48 Replies to “Sesame Street: A Cookie is a Sometime Food

  1. Ugh, the 2001 Hoots the Owl puppet doesn't look right, with those "generic" eyes combined with the old body design.
    But regarding all that "Veggie Monster" baloney, Cookie Monster WILL eat just about anything that's not alive. But cookies are still his favorite.

  2. Well Cookie monster, you've finally had your cookie!!! Well cookie monster, I love Cookies too!!!

  3. I can eat any fruit except for bananas (high in sugar) and pineapple (too acidic) and grapefruit doesn't mix well with me meds

  4. You know what's made Cookie Monster funny? We all know cookies are a sometimes food! Sesame Street, you didn't need to point it out!

  5. "Me so hungry. […] What should me eat, fruit or cookie?"

    You know, when I'm "so hungry", I can eat fruit AND a cookie in the same sitting. This seems like a false dilemma.

  6. Eating cookies all the time: bad
    Eating food that clearly appears to be sentient: good
    I don’t follow your logic, Sesame Street…

  7. Ok rumors aside am I the only one who thought it was kinda funny how Cookie said "You ok?" to Hoots

  8. If this old owl don’t put respect to Cookie Monster name. It’s like why tell him to eat fruits even tho his name is COOKIE monster

  9. It's pretty moronic this really started the "Vegetable Monster" rumor. He literally eats a cookie at the end of the sketch!

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