Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Dan vs. Food

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Dan vs. Food

Dan is a fucking idiot he told another story about how he doesn’t understand menus every interaction between him and a waitress takes forever. There’s like a ring of confusion where she’s explaining it back to him and he’s not listening (yeah!), trying to mix meals… He once tried to order the Burrito Fajitas or something He was trying to mix it all around He was like, No, no, no… do you want this?” He’s like, “No, no, no!” “Idiot, no! Take the onions out of this” “As well. I don’t want that and I want this with this.” And it got to the point where the waiter was just like, “I’m sorry. I’ve just…” And he walked off! And someone else came And then he told me this story about he went to a McDonald’s and he didn’t understand the menus are vertical columns, so he just read straight across He’s like, ” I want a Big Mac Chicken Legend Sundae.” What did he think that was? In his mind he’s like “That sounds good!” We went out to this restaurant at Mandalay Bay So, we’re ordering food there. Dan is trying to order his food he’s like, “I want scallop, the appetizer, and we want… ahhh.. steak!” There’s no scallop appetizer There’s another dinner. She’s like, “So do you want scallops Or steak?” He ends up ordering two dinners! TWO DINNERS! It’s like someone gets like a tiny little petite, appetizer. Like, “Oh yeah.” He gets a big plate of everything.” To be fair to the waitress, she was very cool and patient with him. Like, “Yeah, alright. Yeah.” Went off and then Dan went to piss The waitress came back And you were like, “He ordered two meals right?” And she was like, “Yeah! I don’t know what the hell that was about!”

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  1. The title brings to mind how there absolutely needs to be more seasons of Dan Vs. It was a hilariously clever show.

  2. Whenever I'm starting to feel down I just put on these animations and feel so much better ^.^ thank you guys for being so hilarious

  3. This is kind of how I feel when I order food and then everyone at my table has a conversation about if that's what really want to order.

  4. If anyone know the specific Let's Play in which the late Ray Naveraz jr. reacted to the Big Mac Chicken Legend Sundae, I'd greatly appreciate it

  5. There was a fast food place by my house that just scrolled through everything so it looked like they were advertising mushroom swiss burger sundaes

  6. In the future, he'll just resort to pointing somewhere on his menu and saying "I want this." No item, just "I want this."

  7. British people say that their school system is better than that of the United States.

    Well judging by Gavin and Dan, I don't see it.

  8. love Rooster teeth if anyone gets a chance listen to some of eccentric cast they are just starting out but they are hilarious

  9. Well, it exists now:

  10. this is the real reason Dan has put on a little weight, not because he just loves food, but because he doesn't understand the menu and keeps ordering extra portions XD

  11. You guys are going to get arrested for murder. I actually had to pause half way through so I could stop coughing, I was laughing so much.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. McDouble, Small, Bacon Ranch
    Parfait, Medium, Caesar
    McChicken, Large
    Small Fries
    Big Mac, Chicken Legend, Sundae
    Single, McChicken, Ice Cream Cone

  13. 0:18 I'll play devil's advocate for Dan. I have seen restaurants that will do a burrito with fajita elements inside the burrito.

  14. Ive done stuff like the with the two dinners before, but Im at least fully aware that I am ordering two dinners not a dinner and appetizer

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