SANTA CLARITA DIET Official Trailer (2017) Comedy, Horror, Netflix Series HD

SANTA CLARITA DIET Official Trailer (2017) Comedy, Horror, Netflix Series HD

Guess what Kelly told me last night? She and Ben are selling their home. It’s a beautiful property, great location, new kitchen I think they’ll give us the listing. That’d be great, honey. We can’t be realtors if we don’t have listings Oh shit. Someone’s coming. Hurry Act casual Our life was amazing, but something happened to my wife I can’t feel my heartbeat. What? She threw up this. I didn’t have formaldehyde so I saved it in olive oil That was a crazy amount of ramen Well, I’m not a medical expert It was a huge amount She’s acting different I can cook that for you, sweetheart I’m fine Did mom die? She is dead and also undead A zombie? I don’t like that word. I think it’s inherently negative I don’t like it either Then let’s not use it I do like the way that I feel I have endless energy and I sleep two hours a night. I get so much done You eat people. I know. It’s just that I’m so much more confident. I can parallel park in one move now The undead aren’t completely driven by their it But if I can’t control myself then I risk everything that matters to me We’re not saying you have to do this alone sweetheart I’m are not going to bail on you now We have to kill someone who deserves it. I guess the prototype would be a young single hitler. God, We’d be heroes Shit! You guys are not great at this. From now on, we fuck everything up together What kind of realtor are you? Residential but commercial on request So my wife’s been on this new diet She feels good, looks fantastic, and has all kinds of energy. She is really happy so it’s all great Well, maybe not all great. You know there’s some stuff going on That’s kind of intense. Like the other day we were at the park And she got hungry And there’s this jerk throwing rocks at the ducks If you’ve tried all the other diets and are looking for the one that really works, then the Santa Clarita diet is for you Lose as much weight as you want and keep it off forever. No gimmicks. Just great results It’s easy and your family will love the new you But no one saw us And you know, the guy was being a dick to the ducks. The Santa Clarita diet, it’s great Get the first month free

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  1. 99% of you will not read this, but 1% and I hope you … have a great 2017!
    Any small channels want to be friends 💖🤓❄️

  2. And, as usual, this piece of sexist shit is set up such that it will be 95-99% males shown "hilariously" slaughtered and eaten. Also, it will be the same ratio of males shown killed for other reasons as well. Of course, they also get to feed the fetish of a female killing males. Typical.

  3. After accidentally spilled a pool of blood with pieces of a dead body in front of other people passing by
    "Act Casually"

  4. Nope. Not gonna watch it. I may even cancel my Netflix account. I'm so sick of all these gratuitously obscene shows they make…

  5. Finished the season in one day. i'm not a big fan of gruesome but this series was HILARIOUS to watch. Look away at certain parts if they are too much but don't miss an amazing show because of it

  6. I loved it. I really hope they don't tone down Season 2 because some people want it to be a wacky clean cut comedy. I think the gore was really well done!

  7. Holy…why though let Drew Barrymore's character become a muncher (the Z word would sound really ridiculous- a certain Shaun would tell you) only on the male victims? What? Are the alpha, mega b*tchy, mean-a$$, lesbian/angered feminists too chewy and distasteful?

  8. Great concept, but Needs a different Title like Zombie Mom or Dead Diet, or Diet for the Dead Mom, or Desperate House Zombies. Santa- makes me think its Christmas, Charitia- hispanic, Diet- health show. I wouldn't know what it was about just by the title and I'm confused about pronunciation.

  9. The acting has got a lot to be desired…I love horror and stuff but I dont understand why they're so casual about their mum/wife suddenly turning its normal. It would make more sense to try and avoid the zombie and figure out why she threw up a river including possibly an appendix, died and came back to life instead of feeding her habits and letting her do what she wants 🤔

    Only on the first episode so maybe itll make sense later lool. Not bad so far

  10. wwwooooooww!
    i was see SANTA CLARITA DIET from begining if you want to see full series of SANTA CLARITA DIET here the link guys
    you must see!!

  11. A thinking zombie is a liable zombie. It is thinking like a normal human being then goes out to search for humans to eat. Unlike the Zombies from other stories which are portrayed as having lost control of their faculties and they can't even recognize their family, this one is just like any of us externally that's why it appears like cannibalism which is disturbing for me to watch even if it's comedy and the actors are good at it.

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