also ecological. 🐕🐾 🌷🌷🌷 People who rescue dogs and other animals are really great. We appreciate your sacrifice. Many people love a dog like a dearest person, like a best friend. Best Wishes! 🐕🐾 🌷🌷🌷

  21. Lord, I don’t know how to describe this, but forgive those who need ur help, save all souls who indeed sufferings struggling out there of their survival..
    Animals are voiceless beings and are made by u God. Please save them.
    Send ur angels.
    Thank you for sharing this. Thank you for saving the souls people.. God bless. Amen🙏

  22. Should've let the female dog and her pups die on the street to show people how important it is to spay/neuter the dogs if you know you won't be able to keep them

  23. Please spay or neuter your companions. Don't be so cruel to innocent animals because animals don't do anything wrong with the world but we do. We are the most dangerous predators on earth.
    Adopt don't shop.

  24. Im so happy for rescuring people like you all but im so sad for animals that are left in the hands of abusers it should be a law for it and this sort of thing would stopthank you god bless you

  25. Pobresita mira como latienen amarada y está muy delcada mira sus bebitos que bellos estan ahora las mama quiere asus ijitos

  26. Beautiful mamma and such cute puppies. So glad they were rescued and have happy homes. Why do people think it's ok to just dump dogs they must be heartless. You are a true sweetheart for saving them.

  27. I also picked up an abandoned dying puppy ..
    Probably, all lovers of our smaller brothers should be pleased to know that life for animals is dear to God, therefore cruel and irresponsible treatment of them deprives a person of righteousness in the eyes of a caring Creator (Proverbs 12:10).

  28. Not trying to complain, but this could’ve been solved WAYYYY quicker. Just bring the Mamma, on a leash. She would run straight to them.

  29. The angels never give up and after such a great effort the mama and puppies were found you rescuers are Godsent angels. Yes the doors of heaven are always open for you be blessed. It was all so tearful at first but than every thing changed

  30. Beautiful puppies sad mom lost two babies thank you for sharing your beautiful story you all doing a very good jobs God. Be. With. All thanks

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