– Best Zombie Gameplay Compilation [Zombie Mode] – Best Zombie Gameplay Compilation [Zombie Mode]

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  1. арена клозер я хочю чтобы ты снял в зомби режиме амтеистовый шлем и и зделал базу с играками де то 3-4

  2. When I'm a zombie I always want to be a pet :3 so if I see players I always say me pet and I promise I won't attack them :3

  3. Я хочу увидеть шапку вора 2 лвл ее улучшили она согревает так же как и шапка 3 лвл укради топовые вещи

  4. арена клоузер зайди в скаййппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппппп

  5. i woud like you to se to play on the normal mod and geting amnethys stuff with tradint system?thats a chalange if you acept it

  6. I fucking saw arena closer while playing do the unnnnn thing when I was at school today. I searched and found this video.

  7. Арена похожи как надо добираться до дароконих вещей все с начала до конца

  8. Hi arena you are best io youtuber can you pls say deveplovers to new game mode of mope io (with old anumals, no ocean etc.) tnx ))

  9. AC!!!! there is new Update on New super zombies!!!! And Wooden weapons!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDD (using my moms account xD)

  10. новое обновление!!!!! деревянный меч и шлем и поменяли шлем викинга!!!!!!

  11. Hi Arena closer,i have a very cool isea for a troll videos,99,9 savages cant see it coming!,you need:dragon gear,end hood,others…end you do all your mission,craft a wood pickaxe end remove your helmet,savages will think you are a noob end try kill you,be fast end kill the savage,want see your video get 20,000 likes 🙂

  12. Arena would you mind working with Limeshoger and Arena Lily(me) and Laim And Duck just for and episode called pumpkins dominate the server thx

  13. Блэт я так и не понимаю, арена знает русский или нет? Или вообще он какого рода? А вообще видосики чёткие) AC ONE LOVE♡♡♡♡

  14. Can you play with me sometimes plz? I love ur channels. my name will be remy489. Anyone who sees me plz team I will donate for arena closer fans. If arena closer joins and it is really him, i would give him an amythest helmet or something. Thanks

  15. Tips:Put purple spikes on the left up corner and a door and keep repairing it it can stand very long,even forever (it is not mine, i saw other people base

  16. please do a awesome maze with spikes and mobs and if the player(you get players) survies you give them good stuff

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