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  1. Living in squatter camps, people in South Africa have become impoverished due to the BEE system in SA which ensures they cannot get employment.

    If you would like to assist, anything will be appreciated: mielie meal, sugar, tea, coffee, pasta, rice, canned food, toiletries, blankets, shoes, clothing, towels – in fact, any unwanted items others could use. Cash donations will go a long way in assisting this project, the bank details are at the end of this article. Please get involved. They can arrange collection of any goods!

    One hundred people, one bathroom and a shared kitchen, equal a potential health disaster. A proud father, able to work and provide for his family was suddenly without work, desperation sets in as he walks up and down the streets trying to find a job. People need to realize that there is a real problem here not covered by mainstream media and eyes need to be opened to the crying children who beg for a piece of bread. Hungry, sick, cold and dying, helpless parents watch as their offspring suffer.

    Please make a donation:

    Bank Details :
    Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal
    Business acc FNB
    Acc No 62577687381
    Branch Code 250141
    Swift Code Firnzajj
    Section 21 Registered

    You can read more about the crisis on the website here www.boeregemeenskap.org.za

    You can read more on the Facebook page here

    You can contact the organisation on email:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Or call on: 0736317914

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