Sesame Street: Growing Hope Against Hunger Highlight Reel

Sesame Street: Growing Hope Against Hunger Highlight Reel

[MUSIC PLAYING] ELMO: Elmo didn’t know there was
so many people who don’t have all the food they need. LILY: When you don’t even know
whether you’re going to have a next meal or not, that
can be pretty hard. ELMO: How does Lily know
so much about this? LILY: Well because sometimes
I go with my family to the food pantry. KIMBERLY WILLIAMS PAISLEY: Oh
yeah, there are lots of ways to get help, like school
food programs. LILY: Yeah. I get breakfast and lunch
for free in my school. That’s two whole meals a day! KIMBERLY WILLIAMS PAISLEY: We’re
here to talk about a growing problem in our country,
childhood hunger. BRAD PAISLEY: Many people don’t
realize that this is a problem that hits
In fact, over 50 million Americans don’t have the food
they need much time. And nearly 17 million of
them are children. BRAD PAISLEY: That means one
in four children do not regularly know where their next
meal is coming from, in our country. GIRL: Sometimes my dad doesn’t
pack me a snack because he doesn’t have enough money. So what I would do is just
drink some water from the fountain until my stomach
is full of water. That’s what I would do. MAN: I hated picking my children
up from school and hearing that they were hungry. The community here is so
generous that somebody donated a share in a community farm for
my children and I to go pick fresh vegetables. GIRL: We pick stuff once a week
and my favorite thing was picking the strawberries. BRAD PAISLEY: [SINGING] Planting food for you and me. Well that’s about as down
to earth as we can be. By growing foods that help us
grow, we’re gonna make things so much better than we know. Oh, plant, grow, weed, sow,
on and on and on we go. Plant, grow, weed, sow,
on and on and on. Plant, grow, weed, sow, on and
on and on and on we go. Plant, grow, weed, sow, on and
on and on and on and on and on and on we go. GIRL: It was very difficult to
get the healthy foods around my neighbor. GIRL: We’re taking the food from
the restaurants and we’re bringing it to a food
pantry in the Bronx. GIRL: My mom and I are
going to help serve dinner to many families. GIRL: I want to make a
difference in my community. BOY: My mom’s going to school to
be a chef and the food that they make in class goes
to feed the hungry. This is the beginning
of a whole new chapter for my family. WOMAN: We’re on our way, baby. ROSITA: I have some great food
here for the food drive. LILY: Wow. ELMO: Cool. ROSITA: See, I collected it
from all my neighbors. I told them it was for the food
party to help people who didn’t have enough to eat. And you know what? ELMO: What? LILY: What? ROSITA: Everybody
gave something. ALL: Yeah! GIRL: Before my dad got laid
off, we were helping at the food pantry. But now, we get food from
the food pantry. WOMAN: She had to do a project
to celebrate the 100th day of school and out of the blue, she
wanted to collect 100 cans of food for the food pantry. GIRL: When I went to go get the
boxes there was more food than I even thought
would be in there. I was so proud. When I grow up I want to own a
food pantry and help people get their food. Maybe if everyone did this,
there would be no hunger. [MUSIC PLAYING]

100 Replies to “Sesame Street: Growing Hope Against Hunger Highlight Reel

  1. Wow. These little kids standing up and making a difference. This is truly inspiring.. God bless the families who do not have the money to get food. Praying that this all ends soon.

  2. 19 people are heartless, uncaring souls who hate kids and are rich and greedy. This is a serious problem, and if you think it shouldn't be shown on kid's television, then so be it. But you can't isolate them from the real world. It's here and it's happening, right now.

  3. Junk food is much less expensive and more filling than fresh veggies. Eating healthy is one of the things that was in danger of becoming something only the rich could afford, but people are fighting to prevent that.

    Though our family's resources are limited, I think we've stayed just this side of 'food insecurity' but there have definitely been times when I need to put back the bag of grapes or the tomatoes, because they're too expensive.

  4. @bwitz72 The way the US economy is at the moment, more & more people may face unemployment, loss of income, etc. Race is not an issue & it should not be, be thankful of what you have because who knows some day you may face tough times like so many Americans are currently facing. I'm not trying to start an argument with u. I have no idea how old u are but it sounds like you have some growing up 2 do.

  5. Only Sesame Street could do this justice. Thank You.
    I always go shopping just for the food collections. If every person that could would just purchase one extra non perishable item, it would make such a big difference.

  6. @kats9livesfive Your the one being inappropriate, not this show! This is for awareness and to get children to do good for others.

  7. @AnarchisThinker Even though many of the comments posted have been pointless antagonistic, hunger (and poverty in general) is absolutely a political issue. Charity can't solve these problems. Other countries have far lower poverty rates than the US due to having a higher minimum wage and heavily subsidizing expenses like health-care (among other things). The bottom 40% in this country own only *1%* of its total wealth.

    Food insecurity is an economic issue, and economic policy is political.

  8. @quita71 Race is absolutely an issue. The unemployment rate among African Americans has doubled since the recession hit; the increase among whites wasn't nearly as large. Minorities in this country face discrimination both in the workplace and in the judicial system; a black man with a clean record has a harder time getting interviews/finding employment than a white man with a criminal record and the same resume/skill-set.

    If you choose to ignore race, you're part of the problem.

  9. @Lg175 I think it's even more due to the scarcity of full-sized grocery stores in poor neighborhoods. I think they're called "food deserts."

  10. @runnerkyle11 Look, this is no place for your "facts" and "evidence." My dad's boss's friend saw someone selling their food stamps at the supermarket, and I'm going to trust my father over a government organization like the USDA. Of course they would say it's not a problem! They're the ones getting kickbacks from the Poor Drug Addict (PDA) lobby. – American conservatives

  11. @ItalianBlackheart123 He wasn't in the sense that socialism's actual meaning is "workers owning the means of production" (co-ops are an example); for some reason people erroneously think it means "government programs" or "state-controlled industry."

    But he would support helping those in need, and contrary to what some people believe (no idea how someone could be this naive), charity will never come close to feeding, healing, or sheltering the people who need it.

  12. @BenkaiDebussy 1. Relying on hearsay, "I heard from person A, who heard from person B, who read in X newspaper a quote from Y TV show…", always results in misinformation. Ever played Telephone as a kid? So your dad's boss's friend saw ONE person misusing food stamps, what about the million of others he didn't see who are using the program correctly? Besides, who are you to judge, you don't know their situation. Maybe they were selling those foodstamps so they could pay their rent or heat!

  13. @BenkaiDebussy 2. Some food stamp recipients do take advantage, just like some people in all other economic situations take advantage. No matter what class, there are people who do wrong. That doesn't mean ALL people in a particular group, like food stamp recipients, take advantage. Let's remember the millions who truly appreciate & need this program. There are Wall Street execs that steal millions, there are also execs who are honest. You can't judge a group based on one individual's actions.

  14. Liberals don't understand the trickle-down system. Don't give more to the poor, GIVE MORE TO THE RICH. More for the pigs means more crumbs for the rats to fight over!

  15. @runnerkyle11 I was being sarcastic, but the fact that you took me seriously just reflects how completely devoid of compassion many Americans are. They rationalize it by saying "the government shouldn't do it, it should be people's choice!", but at the end of the day their anger at mythical "welfare queens" is greater than their desire to help those in need. Even if it saves them money, they can't stand the idea of helping the poor ("poor" often = "black" for them).

    It's sickening.

  16. @kbo300492 That the bottom 40% of Americans own just 1% of the country's wealth! It's unbelievable to me that so many people have no problem with the top 1% of Americans owning around 30-40x as much wealth as the bottom 40%. And a lot of these people are in the bottom 40% themselves.

    It's amazing how effective corporate pro-capitalism/"free market" propaganda has been. Looked at objectively, America is a pretty substandard country, but many Americans think it's some bastion of freedom.

  17. @InternetManable Lets put another scenario out there since you are a MIDDLE CLASS COLLAGE STUDENT. Fifteen years down the road when you have the money and pay all your bills you decide that you are ready to reproduce as you put it. You now have a family but wait ….uh ohhh whats this i lost my job and now I cant pay those bills but you still have a family and gosh darn it the job market isnt great and you are out of a job.

  18. @InternetManable Lets put another scenario out there since you are a MIDDLE CLASS COLLAGE STUDENT. Fifteen years down the road when you have the money and pay all your bills you decide that you are ready to reproduce as you put it. You now have a family but wait ….uh ohhh whats this i lost my job and now I cant pay those bills but you still have a family and gosh darn it the job market isnt great and you are out of a job….now you are one of the ones you are complaining about.

  19. In my childhood the bulk of what I ate were potatos, cabbage, apples and some berries in summer all grown by us in our garden. We could hardly afford southern fruits like peaches or water-melons if at all buying only a few of them in a year and there were even several weeks when I actually was on short commons. Since then the situation hasn't got better as business is under pressure here as if communism is still ruling. Obama's socialism is a crooked way! Keep to capitalism, dear americans!

  20. @Tschepiner Yeah this is very true. There are some schools where over 90 percent of the kids are on free and reduced lunches and breakfasts. It is really horrible when school is over for those kids because sometimes they have very little way to find food. It is used as some propaganda, but it is actually a legit horrible thing.

  21. It makes me sad to think i was one of these kids, and now i'm 19 and still find it hard to get food. Don't seat here and insult people when you know nothing about them, keep in mind not everyone is the same and not every situation is the same so don't bash on the people you don't know and just help them out, because you don't know their story.


  23. People keep saying..this isn't about politics…but it is.

    This country spends million of dollars helping other countries with their oil, with their wars, with their ethnic cleansing, with their human rights issues. And we barely spend a fraction of that same money on our own people in this country.

    It's time to tell these other countries "We feel for your plight, but we can't help you anymore. We have to take care of our own."

  24. What? Oh, I'm not crying… I just got dirt in my eye… because I'm planting a garden and sharing the veggies with families who don't have enough to eat.

    *cries uncontrollably* I LOVE YOU SESAME STREET

  25. its so ironic when so many restorants and food companies throwaway food full of trash containers and on the other hand there are people who dont have enough to eat…IN THE SAME COUNTRY!!! ARE U KIDDING ME ?!!!

  26. You're being disrespectful. People like you, rob food from those who starve. You can't just forget about those who Are starving.

    It's time to be active…………… help others and don't sit on you're lazy ass commenting, and hating on the starving people!!!!!

  27. Stop!!!!! Charity begins from other countries. You're a sick person!!! How could you say something sick like that!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LIFE BEGINS!!!

  28. Well…since you have NO idea what I do to help people in this country…you're a complete idiot for commenting about something you have no knowledge of…stick to your hate speech.

  29. Now called capitalism hundreds of years called greed same thing …i agreed with afterefex unfortunally its a system and even know we know it's bad and hurts other nations…we can not leave the system.

  30. I have knowledge of politics in this U.S. country. We don't just forget about others who are starving. So, you're the complete idiot in this youtube history. Also, i am not going to be mean, but you're a total noob because you have no profile picture.

  31. Ohhhh i'm gonna cry!!! ohhh waaa waa!!!
    Nice comeback………..NOT!!!
    So, you're cyberbullying on the internet and you think i'm going to cry?
    If you think you're cool with you're lame comebacks!!! you're so wrong!
    You can cyberbully me, but you cannot ruin my life.
    So, now you're the joke.

  32. Sponsored by Walmart? Walmart? The same Walmart that pays its employees substandard wages and forces them to go on welfare? Gimme a break!

  33. I've seen news about groups collecting food (that are still fine) from the garbage and distributing it to those in need
    some related website are
    wastedfood . com / food-rescue /
    shareable . net / blog/how-to-dumpster-dive-eat-free-fight-waste

  34. they are one of the largest distributors of food to food banks and food pantrys. They should be since a lot of their employees need supplemental food.

  35. "I would go to the water fountain, and just fill my stomach up with water", damn that's proper brought tears to my eyes. I can grasp 3rd-world countries not having the resources to feed the children, but in a country where corps make billions of dollars hand over fist for next to fuck-all work, I think it's truly sickening that kids are going hungry. Not to mention the kids all over the world who would benefit from some of these greedy corps helping out.

  36. As a person who regularly has to go to food banks with my mum, I have to say that it hurts my heart to see little children going hungry,
    I'm very happy to see Sesame Street actually teaching children this important lesson though, I love it. <3

  37. it strange cause I always thought America has too much food to eat especially when I see documentaries on how its wasted sometimes. Well am glad people are doing something about it. Its worse in Nigeria…

  38. americans eat alot of junkfood. school programs also give junk food and gmo based products. we should focus on educating these kids to eat healthy and focus on supplying them with daily HEALTHY meals. not hotdogs and pizza like the school system does.  Food Not Bombs is doing big work in this field to bring healthy hot food to millions of people around the world. HELP YOUR LOCAL FOOD NOT BOMBS

  39. Cool episode, it's an important issue. Now we have to educate them on how big agricultural corporations who "aim to feed the world" actually cause far more hunger, because their crops are sold for cash, they overrun small communities, and they degrade the precious soil for future generations. Support local and organic, respect the Earth and you're quality of life with rise dramatically.

  40. +george sos Because you totally understand the concept of what G.M food is. Do you know what it actually is? Choosing particular varieties of wheat and vegetables so they resist harsh climates and bear more. People like you are why people are starving, due to the ignorance of hundreds of people, who assume that G.M means creating crimes against nature. You're the kind of person who breeds ignorance into people. Tell me that G.M food is poison when you have to go fill your stomach with water to feel full.

  41. Now I know why I did not watched this video for years. It makes me cry evry time I see this. This is so sad and breaks my heart. Many people wonder why I am so cynical about so many things, heres the answer I have a really soft spot in my soul.

  42. Lily has the same voice as Jessie. Get her a new voice actress before Elmo forgets that Lily isn’t his cousin

  43. Poor Lily, she just can't catch a break. First she and her family are going to the food bank, and now she and her family are homeless. 🙁

  44. Lily thats 2 whole meals a day but there are only 5 days wow lily doesnt have enough food and she is homeless pray for this muppet

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