STARVE.IO – HOW TO PvP ft. Incursion [CC Español]

STARVE.IO – HOW TO PvP ft. Incursion [CC Español]

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  1. I have savagophobia. That's why this video took so long to come out xD. Teams mode details below! Thank you for watching!

    > Teams: New mode!
    1. No quest items
    2. Split into even (try to be as even as possible) teams. So basically if its a 25v23, if another person joins, it'll be on the 23 side.
    3. Two distinct colors that are recognizable. Your allies show up in blue and you can see their health, but your enemy shows up in red, with no health bar.
    4. You spawn randomly and you cannot harm each other for the first 3 days.
    5. You can open doors by your teammates and locked chests, but not your enemy. (hopefully no mults 🙂
    6. Use the zombies map, so people can't unfairly block the amethyst. (well they can, but not easily)
    7. It's basically last man standing but with teams. Once you die, you can spectate <— (maybe add that as an update :3)

    Also, if you are interested in checking out how to PvP with walls and hood, check out this video by Incursion:

  2. How good to find finally a REAL pro guy, who even gives us Tips. ♡ It deserves to click on like and subscribe button! 😀

  3. DQ isn't Savage we only attack someone if they attacked us and if you guys didn't attack him then he's probably fake


    obs: i good at pvp but my internet dont help me so much

  5. According to all my friends i am a god with a spear… i always am building a base with my buddys when some scrub with dragon comes in and kills me. this is the most annoying thing and we get a bunch of ppl to get bandaids with stone helmets and stone spears we ALWAYS kill them and i dont know why they try to kill us. btw we always somehow get trapped this video helped a little though so thanks

  6. I do this too people die stupidly I play and get dragon gear and rekt em hard and try to kill me with a diamond spear and golden armor but I killed him with dia armor with an amethyst sowrd

  7. I prefer to just get drag gear, then make about 20 bandages and finally beat the crap out of them, it's easy that way xD

  8. This video never helps me
    My typical game:
    I craft full dragon gear
    I found a guy with gold sword and without helmet
    We starting fight, I am with bandages, he's without it, I am attacking first
    I hurt him same times like he hurts me
    I have half hp
    He's running out
    I follow him
    After 1 minute of running he continue fight
    Fight is repeating
    He ran
    I follow him
    Sometimes i hit him, but he dont hit me
    After 5-10 minutes, when i did like 40 hits with dragon sword he finally continue fight without run
    I was full hp
    We pvp
    I did to him 20 more hits
    He did same
    I died
    [email protected]?!?#@>[email protected]#><!:[email protected](AS*^[email protected]#!H:IOEYASDJKLG @!&P(G EJKLASDG)7 821gdbjklAS:
    help plz

  9. Wait a minute.6:00 pro guy is me and Jumbo is my friend.You guys were asking why you dont save him?Well I dont care about him because he was savage he also tried to kill me before.But with my helm he become friend with me.Then why would I save him if he tries to kill me before?

  10. This is why I make a garlic farm it’s not as good as bandages or crown of life but its better than nothing and if I get so much I can use it as my food source so that would be 1 less space in my inv

  11. I will pay you back, for helping we learn to pvp and live longer. When im a famous YTer i will give you shoutout becuz you are amazing thank you so much!

  12. yes i get so annoyed when people team up and attack u but ur friend sits behind and has popcorn in his mouth. then u die and they take ur sword. then u get killed again and again. until u finally cannot afford anymore deaths and just rage.

  13. Good,but when you talked about using spears the first was half spear half sword,and in the second 2 vs 1
    Yet,i would liked to hear some "movement techniques" like going trough the enemy to avoid his atack and stab him in the back,and also how to lidiate whit gangbangs and how to lidiate whit the cooldown of weapons
    Yet,thanks for some of the tips,i hope the next time i will be able of doing my place to gift items to noobsters whitout getting killed by a guy whit a mf gold sword
    Gg m8

  14. if you are running, the element of surprise is your hands, turn around at random, your attack is 99% of the time not going to be expecting it, unless their guard is up, if their reflexes are godlike, DONT FUCKING DO IT

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