Sister on extreme diet- skips meals for 3 days! [Hello Counselor / 2017.06.26]

Sister on extreme diet- skips meals for 3 days! [Hello Counselor / 2017.06.26]

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  1. It's better to eat healthy foods and exercise daily but if you don't want to exercise, you could try walking around if your in a mall or in your house..than starving yourself.. 🙂

  2. honestly, i get the same treatment as she does. to be fair i am bigger than her, but i always get comments about my weight every single day. bless her, i hope she learns she is perfect the way she is.

  3. Seriously, I am saying this again and I'm not hating, just proposing for the well-being of these person that deserves to be heard and be treated with respect: This show really needs a professional, a specialist, a psychologist. It's very scary to see each episode end, without any of these people and the problems remaining there. Of course, there are some that this show may helped, but this show is very famous in western and eastern countries, soo it would be very good and neccessary in this counseling show.

  4. Honestly, I think she needs BTS in her life.. bc of the album ‘Love Yourself' She just needs to love herself..

    “You Showed Me I Have Reasons, I Will Love Myself” ~ Love Yourself- BTS

  5. I have a korean bf and it took me a while to explain my eating disorder. I had to tell him cause I'll stay in Korea with him for a year, and he will defo notice my eating habits. He understands now luckily, and wants to help me:) so sad that eating disorders aren't taken seriously in korea. Many people suffer because of that

  6. It happen to me too…. I got so fat when I work for the first time, i'm weighing 75 kg with just 149 cm tall… And then everyone would tell me that i am really fat like a pig, told me to lose weight to look more pretty and then after I quit my first job i decided to lose weight until now. I already lost 19 kgs in 8 months. It was very tough at first but I get used to arrange my meal per day so I won't get starve or feeling sick, I also do some exercise to help me maintain my weight. I remember that I was so harsh to my body before, I'm working out 3 hours per day without any nutrition. Aaah it reminds me a lot about my first day dieting. KEEP FIGHTING!

  7. She's using fasting in the wrong way. Her mentality is skewed, I wouldn't recommend it to people who don't have an healthy mindset espeicially if you're trying to fast for an extended time (days).

  8. I feel like her. I want to lose weight badly because I'm being compared to my skinny and tall cousins. I always frustrate myself when I see them. Any tips to lose weight please.

  9. Idols do extreme diets too. IU's diet was dangerous and Soyu's even more. The only diet I heard that was pretty healthy was Suzy's.

  10. Why don't you guys try to diet in healthy way..I'm a Muslim and we often fasting when ramadhan for 1 month while other month we can fast on any day we want to,by fasting you can also take care of your health and diet in healthy way at the same time..we will start to fast around 5 AM until 7 AM ..we don't feel stomach pain or feel hungry because eating at early in the morning can last longer and I hope you guys can try to do this ..if u have a hope to diet in healthy way…eating kurma or almond also can give you enough nutrient and will not make u feel too hungry…I hope you will try .

  11. I don’t understand why they are acting so aghast even the female celebrities are sitting there 5’4 to 5’6 and weighing like 48kg that’s not okay. I weigh a whole 60kg a healthy weight for my height (5’4) and I am considered skinny I don’t know what to say. There isn’t much comfort for anywhere so they need to stop being incredibly patronising

  12. Some people don’t need three meals a day everybody’s caloric needs are different. I’m petite and seriously I can last with two meals a day. Three is just too much for my small body. Larger people need more food but not everyone needs the same amount of food.

  13. She isn’t very thin and actually slightly chubby so I highly doubt that she starved herself and eats little.

  14. How can someone call that a duet that is literary starving onself and it would be super hard because if she's happy with her body and wants to eat she'll gain it ALL back please people don't do this to yourselves

  15. I lost 17kgs in a year. It's not because me dieting. Lost it because I was diagnosed with celiac disease and lactose intolerance. So I can't have any gluten. So I lost weight easily. Plus I fasted for 30days in Ramadan.

  16. I wonder whether she exercised properly in her diet? Also if i was her I would lose my weight slow enough for my body is still very healthy because doing diet is to be healthy happy not to torture herself and people around her.

  17. Guys if u wanna be skinny u can eat all u want, u can loose it by doing exercises healthly, don’t spend the whole day. being skinny only does bad.

  18. While she’s saying she wants to be such skinny meanwhile I’m here eating more than anything and still can’t gain weight 😔😔.

  19. I have the same build as her and she seems to be around the same height and weight, so I can really feel her pain. I'm always told I'm too fat and too stocky, especially by Koreans. Watching this video, I felt I was looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that yes, undeniably, this person still needs to lose a lot more weight. Ironically, her method of starvation doesn't seem to be working.

  20. Under 40? Skipping meals for 3 days straight? That’s called anorexia girl. Soon it won’t just be losing the weight, it’ll be a mental illness.

  21. My friend is 13 years old and160 cm and she weights 52 and personally i dont think she's fat.she is tall… And when she found out that she weights 52, she wanted to be 45 at least… She was really sad and depressed.. But now she is trying to make a diet.. And her first meal is at 7pm she does not eat anything in the morning… I dont know what to do with her.. She is really sad😢🙏

  22. yes im concerned abt her dieting, but can we give 1 second to taejoon and bomi. my shiiiippppp 😫😫

  23. The problem with crash dieting is that it seriously messes up with your metabolism. Let's say you can eat 1,500 calories not to gain weight. Crash dieting will lower your calories to maintain your weight to 1,200. You've effectively screwed yourself for the rest of your life. (exact numbers I used are not real, but an example)

  24. This show is just a competition of who can have the worst illness or situation. It's so wrong honestly. Eating disorders have a very high death rate and are very serious illnesses and they're literally profiting from it. It's ridiculous!

  25. I forgot if I already posted a comment. But I can relate so much to this girl cause I’m missing out on everyday joys due to my obsession to lose weight so I’m very malnutritioned and I have low self esteem and other mental illness problems, so when she said people told her where she should lose weight I come to a realization that my whole life ever since kindergarten I was always told I was fat, she also said how she doesn’t eat nothing for 3 days, I do that when I feel like I have eaten too much. But I know a lot about nutrition but I’m scared of food so I’m really scared to apply that to myself cause I’m scared to gain even a single ounce. Cause I know there will be that someone who judges me only by really looking at my flaws instead of who I am as a person. I understand her, and it’s scary to say that cause there’s people who really are worried for her and same thing for me. I understand how people feel when they see how much calories I eat in a day but I can’t eat more due to my stomach is shrunk. I hope she gets in a better positive state of mind and find healthier ways to eat and live

  26. Intermittent and prolonged Fasting is a thing though, and very healthy if done correctly. You’ve all been brainwashed into thinking we’d “starve” if we don’t eat for a few days. Your body knows how to use its own fat in the absence of food. It’s the mentality that’s a problem, rather than thinking of it as a “diet” it needs to be a long term lifestyle that is sustainable. Clearly in her case it isn’t because she rebounds weight, but not eating is extremely beneficial for giving your body a break from digestion.

  27. I think one of the main causes were the people that called her fat. I don't understand why people in Korea keep insulting others so directly

  28. i'm 17 and I weight 50. she's a young adult and wants to weight like a 10 year old??? social pressure is way too cruel… it is not healthy to live like that 🙁

  29. This has got to be one of the most dangerous things I have seen. An obviously mentally ill young woman being discussed in an entirely wrong way

  30. So glad I don’t have a sister. It’s bad enough having cousins and random people brought into my life who make me look even shittier in comparison.

  31. I think losing weight is a good for health. But when we starving for losing weight it's not good at all…

  32. The reason starving isn't a way to lose weight is because, when you starve for the first few days, weight come off very very fast. You can lose 5 kg in a week. But your body goes into a starving mode and only loses water weight. No fats are lost. And when you start eating normally you're gonna gain weight fast. I stopped eating for a week and I lost 5 kg lmao cus I have anorexia. And I can't lose much weight after a while. I didn't eat for a day and I only lost 600 grams. Sad as fuck cus I expected more weight to be lost

  33. as i can see with my asian eyes ,her sister doent look like anorexia guys . . if u r western, yes i knw u guys prefer a curvy girl but western hv a huge figure n it suit for u guys . . for asian, we hv a small figure, if we are curvy,trust me,we dont look like curvy,we look like a fat pig,bcs a waist line gap is small . . so being skinny is like a priority in some community in east asia,bcs of our small figure, we dont look like anorexia . . for me aslong in normal BMI, I guess it normal . . i'm 155 n my bmi is moderate obese, i'm on my diet now, for my normal BMI is 45kg – 60kg (99lb – 132lb)

  34. I was anorexic and bulimic I started the same way she did I can’t understand how Korean society think isn’t a problem?? this is a huge issue and for them is not

  35. it feels like whole country has some extreme mental issues regarding appearance, how can they judge others like that?!?! e_e

  36. 'Extreme"? Most not anorexic people don't eat for 3 days to lose weight. But that depends if she's healthy so..

  37. (Wants to be skinny like female idol singers)
    “We’re not that skinny”
    Korean society still doesn’t realize even the people in the pictures don’t look like that

  38. I've skipped meals for 3 days too. But what i realized from it is that, even if i skip it and think it's good for me, it's not actually. It doesn't gain me anything, and it doesn't burn down the bad fat too, it just ruins my health more and more. I'm just 13 though, i have a lot to learn.

  39. I was worried she's ruin her metabolism doing that, now I am certain her metabolism is screwed up. you can't diet like that your body hates it. When it does get proper food it's going to want to hang on to what it gets for energy later. Eating healthy, balanced diet is the best way to maintain ones weight. Wait till her fertility suffers later in life. That is if she decides to have kds

  40. Diets do not work. Yoyo diets will mess you up.

    Eat real whole foods / earth grown nutrients and local as possible. Eat every two to 4 hours based on what you just did and what you are about to do. Eat until you are satisfied not until you are fool

  41. 4:53 oh honey hyuna was not born into a skinny body, she literally mentioned losing weight before debuting into wonder girls. Most idols go through extreme diet and starvation during debuts and comebacks. Please never follow these they gain weight right back and then just do the diets again super unsustainable 😞😞😞

  42. I realized even that she lost 10kg she didn't lose any fat in he legs even though 50 is a healthy weight and its obvious and even if her target into be under 40 k she won't loss weight from her legs maybe a little bit because she is starving her self which sure leads dropping her weight fast however all she s losing is water and muscles not pure fat

  43. When she wants to be under 40kg
    Me : girl, do you want to live with just bones?
    Its not healthy at all to be at that age

  44. This is why I stick online and prefer to follow the western mindset. I'm an asian and the mindset most people have here are just narrow and it's frustrating. I've made online friends and they're all great influencers and they just make me see the world in a different perspective.

  45. 4:30 damn girl my weight is 38 kg and I'm not even proud of it :/ I am 150 cm and I am underweigh but my friends tell me that I look fat and I should lose more weight :(💔 that made me so sad. my friend is 149 cm and her weigh is 36.6 kg and she seems very proud of it idk why she looks like she's obsessed with being skinny. she also judged many fat people that pass by her and she whisper to me that the person looked really ugly ugh damn idk what to do with her bcs we're very close and i dont wanna fight with her that kind of things she have done make me really uncomfortable with her sometimes

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