Smart Snack Recipes: Quick and Easy Snack Food Ideas

Smart Snack Recipes: Quick and Easy Snack Food Ideas

[Smart Snack Recipes: Quick and Easy Snack Food Ideas] Are you hungry? Now, I’m not talking about eat a burger hungry but–you know–need a snack hungry. Yeah, me too. [Tracy Metro for the Kraft Kitchens] I’m Tracy Metro for the Kraft Kitchens, and maybe you’re like me and you’ve made a promise to yourself to make better food choices in your diet. Well, that actually means making better between meal choices too. And what I’ve done is I’ve gathered up a bunch of solutions to help you stay on track. Now, the key is to eat something that packs a lot of flavor in a few bites, so portion size is something you really want to consider when you’re looking to manage your diet. So let’s start at the sweet end of my little snacketeria here. Talk about portion control. These Sugar-Free Jell-O Snacks are only 10 calories a serving. It doesn’t get better than that. And fruit is one of my favorite snacks, but calories can vary widely between different types of fruit. One medium kiwi, for instance, is about 50 calories, a cup of orange sections is 80 calories, and a medium pear or a medium banana is about 110 calories each. Try to stick with medium-sized fruits when you’re shopping. Think of it as nature’s portion control. Now, you might think that watching your calories means giving up cookies. And while it does mean giving up eating the whole bag, you can have two Strawberry Newtons for 100 calories. And of course, there are lots of 100 calorie snack packs on the market now, like these Oreo Thin Crisps. And if you’re in the mood for something creamy, Jell-O makes these Sugar-Free Pudding Snacks, and they’re 60 calories. Or you can make a smoothie. [Strawberry-Lemonade Smoothie] This one calls for three-quarters of a cup of Crystal Light Pink Lemonade, fresh cut strawberries, half a cup of Cool Whip Free, some ice, and two tablespoons of Sure-Jell Premium Fruit Pectin. Now, you want to make sure that you get the kind that’s made for less or no sugar recipes. And then blend. [blender whirring] The pectin makes it thicken. This recipe makes two servings. So let’s say you’re all about the savory snacks. When given a choice between chips and candy, you’ll choose chips every time. You know who you are. I’ve got a few very smart ideas for your afternoon hungries. A serving of baby carrots pack a big punch with two tablespoons of light ranch dressing. 2% Milk Singles pair nicely with a medium apple for 130 calories. And you can have three cups of air-popped popcorn sprinkled with four teaspoons of reduced fat grated Parmesan cheese for 130 calories. I like things a little spicy, so I’m just going to grab a little pinch of cayenne pepper to spice it up. And hummus is one of my favorite snacks. Make little bites with two tablespoons of hummus and half a whole wheat pita cut into wedges. And that’s 140 calories. Staying hydrated is essential to all of our well-being. Most of us just don’t like to drink plain water, so why not doll it up? I’m going to doll mine up with this Crystal Light Drink Mix. And suddenly your water isn’t just a plain drink, it’s a jazzy drink. In the mood for a frozen blender drink? It’s so easy to do. Take some ice cubes, add some coffee, some skim milk, and then blend. [blender whirring] Voila! You’ve got a yummy frozen drink. And you can sweeten it as you like it. Ooh, doesn’t that look good? If you’d like nutritional information for what you’ve seen here or more great snacking ideas, visit Howdini. I’m Tracy Metro for the Kraft Kitchens, and I think I’m going to find something to eat. I’m just not quite sure what. [chimes jingling] []

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  1. i would i like to eat that healthy if it was right in front of me
    but i cant do it when i think about going to the store and taking the time to find all this fat free stuff!
    too much effort for me

  2. Ah- this makes me sad :/. I'm 16 and can already see that this is not the way to determine whether food is 'healthy' or not. Relying on calories alone is naive. Calories are energy- use the energy well and it's all good! It annoys me that we are taught to eat these low calorie substitutes such as sugar free drinks when, in reality, they're filled with every artificial flavour under the sun to give you that impression of tasty food…

  3. YAMMMI…MAJHNE PORCIJE in ne mastno ,veliko frisne zelenjave in sadja in vse iz crne moke je pa najlepse…

  4. @s4jt
    I dont think you shouldn't eat 'inbetween meals'. got to keep your metabolism going! Just make healthy choices.

  5. YAMMY!—MAJHNE PORCIJE ne mastno in ne veliko sladkorja…veliko spinace in frisne zelenjave in crne moke ,fizola…..

  6. YAMII–majhne porcije in ne mastno–iz crne moke-a sadje in zelenjavo in zacimbe lahko operete in zamrznete kadar ne morete vse ponucati predno se pokvari in ko so v sezoni za kasnejso uporabo-banane,pomarance,maline,jagode,paradiznik,cebula,zacimbe petersil,oregano in se mnogo vec…

  7. If you want to loose weight, all you have to do is run. Don't walk because that does nothing. You have to run at a moderate pace for a couple miles.
    1st week- run 2 miles 3 days out of the weak and aim for about 13 min. by the end of the week.

    2nd week-run 3 mi. 3 days. aim for around 22 min.
    3rd- run 5 aim for 40 min.
    4th-take a weeks break
    5th-run 6 mi. aim for 52
    and so on



  10. Any diet that limits your intake on veggies or fruit is BS. Like c'mon, when eating a banana do you really count the calories in that thing? It's a fruit for christ's sake!

  11. what? Don't you like water ?!?!???? WATER!! seriously !? It's water !
    And why care SO much about calories? Eat vegetables, fruit, fish and meat. Things that you know are healthy cause there is NOTHING unhealthy with a banana or an apple.

  12. Oh my god.. It wasnt hard to believe that this was an american video…. "Dont like to drink plain water? Now you can dye it pink and now it's a F'ing Cool drink" sigh.

  13. I Love your Channel

    i tried one of your recipies on 30'minutes Quick Dinner Ideas
    beef and broccoli recipe
    and my parents Loved it
    kee on the good Work

  14. Those 100 calorie packs of cookies are not healthy at all they aren't made of natural stuff, its all processed and chemical junk

  15. Sugar free is something you reeaally want to stay away from. Sugar free things contain aspertame -i might have spelled that wrong- and that ingredient could even cause cancer. D: If you dont want to eat sugar, try xylotol, which is healthier and tastes the same. O: sorry to troll. -.-

  16. Seriously? Pectin? Crystal Light? Sugar Free? This video tells you to buy smaller fruits but seems to put more emphasis on encouraging people to eat snack pack processed puddings, adding Cool Whip to your smoothie, Crystal Light to water, you know? I'll simply stick with my fresh fruits, thank you. And those are "good" calories.

  17. Lol, like when I watch a product that says 0% suger and then there is tones of other sweet and non-heathy ingredients instead…

  18. Crystal Light makes your water worse. Water is 0 calories. Crystal Light adds like 10 or more calories in your water. That's terrible. I mean sure it tastes good but if you're dieting then adding that stuff is just BAD.

  19. I can only find the fruits you have here where I live, and I don't really like fruit.. What else is there, if there is anything else? ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Food allergies is very serious and it is sometimes difficult to find suitable alternatives. But for your health and for your life you need to definitely avoid food that๏ปฟ you are allergic to. You can talk to your doctor and/or nutritionist to see if they can provide you with suitable alternatives.

  21. did annyone else got here when they saw "130 calories" at rewind youtube style 2012 when they saw EMT trow hot dog and got so curious and got here and now watching this video.

  22. eat less fruit?? haha this is hilarious… The more calories one eats in raw fruit and vegetables, the better (as long as your not overeating of course) because it detoxes the body, causing it to shed fat. Sugar free Jello?? really? You know what that means right? Artificial sweeteners… not good! 100 calorie snack packs. fillers and sugar and all the other toxic things to the body causes fat cells to form around the toxins to protect the body.. wanna lose weight? detox.Crystal lightASPERTAME

  23. This is still pretty unhealthy for you. Even though they are less in calories, it still has a lot of sugar etc.

  24. I understand that some people need to count calories, and that's fine, but I actually need calories. Haha, I want a quick snack, that is healthy, nutritous, not full of chemicals, and good. :/ I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.

  25. You should flavor water with lemon slices or berries instead of that unhealthy drink mix junk, and that smoothie you made is so unhealthy, lemonade and whip cream in smoothies? There should be juices like organic orange juice and not lemonade and whipped cream!!!

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