Shame About Being Overweight In an Airplane Seat

Shame About Being Overweight In an Airplane Seat

Hi it’s Dawson Church here from EFT
Universe let me share with you some of the things that I find the most exciting
about using EFT tapping for weight loss one of them is it really helps with
long-term weight loss the problem with most weight loss is people do lose
weight on various diets weight loss plans but according to a meta-analysis
of 31 long-term studies by University of California over the next year or two
years they gain all that weight back and more with the EFT though all the research
shows is that doesn’t happen you lose weight and keep on losing weight even if
you finish your weight loss program I know for me it’s been almost 10 years
now and it’s just a thrill to see my weight dropping steadily year after year
after year after year since I finished my primary program in 2009 one of the
great things I loved about it as well is that I for example like I was flying a
few weeks ago to the Middle East and I went to the airport and was was going
into the plane with everyone else found my seat sat down buckle my seat belt and
I just snapped it and pulled the buckle tight before 10 years ago when I was fat
I used to have to do the opposite I used to have to extend the buckle the strap
all the way to fit it around my body in fact there was one poor lady I watched
there who couldn’t even get the seat belt around her she had to literally get a
seatbelt extender from the flight attendant and used that plus the belt to
get it around herself and so she was so uncomfortable through the whole flight
and I felt so grateful that I learned those secrets of long-term weight loss
permanent weight loss and then applied them ten years ago and was able to now
just on that flight in every flight just settle in my seat pull about around me
buckle it pull strap and feel as I am a normal weight and an old person
so if you are dealing with problems like that you’ll know that there are issues
like that all the time getting in and out of cars pushing and carrying heavy
objects in all kinds of ways having that wait year after year really impedes your
health your happiness that everyone can see it so I’d like to invite you to join
me in learning these secrets and letting go that weight forever if I can do it you
can do it because I have no willpower I have no willpower at all I’m just a
sucker for anything put in front of me so I can do it using these wonderful
techniques and in weight loss programs you can too if you’d like to learn more
about them go ahead and click on the link below also please just choose the
bell symbol you’ll be notified about future videos also give me a thumbs up
post comments below I would love to hear from you thank you so much

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  1. People, if you can't fit in your seat then fly first class or take a bus! These people are democratic liberals expecting use to occomidate them. Enough!

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