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Welcome to RJ Samayal Today’s recepie is Ragi puttu / Finger millet puttu its a calcium rich food and very good for toddlers I too gave ragi / finger millet puttu for my baby Let’s check out the recipe Add 1Cup of Ragi/ Finger millet Flour and a pinch of salt Mix it well with fingertips Add water (nearly 1/2 cup) in small batches & mix it well Mix it well until you get right consistency To check the right consitency Squeze fingerfull of flour into oval ball and it has to disintegrate easily when you break it sieve the flour in batches to remove hard balls And get fine powder like this In a puttu maker Add 1&1/2 spoon of grated coconut and 3 spoon of finger millet flour in alternative layers Now steam it with pressure cooker for 12-15mins while steaming a nice aroma will come Thats it a soft Ragi / finger millet puttu is ready Ragi / finger millet puttu taste well with banana and sugar you can also follow us on facebook twitter and instagram too Thank you for watching

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