100 Replies to “ HOW TO GET WINTER HOOD?! GUIDE ( Tutorial)

  1. Arena Closer если ты русский нахер притворятся что ты амереканец нахерааааа!!

  2. ARENA, do this trolling: close the lake and just leave your door, whoever comes, close, then the person will die drowned

  3. АС помнишь меня я Sarta UA мы стабой играли в хакнутий моомоо то если помнишь напиши мне ок?

  4. Пиши с большой буквы пожалуйста.Это не уважение к русскому и англискому языку и многим другим языкам.

  5. This could be the hardest challenge…craft the dragon gear,super hammer,diving suit,and all the crowns…if you fail one of the crowns kill a player who has it xD

  6. I WAS THERE WHEN U GAVE UR STUFFS AWAY THEY GUY U GAVE IT TO WAS SOOOOO MEAN :(((( HE KEEP BEING MEAN SO I HAD TO kill him sorry arena also i killed other guy that was mean and so i got his ame sword i got the hood and someguy gave me the cube for free so i made the dragon helm if u have ame helm its only 150 dia to make it into the dragon helm sooo easy 🙂

  7. Арена ты класс особенно когда речь по русскому , я хочу с тобой записать у меня канал есть😉😏😶😑😐

  8. Кто не ставит арене лайки топ лох парень старается для вас чтобы удивить

  9. You are so lucky you find a polar bear every 3 steps when I have to go to amethyst and back just to find a winter fox , AND you didn't worry about savages when I had 1 at the corner of the street

  10. I was only able to complete this quest doing it 5 times but failing and then from an present I got an elf hat and completed it all because of that hat

  11. Just imagine going into winter with only those resources, it's like surviving but it's always night and the food source is only the mobs!

  12. Наконец-то я понял как убивать этих ГРЕБАННЫХ МЕДВЕДЕЙ В ЗИМЕ!!!!!

  13. 2019, watching old but good ac videos…

    one thing that you have to take into account while doing this quest i show long it takes to kill things, it takes a minute to kill polar bears, much less for foxes

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