SIAN “Dad, are we going to starve to death now O_O?!” LOL [The Return of Superman/2018.07.01]

SIAN “Dad, are we going to starve to death now O_O?!” LOL [The Return of Superman/2018.07.01]

Look to the right, kids. Look. What do you see? It’s the frog. – What? / – The frog. Frog? – No, “frog”. / – “Frog”? You mean “mudflat”? Mudflat. It’s a mudflat. Let’s all take turns naming things that live in the ocean. ♪ If you go into the ocean ♪ – ♪ There are fish ♪ / – ♪ There are fish ♪ – ♪ There are whales ♪ / – ♪ There are whales ♪ – There are sharks. / – Right. – Octopus. / – That’s right. What is it that you’ve been wanting to do with me? – Fishing. / – Catching fish? Who will catch the most today? – Me. / – Me. – I’m going to catch 100. / – I’ll catch 200 of them. 100? I happened to get a few days off. So I brought the kids to experience nature outdoors. I prepared and arranged everything after some research. The Return of Superman, episode 231. “Explore, Dream, and Discover”. (“Explore, Dream and Discover”) We’ll be riding that. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. That one. We’re here for the mudflat fishery experience. You’ll have to take this, but you’re a little late. Really? (What? Won’t we be able to fish?) The tide has receded. We’re a little late. Sit down. Sit straight, kids. (Looking utterly disappointed) (Will they be able to catch any fish at all?) Let me explain what a mudflat fishery is. It uses rocks to keep the fish from swimming away. You’re right. It’s to make sure they can’t run away. To catch them. Right. The tide flows in and recedes. This way, Sian. We have to catch the fish. If we don’t hurry, all the water will be gone. I’m going to catch crab too. Look for some fish. (We caught them all.) There’s no fish? Did you manage to catch them all here? We caught them when the tide came up. When there was more water? (Empty-handed) Kids, that’s not necessary. Use the nets. Look for some fish. (Nervous) There may still be some fish. We tried to hurry over. There’s fish here. Do you want to catch it? Yes, we must. (Of course.) Under the rocks? (There is only one chance.) You have to grab the head. – Pardon? / – The head. I have to grab the head? You can’t grab it by the tail. It won’t bite, will it? It can prick you. (If I lose this chance,) (I lose my right to face my kids.) We just made eye contact. (He catches it after a desperate struggle.) I caught it. (Did Dad) (just drop the fish?) I caught it. That’s unfortunate. – Did it escape? / – Yes. – Where did it go? / – He lost it. (Looking urgently) (Dad…) (Disheartened) Are we going to starve to death now? (I’m sorry.) Hurry. You have to catch anchovies. I caught some. Look. – Look, Sian. / – I caught some. They’re anchovies. – They are anchovies. / – That’s not it. – I’ll take some. / – I caught some too. Good job. I’ll take that too. Let’s at least catch some anchovies. We can make a lot of things with anchovies. Let’s cook some anchovy stew. We can fry them and grill them. There are anchovies over here. I caught some fish. Anchovies. Not all fish in the sea is large. There are small ones too. – They caught a lot. / – You’re right. But what is this? What? This is alive. It’s a sea cucumber. (They score a precious sea cucumber.) This is alive too. It’s a conch. We can eat that too. (Exclaiming) (This little guy has his hands full.) What are those? They’re fish. What are those? These are anchovies. Let’s trade one. Do you want to trade? No. I’ll give you two. Just give me one. These are very tasty. (What? Tasty?) I’ll give you two anchovies. (I should show him before he takes off.) (Thanks to the help of a kind man,) (Sian manages to trade.) Over here, please. That’s a nifty profit. – That’s a rockfish. / – That’s right. Thank you. – Dad. / – Yes? – I traded. / – What did you say? – I gave two anchovies. / – What? – For two anchovies? / – Yes. – Who was it? / – Over there. – Gosh. / – Here. You didn’t have to be so kind. That’s all right. We caught a lot. We only have a sea cucumber and a conch. Would you like this one? – A conch will be fine. / – Of course. I’ll give you this. We caught this. – Take this home / – We’ll take it. and enjoy, okay? If you put them against your ear, you can hear the sound of waves. You can hear it, right? (How fascinating.) Stand up straight. Bow. Say thank you. – Thank you. / – Thank you. We’re going to eat lunch with what we caught. – Okay. / – Understand? Yes. (However…) It doesn’t seem like it’s alive. But who’ll trim this? – What does that mean? / – What does that mean? (How do I trim this?) (Shaking) (He seems suspicious.) (He just takes it out for now.) My fish is very interesting, right? Yes. I think I have to look this up. This time… First, we need salt. – Salt? / – Salt. Why is salt necessary? (Rubbing salt) Am I doing this right? (A salt massage) (Shouting out of pain) (Will they manage to even eat it today?) It almost attacked me. I’m sorry, rockfish. I’m really sorry. Dad, say sorry. Gosh, I’m sorry. Don’t you feel sorry for my rockfish? But I still want to eat it. (Sua is brutally cute.) We can eat this thanks to you, Sian. Thank you, Sian. Sian got one for the team. (They completely dote on him.) (Shrieking happily) (He is done filleting the fish.) – It’s all done. / – Really? I’m going to fry this. Okay? I’ve never fried something before. You all have to be careful and watch from a distance. The oil is going to spatter. One, two… (Rockfish in) (He recoils.) Are you scared, Dad? No, not at all. (Grinning) – But why did you jump? / – I’m not scared at all. – But why did you… / – We can fry this too. Shall we fry the anchovies too? That looks good. We’re going to make sauce now. Two teaspoons of soy sauce and three of oyster sauce. We pour this in and add sugar. After adding water, we have to reduce it. There you go. The color is thickening. Is it all ready? Hold on a little longer. He fried that pretty well. – The fritters aren’t bad. / – Right. You can’t ask for more or squabble over it, okay? All right? – We won’t fight. / – Okay. I have a feeling that it won’t taste very good. (Biting his lip) You can’t decide that before eating it, Seola. All right. (Rock fish and anchovy fritters) See this? Applause for me. (She takes a bite.) (She gives it a thumbs-up.) (Gobbling up) I’ll do it for you. (You’re the best, Dad.) – Isn’t it good? / – Yes. How is it? Let’s ask Sian. (Sian approves.) Is it good? – Isn’t it tasty? / – Yes. Eat a lot, kids. I don’t like rockfish much. There isn’t much left. There isn’t much left? I don’t have a taste for rockfish. I really like the sauce. The rockfish sauce. It’s great when it’s mixed into the rice. Eat a lot. (Dad…) (He takes a bite of rice with the sauce.) – Open wide, Dad. / – Dad. (He is moved.) (He plops it down on his hand.) You’re really giving me some? You should feed me. You’re giving it to me? You’re really giving me a bite? (So this is how it tastes.) – He ate it. / – Thanks, Sian. Thanks, Sian. (He is happy to see his dad happy.)

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  1. Why does men have the same freaking reaction when they fry? 😃😃 it seem the most dangerous they had experience.

  2. How do they grow up so much, especially Sian. We just missed them from last episode but it feels like they've gone for months.

  3. Sua: I feel sorry for the fish….but I still want to eat it
    Seola: We will not fight I have a feeling that its not delicious

    Savage Sisters😎😂

  4. Sian is such a Smart kid, he knows how to trade hahahahhahahahaha and those kissses he received from his sisters are sooo cute! also their Appa who let them experience new things❤️😂

  5. oh what the Huuhvrfuhcifhduhgdushvfdugubdvgufbuvbgfdvuvfhfuvshhubhfvnhuruhnrnhrnhurunhdnuhnduhdnhudnuhunhdubhdubhd|dabdab|unsnusujsnjisnjsjinsnjisnjisnjjjs

    Notice Anything?

    It dab dab

  6. Most of dad used to give their children eat more than himself😭 especially when the food is limited, even though the food is his favourite , he would say it aint just the way Donggook did

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