SLIGHT DO-OVER | Don’t Starve Together – Part 9

SLIGHT DO-OVER | Don’t Starve Together – Part 9

M: Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Don’t Starve M: Remember how we said we weren’t gonna – uh… M: we-we’re gonna be right back where we were? M: Well, we tried! It didn’t work! We died. A lot. It was bad. M: So- M: Here.. yeah. Bob? B: Uh- yeah. It’s g- no, I don’t know why you’re hedging. It went- it’s going so well. M: Yeah! B: Everything – it’s all – it’s- this is perfectly the plan. M: Yeah so you might be confused- B: Hey buddy! Hey hey – I found you! M: Heyyy! Yeah – you might be confused as to where we are, M: So let me show you, uhh, a short few minute montage M: of our getting to this point, including what happened when we tried to get our stuff back. B: How close – how close are we to the thingy? M: We’re very close, okay. B: I-Is it time for the evasive maneuvers n’ shit? M: Hell yeah – it’s really just the hornets, here they come. B: I have two on me. M: Yeah cut through this way…
Okay. M: Go round – ooh back off! Ah, okay – ow! Ooh one got me! B: Oh, oh jeez, oh shit. OH JEEZ THERE’S SO MANY — I’m dead again. M: Holy shit, you’re dead again? Oh boy B: Oh my god
M: Ohhh B: My sister’s ghost is here getting the shit stung out of her by hornets! M: Aaah! Oh, Jesus! Oh there’s so many! Oh this was a horrible error! B: *Little smirk* Why are we here?! M: Welp!
B: Well.. I think we’re fucked B: Hiii, friend! *playful music starts playing*
M: Hello! M: I think there might be beefalo M: That’s like a beefalo area north.. north-west right? B: Oh hey wormhole
M: Let’s jump in! M: Oh this didn’t go anywhere far away, this is a stupid wormhole M: Wait this is a desert, this is not where we wanna be M: I don’t think – I don’t think we should be here M: Oh there’s no beefalo anywhere! M: THIS IS A DEAD END ALSO! M: What if a-at the end of the desert, it’s like an oasis of beefalo? M: It’s a dead eeeeeenndddd… B: Please be a dead end.. M: OH THIS WAS A MISTAAAAAAAAAKE!!
B: Oh, *laughter* Shit! M: Oh this is a dead end too – good god I am the worst..
B: *laughter* What, why is this like this?! M: I don’t know! There’s usually beefalo!
B: Where are the goddamn beef — ? M: It’s probably another dead end over there… M: Welp, looks- looks dead end-ish..
B: Oh it’s so dead M: Oh jeez M: Oh jeez M: Ooh jeez M: Oooh jeez M: It’s just a big peninsula B: Goddamn, really?! M: Gonna turn into a dead eeend.. it’s a dead eeend, it’s a dead end, it’s a dead end. B: Goddamn, what the fuck? M: Wasn’t that fun? πŸ˜€ Okay.. alright..
Hey look it’s day! B: Thank God
M: Okay so we’re- B: Let’s go in this wormhole!
M: Let’s go in this wormhole, indeed! M: Okay so if you, uh, are curious as to what we’re doing in this episode M: It’s interesting, we were trying to find some beefalo and we went literally everywhere. M: Uh, not literally everywhere – we went a lot of “where”s and just couldn’t find beefalo! M: So… but what we did find was something that we’ve never seen before, ever. M: And we have no idea what it is.
So we’re gonna go try to fight it! B: Super cool.
M: Yeah, so, we were around here in this like, lava area? M: Oh it’s moving!
B: Oh, B: Oh my god…
M: Oh it’s moving! B: Oh my god…
M: Oh it’s moving! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) M: Hello? M: Howdy- HOOHHHKAY!
B: I am here to barter with you – B: OH MY GOD IT’S COMING FOR ME :O
M: Oh Jesus! B: Oh my god! M: It does not like you! M: OH MY GOD YOU’RE DEAD!
B: It… (unclear) …me
M: OWW! M: It hurts so bad!
B: It does a lot of damage. M: Aaah, Gaw-hawd! *laughing* Oh Jesus!
B: Oh, I get it, B: I get it, it’s called a B: “DRAGON-FLY” M: Ohhhhh my Gawwwwd, okay B: It’s call- it’s call- it’s a- B: It’s called a “DRAGON-FLY”
M: It’s a “dragon-fly”… B: It’s called a “dragon-fly”.. M: Alright so, there’s a cool thing, uh, that we’re gonna show you. M: It’s called: M: Starting ANOTHER world M: And *laughs*
trying to find beefalo. B: HAHA!!!! B: Fuck this game man! M: Oh man, we gotta do it, we gotta do it! M: We gotta do it man!! M: WE GOTTA DO IT M: I’m gonna start a new server, we’re gonna have beefalo RIGHT THERE B: There will not be, okay..alright
M: I PROMISE!! I PROMISE!!! M: If-If-If there aren’t, If there AREN’T, IF THERE AREN’T B: I’m rage-quitting and, never playing this game again M: I… M: Uh, M: Okay… B: *laughs* No pressure, Mark! M: Oh.
B: Just do good! M: ‘Kay B: Are you just gonna adjust the settings so that we spawn into a Utopia like that one time? M: I don’t have any settings like that now M: Oh yes I do! B: *laughs* B: *inhales* Everything, everywhere, so that it is so crowded, that you can’t even put anything down. B: Fuck it M: But I’m not gonna do that because I tell you, M: I tell YOU, M: I TELL you,
B: I TELL you! M: There’s gonna be beefalo M: I’m generating the world right now M: You’re gonna see man, you’re gonna see! B: Okay…
*sighs* M: Beefalo EVERYWHERE like..
B: uh huh, uh huh
B: Uh huh, uh huh
M: …OF THIS WORLD THEY’RE MAKIN MORE BEEFALO BABIES M: IT’S JUST BEEFALO OUT THE ASS M: EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK IT’S- OH MY GOD IT’S LIKE TOO MANY BEEFALO! B: Mhmm M: It’s so many beefalo that you can’t even KILL a beefalo because the OTHER beefalo will kill you B: Mhm, no I’m comin’, don’t worry B: Mhm, no I’m comin’, don’t worry
M: That’s what it’s gonna be like B: It’s happenin’ M: TRUST ME B: It’s gonna be awesome M: Trust me dude! M: Trust ME dude B: I dude, this is me trusting you. B: This is full trust.
M: Me dude-eh-trust… M: Trust…
B: I’m in, I’m all the way in right now… B: Alright I just spawned in.
M: Me dude-eh-trust… M: Look M: It’s a field M: It’s a field!
B: Yeah. Yeah yeah, that’s a start, B: That’s a start M: Oh yeah! Dude, when I promise, I deliver! M: And when I deliver… M: Uh- I- Jus- … B: Remember what the deal was if there are no beefalo right near spawn. M: Oh jeez it’s clock work – aaaa… B: That seems good. M: That- it- Okay it may not seem like beefalo right now…but M: Just give…
B: Yeah, no I’m still- I’m still with you. M: .. to the North-West. This way.
B: There’s still some- Yeah M: A slightly na- unnavigated. M: I-i-it means a lot that your faith in me is well placed. B: Full, full faith. M: Yes, please. B: (indiscernible)
M: Okay. B: You can do this. M: Okay, umm. M: Ahh see there’s ano- look it’s another, it’s another uhh… M: It’s another field biome
B: Oh yeah that, that’s the one B: That’s the one.
M: Ow! Fucking horny toad. B: What the hell is fucking happening M: This fucking toad. Alright forget that! B: Ouch. Oh not you toad. Not like this. M: Ow they really hurt…okay I- not gunna… do that. M: They steal your stuff too M: Okay this is not a big… M: There was uhhhh B: *giggles* M: Okay…
B: Sooooo M: Uhhhh M: Oh fuck, it’s more clock work stuff. M: WHAT IS GOING ON?! B: Uhh… ‘kay well…
M: Wait hang on B: Well, you know what? I’m not giving up yet.
I still have faith in you M: Alright cool…This is a dead end. *Mark’s axe talks in background*
M: W- Uhmm- M: They can be in a rocky area, right?
B: I still have faith in you, man, I still- B: Don’t- don’t give up, man. B: Don’t give up.
M: They- they could be in a rocky area, I’m pretty sure. B: Yeah, maybe they changed beefalo habitats, yeah. M: I’ve heard rumors that you could have beefalo in a- M: This’a graveyard…
B: Maybe they added species. B: It’s- It’s “rock beefalo”. M: Rock- “Rockalo”. M: Maybe they took beefalo out of the game…? πŸ™‚ B: *laughs for an uncomfortable amount of time* M: Why did we need beefalo, anyway?! M: It’s your unhealthy obsession with beefalo
that caused us to do this!
B: You need – you need – B: You need beefalo poop to make things like farms B: Or cooking stuff
M: That’s true… B: To grow things… M: Wh-what about our poop? M: Can we use that? M: Well, we gotta do something! This can’t be an episode without something! B: *laughing* I think I’m just gonna cut it off when you finally give up on the notion of finding beefalo M: NO! B: *still laughing*
M: There’s fuckin’ beefalo out there! M: Ah, god dammit B: I’m sure there are somewhere M: Just– *sighs*
B: Just nowhere that we’ve ever looked yet M: Yes, that’s true, so we need to k– M: This is another dead end, good god! M: It’s just nothing but dead ends! B: *laughing again*
M: Such bullshit… M: Why?!
B: It’s–*still laughing* M: Why?? B: Were you going–Were you going straight south? B: Oh wow…
M: I don’t know where I’m going now, I’m just going everywhere B: *laughing again* M: There’s GOTTA be… M: I’m gonna find ’em for ya… M: I’m gonna find ’em for ya! M: And you’re finally gonna respect me. B: I respect you, whaddya mean finally gonna respect you? M: You’re finally gonna respect me as a human being B: … B: I have plenty of…respect for you as a human being M: I-I sense the air quotes when you said respect. B: I said it like that, but I didn’t actually do air quotes. M: Oh, okay
B: You can check the footage M: *mumbling* Alright, okay, alright then B: But no, I have lots of respect for you M: *still mumbling* Oh, okay, alright then B: Hey, I found beefalo! πŸ˜€ M: You’re lying, you’re lying to me. B: N–I am lying, there are no beefalo.
M: You’re lying. M: This is the one time I finally learn not to trust your lies. B: Wow, after all this time B: when I say I found beefalo in a completely meaningless round of Don’t Starve Together, B: That’s when you decide it’s time to start challenging the truths I tell. M: It’s not meaningless. B: It’s–It’s a little bit meaningless if we can’t find beefalo *laughs* M: We CAN. Beefalo isn’t everything, but M: We can
B: Oh, I–wait, wait, I found a grass biome… M: … *trying not to get hopes up* okay… B: uh huh, uh huh, uh huh… B: It’s not, it hasn’t ended yet…uh huh… B: Alright it ended, it’s a dead end M: *disappointed sigh* B: It’s almost impressive M: *another sigh* M: *and another sigh* B: I mean, impressive’s the wrong word M: Okay, okay
B: It’s almost…enough to make me question whether this is worth it M: Okay, lemme make one more game B: What, it just–Just make a new one? *laughs* M: Just ONE more! Come on, just one more! M: It w–You’ve got fi–four minutes left B: You’ve got four minutes left B: I will only allow this… B: If you–if you make, uh… B: If you sing “A Whole New World” B: While it’s loading in M: Okay M: I can do that M: I’ll do that for you
B: I’ll sing Jasmine’s part B: As much, as far as I know, I don’t really know it that well, but M: Okay…hang on, I gotta make this M: *typing* M: And everyone can see I’m not doing this like, I’m not upgrading the things M: okay M: Alright, alright
B: Check out for edits B: There might be some edits (indiscernible)
M: There’s no edits M: This is completely uncut M: Including the singing
B: Watch out for (indiscernible), watch out for speedy edit
M: Alright M: *starts singing* I can show you the world… B: No, you have to sing it happy! You can’t sing at me angrily M: *starts singing with forced smile* I can show you the world… M: Shining, bl-uh, that’s not the right…phrase there B: *starts laughing*
M: *throws in some dancing?* Something da da duh daa da M: On a magic carpet ride M & B (out of sync): A whole new world! M & B: …. B: No, you have to sing his part M: What–
B: You really don’t know that song?
M: I thought– M: No, Ja-Jasmine comes in there B: Jasmine goes *more off key singing* “A whole new wor–” B: And then you go *singing* “Don’t you dare close your eyes!”
M: Oh, “Don’t you dare close your eyes!” M: It–the game’s loaded, so f–*laughs* B: *laughs* M: Just get in ‘ere!
B: Are you really– B: You really fuckin’ wanna find some beefalo B: *laughing*
M: I want the beefalo! B: *still laughing* M: *sighs* M: There’s a–There’s a dead body with some boards by us. B: … B: Is that beefalo? M: That’s not beefalo M: It’s–It’s boards
B: Okay M: Okay B: It’s close M: *sighs* M: Th–I swear, this one’s gonna have beefalo. B: Alright. B: Did you go north or south? M: I wen’ north M: Kinda northwest-ish
B: Alright. B: I’m gonna go south. B: We–we’re gonna, let’s do this…let’s do this from all angles. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) M: Okay. Alright M: And don’t go like *mockingly* “OHH BEEFALO” and, you know, until M: there’s actually beefalo
B: South…south is a dead end M: Okay, there’s a grass–
B: I already did– B: I already did the “Oh, I found beefalo–” Wow, it’s a complete dead end like two seconds from our spawn. B: Wow, fuck, really?!
M: What’s a juicy berry bush? M: Wut?
B: Where am I supposed to go?? B: There’s a dead end… B: South and straight west from our spawn *laughs* M: Jeezus… M: I found a juicy berry bush, I don’t know what that is B: It’s just like a really, really quality berry bush. M: Apparently. M: Oh, I found a–an eye bone, I can get Chester! B: Oh, nice!
M: Chester! :3 B: That’ll be useful
M: Yay, okay, that’s helpful M: *quietly cries* It’s not beefalo though… M: *sniffs* There he is, there’s Chester
B: *laughing in the background* M: Hi, Chester
B: What’s this– B: What’s this game called? B: “Just Find the Beefalo for Fuck’s Sake”? M: *laughs sadly* M: *sniffs* That’s funny, man… M: That’s really funny… ;(
B: “Don’t–Don’t Forget to Not Find the Beefalo”? B: Seriously! We started on a fucking closed off peninsula, are you shittin’ me?? M: *elongated sigh* B: West to south and east are all complete dead ends, you have to go north for like a long time to get out of here. M: Oh no… M: What’s a mandrake?
B: Also, in the– M: Is that thing gonna knock me out? B: Uhhh…maybe?
*mandrake cries*
M: *already picked it anyway* uh oh M: Oh wow M: Oh my god M: This mandrake, that was really sad *laughs* B: *laughing* What happened? M: I dunno, it just, it popped out of the ground it gave like a pathetic little cry and then it died. (r.i.p. mandrake) B: Wow M: Geez… B: Oh my god, why is there so many fuckin’ horny toad douchebags?! B: What is a–hey, it’s a juicy berry bush! M: Yeah! That’s what I found M: Weird…
B: WHA–AHH FUCK YOU FROG M: I know, right? M: Frogs are douches. B: So….
M: *groaning* Ohhh no… B: How’s the beefalo hunt comin’? M: *louder groaning* Ohhhh nooo…. B: *laughing* M: *softer groaning again* ohhh no…. B: I– *sighs* B: I… B: *sighs* M: Oh–*glimmer of hope* OH! M: *howler monkey impression* M: I FOUND IT!! I FOUND IT!! FAR EAST! M: FOLLOW THE ROAD EAST! M: If you go north a little bit out of that peninsula and then follow the road all the way east M: *takes a breath* M: *sing-songy* OHHHHHHHH I FFFOOOOOOUND IIIIT! M: Yyess! M: Okay… M: You won’t believe me until you get here
B: *laughing* M: You won’t believe me until you get here, you got to…
B: *laughing* I don’t believe you, I don’t… M: go north from spawn, go around that little crevasse, M: And then head east. East til you find a road
B: I still don’t believe you *laughs* M: It’s kinda like a southeastern road. B: Mhm, mhm… M: And it may just–NO THERE’S MORE THAN THAT, OHHH THERE’S A LOT O’ BEEFALO HERE M: I’m gonna chop wood, we’re gonna make camp! Ooooh! It’s gonna be so goood.. M: Ohhh it’s gonna be so good.. πŸ˜‰ B: It’s evening now, so I hope it’s not too far away. M: No, it’s, you’ll make it. B: Oh my god. M: …. M: That’s…Don’t–Don’t do that B: There’s………There’s three…..There’s three beefalos lookin’ at me M: *excited* Wait, where?? B: I’m…on the…I’m on a road that’s going sorta northeast M: … M: Northeast? B: Oh! I think I’m southeast of you. M: Okay… B: I think you went way further…. B: ..north than I did. M: Yeah. B: And I am southeast of you currently in the same grasslands, cause there’s a northwesterly road, B: That I’m currently travelling on.
M: Okay, I’m coming to that grassland. M: If–On the–On the western border… M: Of that grasslands, you see a forest, with PINE trees, right? B: I can’t see the western border, but at the southern border where I entered, there was a forest with pine trees. M: Okay, I’m coming back… M: Wait a minute… M: Oh no! M: You’re in a different–You’re in a different one! B: Oh… M: Well, okay, we–
B: Now there’s too many beefalo?! M: Yeah, we–we found many beefalo, okay but this is good! M: Right?!
B: How is– B: How is THIS good? M: I–I don’t know…oh, I don’t know, okay, like… M: On my map… M: If you look at the diamond hashes… M: My guy is exactly M: Four and a half dashes to the right M: And then one HALF s–like… M: Diamond south of the spiral stawn–spawn point M: That’s where my guy is.
B: Oh, shit, shit! Shit! Shit! B: Shit! Shit! *Bob is panicking*
M: That doesn’t–oh, it’s night, yeah B: It’s nighttime! Fuck! M: Do you not have… B: I have a torch… M: Okay… M: That’ll have to do
B: So… where is the spiral spawn? B: What are you talking about, spawn?
M: Okay… M: If you look on the map…
B: Wait, you’re south of the spawn? B: That’s where you are? M: That’s where I am. B: I’m way the fuck far north of you.. B: I’m straight north of you, like… B: Ten or fifteen diamonds. M: WWWHAT??!! M: …Wait, how zoomed out… M: How zoomed out are you? Wait, ah, I forgot this could zoom in and out. B: Oh Jesus lord. M: Which changes the entire dynamic of it. B: Jimminy Crapmas…
M: God dammit! B: Uh, well I’m certainly way further north than you’re describing, M: Okay…
B: Cause I am B: I am almost straight north–I’m like north–barely northeast of the spawn, B: And I walked–That’s the only direction that I walked M: Okay…
B: So I’m like a lot that direction M: So head back towards spawn, Mark: Or, I’ll… *kill you>:3* M: How did we get separated? B: You should go north, and, you have an axe already, right? M: Yeah
B: You should go north and collect resources on the way. B: All I have is like grass. M: Okay, I’m comin’ B: And I will start collecting beefalo poops, M: Okay.
B: And try and start trapping rabbits. B: And, and doing that sort of stuff. M: Okay… M: This is a plan, and then once we get together, then we’ll be golden, we can stop… M: The episode and everything will be cool.. M: Right?
B: That’ll be the conclusion, our–our reuniting? M: Yeah. W-won’t it? M: Wait… B: That’ll be good.
M: Okay, so you’re directly north of the spawn..? B: I’m directly north of it…basically. M: So did you have to cross a pine forest to get to that grassland? B: I…think so? M: And is there a stone road.. M: That you had to go through? B: Yes, I used a stone road that went sort of northeast B: To go up into the grassland
M: Oh, and it’s really zigzaggy? B: Yes M: Okay…Okay M: I’m on the right path… B: Yes, it’s super zigzaggy, and it has like…
M: IIIIII seeeeee….. M: *singing* BEEFALOOOOO!! Where are you? B: I am, uh…. B: Oh, shit, I might be isolated right now. B: I went north exploring, and….nope, okay. B: I’m–I’m connected. M: Kay, I’m not seein’ you, but I need to get more wood, so… B: Are you in the grasslands right now? M: Uhh, yeah, I’m just at the swamp edge of it. B: Alright…
M: I should have gotten more trees on the way up. B: Did you follow the road over there? M: Yeah, I’m… M: following the road back down to get some trees M: Cause there’s-
B: I’m comin’. B: I’m comin’.
M: I didn’t realize there were no trees up here.
B: I’m on the road B: Oh no, I’m at the swamp edge of it, fuck. M: Kay, so you’re–you’re right near me, but I’m just goin’ into the pine forest, M: and getting some trees. B: This “reunitation” is gonna be so epic. πŸ™‚ M: It’s gonna be like…orgasmic. (Oooh :]) B: Alright, I’m back down in the…pine…forest area..? B: No, I’m not, I’m in the swamp.
M: Wait, you–you’re comin’ to me? M: I was gonna come to you when I’m done getting wood. ….. B: Why–That sounds like your own private personal business, but I–I’ll… M: Okay, I got–I got a good bit o’ wood
B: (indiscernible) M: Yeah, meet back up at the grassland. B: Yeah, I’m gonna go back to the–
M: There you are! B: OH MY GOD!
M: YEAAAAHHH! B: It’s you!!
M: Yaaaayyyy! B: *relieved sigh*
M: *still cheering* M: We did it!
B: We can finally B: play this game! M: We did it! πŸ˜€ M: Ohhhh πŸ™‚ M: I missed you SO much!–I don’t have ANY grass. B: *laughs*
M: *sighs* B: What do you need grass for? M: To build a ffire. B: Here.
M: *Mark is relieved greatly* M: And then…. M: thhhhabooski M: YYAAAYYY! M: OKAAAYYYY! B: *laughing again*
M: We did it. M: uuughh
B: *muffled* Ohhh god… B: Jeez..
M: Alright… M: So NOW…we got beefalo! Just like we told you we would! So… M: THANK you everybody for believing in us, right Bob? B: (Spooki) B: *Silent thumbs up* M: Okay, alright, okay, alright, okay, alright
B: Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. yeah. M: So…thanks again everybody for watching, and then if you want more of this, we will continue in the beefalo forest M: So thanks again, M: ‘n as always we’ll see you *points at camera* M: In the next video.. M: Buh-bye! *waves*
B: *waves* (outro music playing)
Baby Mark: He he, he…Take THAT nature… (outro music playing)
Baby Mark: Yeah, that’s right, you tell that nature. (outro music playing) (outro music playing)
Baby Mark: It’s been mean to you anyway. (outro music playing)
Baby Mark: That’s the.. Why is there a ceiling on the blood? “How the hell did so much blood get on the roof?” That is a excellent question.

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